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Celebrities who have used Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Over the years, society’s standards of beauty have drastically changed. Nowadays, a slim figure is  considered to be the ideal body for a woman. Moreover, the media constantly propagates the belief  that   people   who   weigh   less   are   happier   and   possess   a   more   positive   outlook   in   life.   However,   wanting   to   have   a   slim   figure   or   losing   weight   does   not   always   necessarily   entail   narcissistic  purposes. Studies have proven that slim people or people with average­sized bodies are healthier  while   plus­sized   people   are   generally   more   at   risk   of   suffering   from   several   illnesses   like   heart   conditions and diabetes. Celebrities, being always in the limelight, are faced with the constant challenge of appearing good in  

front of the cameras. Thus, most of them are in a perpetual journey of weight loss, dieting and   exercising. But since traditional ways of losing weight sometimes do not work well for everyone,   some celebrities have resorted to other means of losing weight, and that is through weight loss   surgery. There was a time when liposuction, which is a type of cosmetic operation that removes fat  from different parts of the body, was all the rage in Hollywood. While surgical means of losing weight  no doubt yield effective and faster results, they often also result to complications. Moreover, going   under   the   knife   to   slim   down   also   requires   maintenance,   meaning,   after   being   done   with   the  operation, you will also have to observe proper diet and exercise to preserve your body.

But since   its   introduction, hypnotherapy   for   weight   loss has   been   well­received   by   many,  celebrities included. Although it is a rather unusual method compared to the other traditional ways of 

losing weight, it nevertheless guarantees effective results. What is more, weight loss hypnotherapy  cost less and is a much safer alternative to surgical operations.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss involves the use of hypnotizing or entrancing the mind to direct it  towards   the   goal   of   losing   weight.   To   further   emphasize   the   effectiveness   that   this   therapy   guarantees, some celebrities have offered their testimonials on how hypnosis has helped them lose   weight naturally.

British singer­songwriter Lily Allen 27 years of age, daughter of actor Keith Allen is among those   celebrities who have sworn by hypnotherapy. Lily has stated that she used to be confident about the   way she looks. “I felt like it didn’t matter if I was a bit chubby,” Lily had said. But pressure from the  media because of her status as a celebrity perhaps pushed her to attain a more attractive body.

This is achieved by instilling subconscious messages in clients’ minds to remind them to control their  eating.   Since   most   people   aiming   to   lose   weights  often   fail   to   do   so   because   of   laziness.   Also   techniques   involved   having   clients   connect   exercise   or   other   strenuous   physical   activities,   like  jogging,   working   out   and   dancing   to   happiness.   Basically,   programming   clients’   minds   to   enjoy   working   out.   That’s   why   in   some   statements,   Lily   Allen   has   remarked   that   after   the   hypnotism   treatments, she suddenly ‘wants’ to go to the gym every day because she feels bad otherwise.

"I just ‘want’ to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment ­ I've  never been happier,” Lily has stated. She has gone from size 12 to size 8 thanks to hypnotherapy  for weight loss.

So many celebrities have turned to hypnosis for weight loss include singer and former Spice Girl   member Geri Halliwell, model Sophie Dahl, former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chuck Clausen and  Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, the list goes on. For More Information On Hypnotherapy for weight loss Visit http://www.anxiety­disorder­

Celebrities who have used Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss  
Celebrities who have used Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss  

But since its introduction, hypnotherapy for weight loss has been well­received by many, celebrities included. Although it is a rather unusu...