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Get Weekly Pay checks.Com Review Written Review from 11/13/2012

I have been using the GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com Marketing System for almost 2 weeks and decided to write this review. For this written GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com Review, I will share what it is and what my experience working with it so far. Disclaimer: This review is written in my own words, at my own discretion and in my own opinion. And I was not encouraged by this company or any third parties to write this review. If you are currently an associate/affiliate of MCA (Motor Club of America) or thinking of becoming one, you definitely should read this entire “ Review�. Is GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com A Scam? Absolutely Not. There are hundreds of testimonials that can be found from many people on Youtube and across web that are happy users of the GetWeeklyPayChecks.Com system. You can verify with the Better Business Bureau ( that GetweeklyPayChecks.Com is a 100% legitimate company and has never scammed anyone. So any individual or website that you find on the internet that tries to say they are scam are right out liars. What is GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com? GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com, also known as GWP is a marketing system designed by William Foley, Che Feemster and several other MCA associates

to help other MCA associates to better market their MCA (Motor Club of America) Business. The GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com marketing system has a very user friendly admin panel. Even if someone is completely new to computers and the internet, they can easily and quickly learn to use this system. As for features, it has a an emailer system with autoresponder and broadcaster (great email delivery), 7 high converting capture pages, sales funnel video, lead capture database (no limit to the amount of leads you can capture), advertising banners, and lots and lots of trainings for marketing your MCA Business. Although this system so far seems to be flawless, they have support. There are so many systems out there on the internet that are nice, but when there’s a problem there’s limited support… GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com has a full time customer support team that will help you with any technical issues you have with the system. There’s also a Facebook group for marketing ideas and support, and also live Q&A training webinars each week. This is designed to help people, especially those who are new the internet marketing to get on track and give them tips on how to get into profits as quickly as possible. They also offer a done for you co op marketing program. So if you want to virtually run this system on complete autopilot, you can do so. My Experience using GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com I have been using “GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com” for almost 2 weeks now and I think this is a great system. Both for ease of use and great functionality. Typically one is sacrificed for the other in most systems, but in this case you get both. I have been marketing for quite a while, so when I first started using this system, I thought I would have to modify the emails and tweak things for it to convert well. But just from this system in under 7 days without any tweaking whatsoever, I was able to signup 6 people.

All I had to do was read through the free GWP training website, started placing some ads, and the GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com marketing system done the rest of the work for me. So I got paid about $500 last week for less than 2 hours worth of work. The system has videos that even walks your leads through the signup process. Even if you are an experienced marketer, this system will save you a lot time and effort. All you have to do is place ads and send your traffic to the system, that’s it. I absolutely cannot say anything bad about this system because there isn’t anything bad about it. Do I recommend GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com? Most definitely. If you’re going to market MCA (Motor Club of America) I recommend this system for both beginners and experienced marketers. Everything I mentioned above are the reasons why, but also you can earn commissions for signing up people to use GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com. It is only $20/month for you to use this system, but you earn $5/month for each person you personally sign up to use this system in addition to the $80 commission you earn for each MCA signup. And you get the $5/month residual for as long as the person keeps using the GetWeeklyPaychecks.Com marketing system.

Get Weekly Pay checks.Com Review