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MERCIA HUB April 2013



THE BIG SHEFFIELD QUIZ ‘SUCCESS’ The winners of the quiz won a fantastic cash prize! Mercia were also able to get some great prizes for the raffle, from local business. Sarah Chapman, Marketing Manager at Mercia said “The local businesses in Sheffield are fantastic when it comes to giving back to the community!”

On Thursday 21st March 2013, Mercia held their BIG Sheffield Quiz at Walkabout on Carver Street. The night was a big success, with just under a 100 people attending and over £300 raised on the night. There were four ‘grueling’ rounds to the quiz, based on Sheffield, Sport, Music and General Knowledge.

MERCIA’S JOURNEY Carry on reading to see a snapshot of Mercia’s journey this year

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, IBIS hotel, Holiday Inn Sheffield, Sheffield Parties, Nutribox, Mercure, Propoganda, Embrace and Brookers LTD were some of the local businesses which supported the BIG quiz event. Mercia would like to thank everyone who came to the event, to Walkabout for use of their venue and to Bowen Revill from the Venture Matrix, for his support and guidance in the planning process

THE END OF MERCIA? Find out what will happen to Mercia next!

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


The Mercia Team

The Mercia Team

In January 2013

March was a fantastic month for the Mercia team. The beginning of the month saw us working hard on the planning process of the BIG Quiz. We effectively worked with local Sheffield businesses, St. Luke’s Hospice, the Venture Matrix and IKON, a first year venture group. The BIG Sheffield quiz highlighted the beginning of the end for the Mercia group. It was the final project event of our Venture Matrix journey. From late March and throughout April the Mercia team have a number of assignments due in, across a number of university modules. We have our final presentation and report write up for the Venture Matrix element of our course due in near the end of April, which we are really looking forward to doing.

In March / April 2013

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


MERCIA’S 2012 - 2013 JOURNEY Mercia have been on an incredible journey throughout the past year academic year!

Climax Fundraising Event

On the right is a summary of all the fundraising events that Mercia have undertook to help raise funds for St. Luke’s Hospice. Each event has made a significant contribution not only to St. Luke’s Hospice but also to development of the Mercia team. We have acquired and developed so many key skills over the course of the year.

Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra

Waitrose Bag Pack

The BIG Sheffield quiz was our most enjoyable event! We hope that all those who attended it also enjoyed it as much as we did. Our journey isn’t just linked to our fundraising events. It incorporates the restarting of Mercia at the beginning of the year, learning the theory in Supporting Entrepreneurial Ventures lectures and seminars and who could forget the Venture Matrix trade fairs run by Nichola Nelson and Elizabeth Webster! We’ve loved the experience every step of the way and we would highly recommend the Venture Matrix to students of all faculties and courses at Sheffield Hallam University. If you can take part within the Venture Matrix then grasp the opportunity with both hands.

Fargate Fundraising

Fundraising at Sheffield Railway Station

The BIG Sheffield Quiz

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1



6 Number of events Mercia have completed this academic year

94 The number of people who attended our BIG Sheffield Quiz Night

£1,100 Total fundraised from Mercia’s Fundraising Events

2475 Total Number of Coins Collected from Mercia’s Fundraising Activities

FOR MORE INFORMATION For more information about Mercia and our services, please contact us via email:

WHAT WE DO Mercia are a marketing and advertising venture within the Venture Matrix at Sheffield Hallam University. We offer a range of services including:        

Strategic Marketing Market Research Advertising Public Relations Event Management Digital Marketing Brand Awareness Marketing Distribution

With sixteen years of experience jnjnjvwithin our venture, we are knowledgeable in the marketing and advertising arena, able to deliver fresh and innovative technology driven marketing solutions. We take a unique approach to marketing, always focusing on resolving business needs by bringing something new to the table. Marketing and advertising is what we do best and that is why we are one of the most successful ventures within the Venture Matrix

We have worked with a range of clients, from secondary school children, taking part of the BiG Challenge Enterprise Competition, to our current client, St. Luke’s Hospice within Sheffield. The experience of working with these varying clients is what makes Mercia dynamic, innovative and brilliant at what we do best, marketing and advertising

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


The BIG Sheffield Quiz The BIG Sheffield Quiz Night was great fun a fantastic success. Here are a few pictures from the night. If you would like to send through your thoughts about the night, feel free to email us on: or leave a comment on one of our social media sites: FACEBOOK TWITTER

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


ABOUT OUR PARTNERS The scheme brings students together with


external organisations to:

give students the opportunity to tackle real life challenges and gain practical work experience in a safe and secure environment

 The award winning Venture Matrix is a unique work-based learning scheme that

support enterprise activities in schools and colleges

 provide opportunities for organisations

aims to develop students' employability and enterprise skills through real life work-related projects that are accredited

to tap into the specialist skills, knowledge and insight offered by our students

as part of their degree at Sheffield Hallam

‘The Venture Matrix is a brilliant way for students to understand the concepts of working in a real business environment. Lewis West, final year student

St. Luke’s Hospice WHAT WE DO We care for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have incurable illnesses. We aim to control their symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge. Many, many thousands of lives have been touched by St Luke’s. People who are patients themselves, or have a friend or relative who has been cared for at St Luke’s know at first hand the value of what we do. St Luke’s doesn’t only look after in-patients. Some people do stay in our in-patient rooms, but others attend our Therapies and Rehabilitation Centre as day patients.

Our philosophy Our specialist, dedicated staff control patients' symptoms and alleviate pain to ensure that they’re physically comfortable, as well as attending to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, their wishes, anxieties and hopes. To us every patient is an individual with unique needs and preferences, so we care for the whole person. We do everything in our power to support, comfort, and inspire patients, adding quality to life at a time in their lives when every day matters more than ever. As well as caring for patients, we support, advise and counsel their families through what can be a difficult and distressing time for them.

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1


IS THIS THE END OF MERCIA? As you know Mercia are coming to the end of the conventional Venture Matrix journey. We first created our venture back in 2009 in our first year of university. In this year we were able to work with other venture groups and get a good idea of what the Venture Matrix was all about. Within our second year, we were able to work with the schools and colleges element of the Venture Matrix, winning a Venture Matrix ‘Best Engagement with Schools and Colleges Opportunities 2010 Award’ In our third year we all went on placement, working at big name companies, such as TNT and Capita. James even stayed with the Venture Matrix team to do his placement! We never lost our passion for the Venture Matrix though – we all kept in touch throughout our placements. This academic year is our final year. We have worked with St. Luke’s Hospice as well as being given the

opportunity to manage younger Venture Matrix students. We’ve exceed our clients expectations, raised a great amount of money for a good cause and we’ve set the bar of what a good venture group should be like.


We have been able to work with all the elements of the Venture Matrix throughout our journey from first to final year and we have pushed the boundaries, won awards and built on our successes each year. For most venture groups, the end of the final year means an end to this special journey. However, Mercia intend to push the boundaries once more and extend this journey. We will be keeping in touch with the Venture Matrix, letting them know of our progress throughout our career. Hopefully one day in the future we may be able to work with new Venture Matrix students as mentors. The sky is the limit!

4 Members of the Team

6 Fundraising Events Undertaken

3 Years Mercia has been in operation

9 Venture Matrix trade fairs attended in total

1 Mercia Marketing & Advertising

MERCIA HUB APRIL 2013 | Issue 1



Mercia – Signing Out from the Venture Matrix

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