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Exam Gue ples rrilla Of Mark eting

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This guerrilla advertising perfectly explains a head ache, which gets peoples attention especially if they suffer form them regularly. The advertisement also comes with their ‘solution’ to the problem with the name of the company clearly labeled. And the company assures the people that they will “get back to normal.” The effect of the crane really highlights the headache feeling, almost making people think that the tablets they are advertising must be really strong to relieve such a headache.

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What we have here is one of our initial Ideas for the Peace One Day project. What we have done is get a billboard that would be seen at a bus stop. We have added a picture of the Earth submersed in water within the billboard. This is to represent that the Earth is slowing drowning itself in war and terrorism. The reason we have decided to set the location as a desert is because we believe that it is something that should be kept from everybody else. In the second example of our billboard idea, we have included a background of a typical London scene and have placed the billboard, in what we would think would be a very busy scene so that it gets noticed by lots of people. However this time we have still kept the picture of the Earth but this time we have put a picture of a bus on top of the Earth. This is to symbolize that the ‘Peace One Day Bus’ will be travelling the world.

Here is the second idea for our Peace One Day Project. What we have done is taken a picture of an animated dove like image of the internet. We have then added the Peace One Day day logo onto it. Our idea is that we are going to release 100 doves from each major city in the world at exactly 12pm in every country.

For our third idea what we have decided to do is light up the city. We will do this in all major cities in the world. We shall do it by shining a projection on all of the big buildings in each city and shall call it ‘Light up for Peace One Day’.

Peace One Day Presentation  

Peace One Day Presentation AS Graphics

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