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Star News Classmates’ Plan for Summer Activities Summer vacation is coming ! Students are planning what they are going to do . Still can’t find what to do ? Then , go to Taichung to visit the exhibition about Marc Chagall’s painting ! From June 4th to August 14th at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , one hundred and fourteen painting will be exhibit . Go and see the romantic world of Chagall ! The cows and the goats flying in the sky , the blue donkey and the big red cock are all the memory of country . It will be a worthwhile trip ! There is another plan for summer activities . Go to the camps of the university is interesting . You can meet many students from around and make new friends . To participate the camp can having lots of fun ! Most students in class are going to the medical camps , such as Yang-Ming University , Kaohsiung Medical University and Chung Shan Medical University . They want to know the feeling of being a doctor . Of course , the classes of the camps are interesting . You can learn many medical common sense . Also , you can learn other strange things there , like the name of parasites ! Even if you are not interesting in medical camps, there are still other camps. Go and find the camps you like, then your summer time will be colorful !

Summer Travel Summer is the time you can’t go without travelling . Here are some places to share with you ! Vietnam is a place you can go for a great experience. First, if you want to breath the fresh air , Vietnam’s country is good for you . The unsophisticated simple and basic view of the country is special. Many thatched cottages are located on the side of the road. The cows eat the grass which grows on the ground leisurely and some children will sit on the cart . In the raining days , the dirt road will become sticky . Like the view of the city ? The view of Ho Chi Minh City is not as modern as New York City , but its’ own style may let you fall in love with it! On the street you not only can see some modern high building but also can see the old church . Vietnam had been dominate by France , so there are some Catholic church in Vietnam . To visit those church will be great . Walk in the church , it seems that the time is back to the past ! The transportation of most people is bicycle or motorcycle and the rich will have cars . The traffic on the street is a little chaos . Sit on the sightseeing tricycle , if you want to avoid the congestion traffic . The driver will take you to go around the city . The most interesting thing is the vendor . The vendors’ wagon is covered with so many goods . The banana which sold by the vendor is delicious . To see the yellow banana makes people hungry ! Next when you go to Vietnam , don’t forget to taste some local fruit and see the special view of Vietnam !

Going to Senior High After this summer vacation , we are all become the senior students . We will have our new class and our new life . Maybe our friends and we will not in the same class , but it is a process in our life .We need to learn to be brave when we are in a new place with new people . The mood of going to senior high is complex . Sometimes we feel happy and exciting , but sometimes we feel fear . For the future , everything is not sure . We don’t know what will happen . We don’t know what kinds of difficulties are waiting for us . To think good , leaving the identity of junior students can prove that we are growing . Since we become the senior high students , we are not as like as the children . Thus , we should become more mature . No matter we meet what kinds of difficulties , we have to solve it ! With the difficulties , I believe that our life will be splendid !

The Death of Jesus All of the people in the world has sin, so God sent his son Jesus to the world to save us from our sins. Jesus was born in the manger of an inn in Bethlehem . As Jesus was thirty-three years old , one of his disciple Jude betrayed him .The people in the church did not like Jesus .They didn’t believe that Jesus was the son of God . They sent soldiers to caught Jesus . The soldiers tortured Jesus . They laughed at him and put a crown with thorn on his head . Later , Jesus was sent to a place . The soldiers nailed him on the cross . Even if he was going to die , he still pray to God and asked God to forgive the people who had laugh at him . In the afternoon, suddenly, the sky became dark and there was a earthquake. After the earthquake , Jesus died .Because of this strange phenomenon , people believe that Jesus was the son of God .


Lady Gaga-Born This Way 〝There′s nothing wrong with loving who you are.〞This time in the album , Gaga became a monster. Without her, this world is not perfect!

Lady Gaga-Hair 〝Hair〞is another Gaga′s new song. Teenagers want to dress cool.〝Why can′t I be who I wanna be?〞is the question they always ask.


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