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The Duchess’s Community High School

Summer Examinations 2018 Guide for Students

Study Leave - begins on Friday 25 May 2018 All students are expected to attend school full time up to and including this date, during which time they will either be taking an examination or in lessons. After this date students should attend any examinations for which they are entered. Exam timetable CHECK YOUR PERSONAL EXAM TIMETABLE FOR YOUR SEAT NUMBER AND ROOM. Make a note of your candidate number as you will need this for exams. Check the timetable regularly and the last thing before you go to bed. If in any doubt check with Pastoral or the Exams Office.

Arrival at school, seat number and exam room Aim to arrive at school AT LEAST 15 minutes before your exam is due to start. Seating plans for the Sports Hall will also be displayed each day on the noticeboard outside this area. Smaller exam rooms will have their own copies. It is very important that you check your seat number carefully. If you sit in the wrong seat you, and possibly someone else, may end up doing the wrong exam. If you can’t find your name on ANY list, don’t panic! Check with an invigilator who will be at hand to help. DO NOT GO TO REGISTRATION when you have an exam. Go straight to the Exam Room. Attendance will be checked in the Exam Room. Please make sure you go to the toilet before the exam. You will only be allowed to leave the room if it is an emergency and you will be supervised. Anyone who leaves the Exam Room for this reason will be allowed the time missed at the end of the exam.

What if I’m late? Please be punctual but if you are late and the exam has already started you should report to Reception who will notify the Exams Officer. Time missed will be allowed at the end of the exam. If you are very late however a repot will be sent to the Exam Board and they may or may not decide to accept your script. So please be punctual!

Be correctly dressed and have the correct equipment School uniform MUST BE worn for your exams. For every exam you should have a BLACK PEN, pencil, a ruler and a rubber. For some exams you may also need a calculator, coloured pencils, pencil sharpener or maths equipment. If you want to take your equipment into the exam room in a bag, it MUST be a clear plastic one. Pens MUST BE black ink. No gel pens, highlighters or correction pens/fluid on exam scripts


Exam Room Arrive at the exam room AT LEAST 10 minutes before the exam is due to start.

If your exam is in the Sports Hall your bag will be locked in one of our bag stores and can be collected after the exam is finished. Please remember that lessons may be going on while you are waiting or other exams may have already started so please wait quietly. There should be NO TALKING OR COMMUNICATION between students once you enter the exam room. If you have any questions, you should raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you. Drinks/Food Water bottles are allowed in the exam hall if necessary. These should be small, clear bottles with a spill-proof cap. There must be no label on the bottle. No food is allowed in the exam room.

NO Mobile Phones/iPods/MP3 Players/Smart watches etc Students MUST NOT have mobile phones/ipods/mp3 players/smart watches etc on them. These must be switched off completely so that calls, messages and alarms that may be set on phones cannot be heard. They should be either left in your bag or handed in to an invigilator.

Note: All watches should be removed as they are not allowed in the exam room. WARNING!!! If a mobile/smart watch is discovered on you or they make a noise in the exam room this will be reported to the Exam Board who will impose penalties which could result in loss of marks or even disqualification from all exams. What if I’m ill? If you cannot attend through illness your parent or guardian MUST CONTACT THE SCHOOL and speak to Mrs Coxford, Year 11 Pastoral Support Co-ordinator, or Mrs Purvis, Sixth Form Pastoral Administrator, or leave a message with Reception who will inform the Exams Officer. If possible obtain a Doctor’s note or other official certification to account for your absence as this can be submitted to the Exam Board to ask for Special Consideration. If you are feeling unwell, but still able to travel, you should let Mrs Coxford or Mrs Purvis know who will inform the Exams Officer so they can assess the situation. In most cases it is better to take the exam if you can. Remember if you do not attend an exam without a valid reason, you may be charged for that exam.

Emergencies In the case of an emergency such as a fire alarm the following action will be taken by the invigilator:

 Candidates will be told to stop writing but not to evacuate the room unless the danger is obvious.  Time will be noted from which candidates were disturbed.  If evacuation is necessary – All exam papers and scripts will be left on the desks. Candidates will be supervised and should leave the room in silence and as quickly as possible to the fire assembly point beside the lower MUGA. Candidates will be kept apart from other students not taking the exam and cannot use mobile phones. Once the exam can resume candidates will be given the time lost during the disturbance. Exam Rules Information is enclosed from the Joint Council for Qualifications regarding rules and regulations when you sit exams plus copies of posters which are displayed outside exam rooms. You should read these carefully before your exams.

DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE SCHOOL IF IN ANY DOUBT Tel: 01665 602166 or email Exam Information can be found on the school website:

Exam Results Days Year 12 & 13 GCE & Vocational Results:

Thursday 16 August - 8.00 am until 12 noon

Year 11 GCSE/BTEC Results:

Thursday 23 August - 9.00 am until 12 noon

(GCSE resits included)

If students are unable to collect in person, they can authorise someone to do so on their behalf either by written permission, email or text but they must also bring ID with them. Any uncollected envelopes will be posted to the student’s home address on release day. In extenuating circumstances – we may email results out to the student using their personal email address, however this must be arranged in advance with the exam team and there is NO guarantee that results will be emailed on results day. Under NO circumstances will exam results be released over the telephone. Any queries about your results please contact Please note that Examination Certificates will not be available until December. Further information will be posted our website in the Autumn Term. If you are not returning to school in September and your contact details change please remember to inform the school in case we need to contact you.




Exam Guide for Students Summer 2018  
Exam Guide for Students Summer 2018