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Each and every day there is some new fad diet or some new magic weight loss pill to hit the market. We don't want some new product you want fast instant results that we can use, something that will work. In this article, we are going to look at a fat loss review of what gives us the fastest results to a better body and healthier lifestyle. Old conventional wisdom says that in order to lose fat and or weight, you must exercise and eat right. But in this 21st century, with so much processed foods, and so many things to grab our attention we are left with little free time to exercise and forget about eating sensibly, all of which makes fat loss a challenge. How then can we achieve better health, and a perfect body? Below you'll find a fat loss review diet plan to achieve proven results for a new you. Here are 3 simple and fast fat loss rules: 1. Don't eat any foods that are white. Such foods would include breads, pasta, crackers, most cereals, flour-based products, white potatoes, white rice and pasteurized dairy and cheese are all no-no's. (Here is some exceptions to this rule, healthy foods, like cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish and white pork are fine.) 2. Avoid energy drinks, coffee and alcohol. Only drink water, nothing else! Water is important to keep your body hydrated and will help you to lose fat. Water is in fact, the magic potion to weight loss and increased health. Most people are severely dehydrated and suffer negative side effects, which could have been easily avoided. 3. And finally, rule number three. Avoid any foods with the word wheat in the ingredients list. What if it's whole wheat? Nope, the word still starts with W and ends in T so you can't eat it. Be sure to read the ingredients list carefully at the supermarket since most packaged snack foods contain wheat. Wheat products can actually make you store fat, often times what we eat we tend not to think about but this can lead to dieting disaster. So read those food labels you will be glad you did. Here is a little challenge for you, for the next 2 weeks add these rules to your diet, and no doubt you'll see some remarkable results. Are you up for the challenge? This has been a quick fat loss review diet plan.

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