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James Catania has been in the IT Industry specialising on internet technologies since 1997. James has started programming at the age of 13 and has never stopped advancing in computer science and technology. He is now known as Malta’s foremost expert in E-Business Solutions, Social Media and overall Internet Technologies expert. Academically James has two Master’s degrees one in Management of Information Systems and one in Computer Science and is currently reading for a doctorate in Computer Science. Professionally, James started as a Junior Programmer at the age of 17 with Crimsonwing (one of the largest IT companies in Malta) there James started the E-commerce department with an accepted proposal at the age of 18. James has since worked as a consultant with the biggest companies in the world which include: HP, Siemens, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, United Nations, Ricoh and WalMart just to name a few. James is also known as a creative thinker and solutions analyst being requested to find solutions to business problems throughout the world. James has worked in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, England, Libya, Turkey, Canada and the United States. Now being more known for the social media aspect of his work, James has directed, managed and run some of the largest social on-line campaigns in Malta. James has been the on-line campaign manager for the movement of “Yes to Divorce” which led to the introduction of the divorce right in Malta as well as the on-line campaign manager for multiple high-profile public personalities. James has also managed the first social campaign for the general elections of Malta 2013. James now manages more than 25 Facebook pages, with more than €1M in advertising budgets, with a total reach of over 5M users and a total follower base of more than 300,000 followers. James is also an Adobe Certified Expert and has won many international awards for his work.


James Catania provides its clients with a collection of services in all aspects of electronic and interactive media applications. We are experts at designing user friendly, cost-effective Intranet, Internet, and interactive media that fit client goals and business needs.

perience in Web Design and Software Application Design with expertise ranging from Flash, Actionscript, Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark Xpress to 3D Studio Max and Maya, providing an all inclusive design service.

My mission is to aid business in running smoother and faster, by implementing user friendly and efficient (second nature) software and online services. The statement “time is money” has never been more true than in the business world of today. With our products and services we will make your business, work more for you and for your clients.

My team of software architects, engineers and developers boasts a significant number of projects, ranging from large e-business solutions, to stand alone software packages. Our dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Professionals are experienced, motivated and reliable.

A small company with big technical potential. We have created and implemented very complex systems in a wide variety of industries both B2C and B2B, from Retail to Travel, from Hybrid ERP systems to silent commerce systems. We are also the only company in Malta dedicated solely to business and on-line hybrid development


My award-winning design department has won several awards during the years, amongst them the prestigious IAMWD International Award for Creativity, Design and Content. We have also won the WWA award for Excellence in GUI (graphical user Interface) Design. This department has gained substantial ex-

Software Engineering

The team undergoes continuous training in new and upcoming technolo­gies, whilst we also have a small team of people dedicated to R&D (research and development) that help keep us at the forefront of technology. Our software development team has expertise in; VB, ASP, VB.NET, C++, C#, C++.NET, ASPX, Java, J2EE, EJB, AJAX, JMEE, CGI, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.


By developing a large amount of e-business software we also developed back-end expertise which are some of the best in the world. Our programming team has developed applications in conjunction with MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Sybase.

Project Management

I personally take care and manage all the projects personally, You will deal directly with me and I will be your voice with the team. This makes sure you always know that I am just a phone call or e-mail away.


SERVICES PROBLEM SOLVING - SOLUTIONS ANALYSIS - I am known in Malta as a creative thinker and a solutions provider and analyst. Simply, I try to solve problems in a methodological way. This is usually carried out by an in-depth analysis of the problem and formulating logical, efficient solutions to get the desired result. Most of my consultancy is based on business problem solving, from increasing revenue to streamlining procedures. This also involves being an IS consultant on a national level. SOCIAL MEDIA - Is my main line of business. I am nationally known as the foremost expert in social media. I have personally managed and created National and international campaigns which span Millions of users and Hundreds of Thousands of Euro in budgets. Create - Grow - Analyse - Streamline. Although anyone can create a facebook page, it takes experience, expertise and knowledge to make it successful.

CMS - With over 120 Content Management System Implementations we are experts in this field. Our CMS partners are Joomla!, we can customise, enrich, install and maintain any size of CMS from a local store to a multinational organisation. We also build custom modules in PHP for Joomla! to offer a complete custom experience. We also do custom themes and skins. Everyone says they are a web developer but only trust in experts. SEO - We have working with us the best SEO engineers on the island and some of the best in Europe. Some of our team used to work with Google themselves. Developing a website for your business and putting it online, is very much like opening a new shop in the middle of nowhere, with no shops, houses or roads in the adjacent 3000 mile radius. Saying that the internet is a huge place is an understatement, and by simply adding your own website to the internet, it is like adding a drop in the ocean.

Graphic Design - We started by offering graphic design. My design team offer quality which is of international standard. All the companies which trust me with their project end up being pleasantly surprised by our graphic design work and usually we end up contracting all the graphic work as well. We specialise in print campaigns and web imaging. My clients also have the advantage of using our printing partners which offer us special reduced pricing. Software Engineering - It goes without saying that all the other services are based on a solid foundation of Software Engineering, we mostly use C# and Microsoft technologies for development. I have a team of dedicated and experienced programmers and this why I handle any size of project from the smallest to the largest.

Social Media Campaigns: Pro-Divorce Campaign (“Iva ghad-Divorzju”) Anti-Petards Campaign Noise Abatement Society Malta Complaints Directory Sexual Offenders List Introduction Malta Elections 2013

Social Media Pages:


Malta Complaints Directory Show Your Lunch Malta Elections 2013 Breaking Limits ACE@Baystreet Dr. Deborah Schmebri Jackpot Millionaire Casino Allure Clothing Milk Rock Promotions Pro-Motion Displays


Mediterranean Conferences Inspire Din L’art Helwa Three Ships (Netherlands) Blue-Infinity (Switzerland)

Patek Philippe (Switzerland) Malta Elections 2013 Eating in Malta


La Redoute (UK) La Redoute (Russia) La Redoute (France) Specsavers UK Sealink Marine Accessories ACE English Malta

Graphic Design:

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Super Bingo Vacheron Constantine ACE English Malta ACORN HP Siemens AG Nashuatec RICOH HPI Allure Clothing ICHI Clothes Debenhams Malta Elections Committee Malta Government Computer Domain YUE Health Club Intimo4U Actual Vegas

Software Development:

ACE English Malta Government E-Forms Project HP Siemens AG Sony Ericsson Malta Elections RIcoh Three Ships Nashuatec


Fraser Eagle Bank of Valletta WESSTA Group AVANTE Group HSBC Malta Government TCC Philip Toledo ACE English Malta Ricoh Kodak Samsung United Nations U.S. Army U.K. Border Control WalMart HP

James Catania,

MSc.Cs,MBA(IS),IHDcs,IDcs,A.C.E. 4, Kappara Court, Turu Rizzo Street, Gzira, GZR1644 T: 00356 79 883 884 e: skype: james.catania