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The Growing Popularity Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

CAM Therapies

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A growing number of people use complementary and alternative medicine or CAM as a way to stay healthy and fit, or as treatment for various medical conditions. Complementary and alternative medicine is based on the belief that a health care provider has to take care of the entire person, meaning his body, mind, and spirit. Methods used in CAM are usually less invasive than conventional medicine, that means, these treatments do not rely on surgery and medications to achieve a therapeutic effect.

In the United States alone, nearly 40 % of adults use CAM. Interest in these treatment methods have grown significantly in the past few decades, and many hospitals and medical professionals are supplementing their regular medical treatment with alternative methods. Complementary and alternative medicine is categorized into three kinds, namely natural products such as using health supplements, mind and body medicine like yoga and meditation, and manipulative and body-based practices such as spinal manipulation or chiropractic medicine, which we shall also touch on later in this write up.

A number of CAM practices are supported by scientific evidence. For instance, a 2010 report found that chiropractic medicine is helpful as a treatment method for lumbar pain, neck pain, and certain types of headache and extremity joint conditions. Five years ago, the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society recommended that doctors consider adding spinal manipulation in the treatment of patients who have not improved with self care options. CAM Therapies

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Chiropractic medicine

This complementary and alternative medicine is directed at problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system. It believes that vertebral subluxation disrupts different bodily functions and your general health and wellness. The fundamental technique utilized in chiropractic care is manual therapy, most notably, spinal manipulation. Chiropractic is an enduring and popular healthcare practice, and it is the third largest doctored health profession, falling behind medicine and dentistry.

How to find a chiropractor

Chiropractic doctors are not merely trained, they also need to obtain a license before they can receive patients and provide treatment. Finding an excellent chiropractic doctor is not as easy as thumbing through a phone book. It is recommended that you ask another health care provider for a referral, obtain training and licensing information about the practitioner you want, and scheduling a meeting with the the doctor. It is important for you to meet with the chiropractor first because this will allow you to ascertain for yourself whether or not you can establish good rapport with him or her.

The World Wide Web has made it less stressful to find chiropractic practitioners as many of these specialists have websites or ads on web-based classifieds and discussion boards. Follow the link to discover a chiropractic back pain treatment Burlington WI.

CAM Therapies

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CAM Therapies: Do They Work?  

An increasing number of people use complementary and alternative medicine or CAM to stay healthy and to treat or manage several diseases.