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The internet has allowed many to make extra money from the comfort of their own home. If you too are looking to earn some extra cash from home, affiliate marketing could just be what you are looking for. So what exactly is affiliate marketing? An affiliate marketer is someone who helps a product owner or merchant to market their product. And when a sale is successfully made due to the affiliate marketer's marketing efforts, he/she gets paid a commission. Earning a stable income through affiliate marketing is very possible if you put in the necessary efforts and follow the right procedure. I can't help you with the effort part but what I can help you with is giving you a formula to follow. Follow these 4 simple steps and put in enough effort and you are well on your way to make money online with affiliate marketing. Research For A Niche First, you have to find a niche that you want to target. A niche is a smaller market within a general market. For example, the golf market is a general market and if you are targeting beginners' golfer, you are targeting a niche market. When researching for a niche to target, look for one that people are already spending money on. This is to make sure that you do not target a market that is not profitable. Another tip when researching for a niche is to consider if you have any knowledge or experience in that field. Having good knowledge and experience will definitely help you when you are marketing within the niche. Research For A Good Product To Promote The next step is to research for a good product to promote that is relevant to your targeted niche. To make researching easier, you can sign up for a free affiliate account with Once you have signed up with, make good use of the marketplace tool to research for a good product. Look for products that are high in gravity, pays a good amount of commission and more importantly, read through the sales page and determine if the sales page is convincing to you. A convincing sales page will increase the chances of you selling. Setting Up A Website

The next step is to set up your own website. If you are afraid that you are not tech savvy enough, don't worry because you can use a WordPress blog as your website. WordPress is a good solution to people who are not HTML ninjas like me to setup a website within minutes. Another great benefit of using a WordPress blog is that you can install cool plug-in that can help with your SEO and search engine ranking without having to mess around with any HTML on your webpage. Driving Traffic To Your Website The next step is to drive traffic to your website and the more targeted traffic you can drive to your website, the more profits you can make. There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site. Videos, articles and social book marking are all great ways to drive traffic to your site. However, how to drive traffic to your website will be a brand new chapter on its own. To learn more, you can go check out my blog from the link below. This is the 4 step procedure to get you started and make extra money from home. For more free tips, go check out my blog through the link below. Wishing You Success Daniel A.

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==== ==== If you are interested in some great tips click here!! ==== ====

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