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Basic Lore, Game Mechanics, and Purpose and Appeal

Major Lore Points   

Set at an undisclosed time in the far future. Space travel possible, contact with other planets and their species. Most popular sport in the galaxy are competitions of survival from each participating planets strongest and willing warriors.

Major Game Mechanics        

FPS based on the Source Engine. Stylised graphics. Each game lasts between 30-45 minutes average (capped at 60 minutes standard) making it more drawn out and tactical than the average FPS. Choose from a wide variety of character races. Approximately 10 at launch. Each with different base stat alignments. Possible race specific abilities? Maps are large and range from open land environments with little hiding places, to cities with many buildings or other such places which present more tactics based gameplay. Reward system based on various factors, not just placing first. Start of with a basic weapon, with superior weapons spawned randomly across the map. Once a player dies he will respawn as a roaming enemy.

Purpose and Appeal To provide a unique FPS experience leaning more towards the interests of an MMO player who enjoys a drawn out, more tactical approach to their gaming with less of a focus on fast paced trigger happy gameplay. Potential money making opportunities are sales on Steam Store for base game and character skins. Future opportunities for licensing characters from other games/films.

Diverse Survival- DOC1  


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