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3D + D = 4D The Group has been established since 2005 and has positioned itself as a leader in providing organizational consultancy for medium to large enterprises. The Group is made of Organizational Psychologists and Psychotherapists, which together provide a holistic approach to any company wishing to improve its organizational wellbeing. All our human resources have been trained in several post graduate certifications, including specific tools such as “Let me learn™”, “Rorschach™” & “Hogan™” as well as Gestalt Techniques to name a few.

unique in our approach. Thanks to our mix of Organizational Psychologists and Psychotherapists, we can also evaluate and assess the interaction between the person as an individual and the organization within its environment, giving the deserved importance to the emotional aspect of the organization. These include factors such as communication, engagement, team inertia as well as a focus on personal relationships and agendas within the enterprise.

We call ourselves business medics, for the innovative approach taken by The Group Co. Ltd. where we actually have devised a new set of procedures which can be used to diagnose, identify, measure and actually cure organizational problems & inefficiencies. 4Dimensional Wellbeing? 4D wellbeing stands to describe our ideology. We believe that a company is made up of two defined parts, the organization and the human interaction within the organization. Simply put 4D is 3D + 1, 3D is the organizational structure, the human capital, the physical locations, production and financial success. The extra dimension is the human intricacies, and this is what makes us

unique in our approach. Thanks to our

“4D Wellbeing”


We’re specialists at what we do At The Group we improve your business by adding a fourth dimension to your vision. As business medics we are able to offer a cutting edge service to your business. The 4D process management by assessing, diagnosing and proposing solutions for your company. We also provide support in maintaining a healthy environment in your organization. Well being is the crux of organizational success. The Group Business Medics are the experts of your choice

Change Management Executive Coaching Performance Management Planning and Team Development Meeting Facilitation Mentoring Mergers/Acquisitions Leadership Development (Leadership Assessment and Development Process)

Strategic Planning Problem Solving and Decision Making

Our “4D Approach™â€?


hat is the 4D Approach?

Every organization has a structure which is evident and obvious to all. What is not evident and clearly visible is the pulsating living structure which is in every business setting. This structure is made up of the people, which work in the organization. Whether this pulsating structure is acknowledged or not, it still has a determining effect on the successes or failures of every organization.

Many a time an organization and its business are effected by unsaid and unexplained phenomena which pertain to individuals or groups within the larger group. An organization is not characterized only by its overt and identifiable structures, by its purpose and goals but also by the emotional features which are present due to the people, which work in it. Relationship conflicts, jealousy, ambition and personal issues are only some examples of emotions which effect how decisions taken by organizations may be thwarted and thus effect the ultimate aim of a business process.


hy use a 4D Approach?

The organizational culture and its philosophy, the dynamics between the different people within the group and the relationships with third parties are all aspects which impinge on business success or lack of it. As a result any organization which ignores such factors will undoubtedly have difficulties, if not ultimately fail in its purpose. A strong and successful organization is aware of what is happening within itself. This awareness cannot stop at figures and at production quotas but has to take into consideration these invisible phenomena in order to be able to manage with awareness and make informed decisions. Partial information is not enough. Successful leaders need to be aware and acknowledge the whole picture in order to be able to reach their ultimate goals and targets.




As fully trained psychologists and psychotherapists we are affiliated and have a certified standard by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy). These are associations which regulate our profession and ensure that we offer ethical, legal and services up to the required standards. In conjunction to this, as psychotherapists and organizational psychologists we are able to provide a unique and innovative approach in taking into account the personal and individual psyche as an essential element which effects your business.






The group has already worked for big names such as Fortune 500 companies, Vodafone and HewlettPackard. We have also been involved in European projects both as participants and as consultants. Our portfolio reflects our reliability and expertise in organizational consultancy.


Organizational wellbeing for better performance

Organizational Consultancy with a difference


Why choose The Group Co. Ltd.

You can fully place your trust in us to back you up in the services that your Company cannot provide on an in-house basis. We can help you develop custom-made programmes to suit your business requirements. As a team of professionals we can offer the flexibility of adapting our processes in order to become an extension of your company, a part of your team. The Group is the only company which can offer the 4D Approach™ to your business. As explained The Group can measure, evaluate process and formulate development plans on a unique multi-facet approach which takes into consideration, both the psychical structure of your organization as well as the emotional interaction of your employees within the company’s structure. All the material we use and present is prepared in the English language. All the members in The Group speak and write fluent English, Italian and Maltese, our native language. Apart from our core languages, we at the Group can also work fluently in French.

Experienced Professional Cost-Effective

About The Group Co. Ltd.

43, Valley Road Birkirkara, BKR 010 Europe, Malta.

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