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Princess Lydia is a stickler for rituals.

Everyday at 11 am on the dot, she settles into her throne with the latest of Vogue and a steaming hot latte. You can imagine Princess Henrietta’s horror when this morning her butler announced they had in fact run out of coffee.

Not one to let small details get in

the way Princess Henrietta set off into town to get her much loved cup of Joe. Being the cautious Princess that she is, she made sure to put her Bucks X Ring on to keep her safe on her travels.

Walking out of the palace

gates and Down the long road into town, Princess Henrietta came across a man who was shivering in the December cold. Now, Princess Henrietta is nothing if not kind, so fearing for his health, she swiftly handed him her scarf to keep him warm.

Turning the corner

she spied a good citizen collecting for the local festive charity so Princess Henrietta reached into her wallet and donated some of her royal coins. Being the windyday that it was,the good citizen’s hair was being blown about so kind Princess Henrietta gave her a hairband it keep it in check.


With the smell of perfectly brewed coffee

getting ever closer, Princess Henrietta spied an old lady struggling with her festive shopping bags, which looked on the verge of breaking. Worried for her, she gave her the large beautifull bag she had been carrying in case she spotted a bargain or two and needed to sneakthem back into the castle, past the ever frugal King’sprying eyes.

Once she reached her favorite coffee shop she

decided to rest her weary Royal legs and spend some time talking to her loyal subjects When one particularly nice young man asked her to wish him luck for a job interview, Princess Henrietta was aghast to see he had no tie ‘This simply won’t do’he told him and gave him a tie that she had cleverly been using as a belt.

Comforted by her coffee yet exhausted

by her efforts, Princess Henrietta put in a call to the King. She told him all about her morning, how she had helped their loyal subjects by giving them unique gifts and although happy, she was exhausted from all her efforts so could he please send the chopper to pick her up.