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Sponsorship & Exhibitor Proposal 27-29 March 2020

The MRO Technology Expo MRO is the largest technology event in Malta. In 2020 we will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary edition of this annual event which has become the largest technology related event in Malta and is organised by the Ministry for Education and Employment. The MRO is a non-profit event which has grown exponentially each year and the 2020 edition will see the continuation of last year’s fantastic, high-standard event that will be taking place at MFCC Ta’ Qali. Apart from being a STEM popularisation event at its core, the MRO’s main aim is to present in a hands-on manner today’s technology advancements with the objective to remove abstraction from cutting edge technology. This non-profit, free entrance event is only possible with the financial support of our sponsors. Without you, this event would not be possible and we thank you in advance for taking the time to consider the MRO as

MRO:19 in numbers


visitors of which 3,000 students



40+ workshops

floor space




students competing



A quick guide to the 10 year Anniversary edition Dates of Event:

27, 28, 29 March 2020 Location:

MFCC, Ta’ Qali Main Area:

MFCC Tent 7500sqm Maker Faire™ Area:

MFCC Temp. Tent 2400sqm Opening times:

Friday 27 March from 09:00–14:00 & 16:00–22:00 Saturday 28 March from 09:00–22:00 Sunday 29 March from 09:00–20:00

MRO2020: A quick guide

Main events expo

• • • • • • • • •

MakerFaire™: Malta MRO: Gadgets Expo MRO: E-Sports Festival MRO: Digital Careers Expo Zwift: Malta Challenge Malta Robo League MRO Robo Sumo D&T Expo DIY Bots

digital careers

EXPO 2020

MRO2020: A quick guide

Exhibition spaces available 6m x 4m

4m x 4m €400


8m x 4m €600

Main Sponsor Slots €7,000 including a 100sqm area x5 available

10m x 4m €800

Naming Partner Slot 10m x 10m €1,000

20m x 10m €1,850

minimum contribution of €15,000 x1 available

Career Expo Slots

€400 including a 4mx4m area

Entrance is Free of Charge More details about the packages in the document

x8 available for Recruitment agencies and HR branches

MRO2020: A quick guide

Other Branding Opportunities Malta Maker Faire™ Branding €5,000

Flyer Branding €1,000

Shuttle Bus Branding €1,500

Souvenir Photobooth Branding €1,500

MRO2020: Decadian Star Robot €2,500

Filigree Robotic Arm Patronage €4,000

Lanyard Branding


First official Maker Faire™ Malta Event In collaboration with Invent3D, 3D Noob and Magigoo the MRO: Technology Expo is proud to present for the first time in Malta the official Malta:Maker Faire™. Maker Faire™ is the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth. Maker Faires are a global celebration of innovation, creativity, and curiosity showcasing the very best of the Maker Movement. People of all ages and backgrounds gather to learn, share, play, and make. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow the maker community. For more information about the makerfaire and booking please follow the link Booking details for Malta:MakerFaire™



Following the huge success of the first Gadgets Expo in 2019, the GadgetsExpo™ is coming back bigger and better than ever with over 700sqm of the latest consumer technology. The expo is the ideal platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products, and for attendees to experience them. This event is for all gadget geeks out there and for all technophobes to become familiar with the world we live in today. For more information about the makerfaire and booking please follow the link Booking details for MRO:GadgetsExpo

MRO: E-Sports Festival In Collaboration with GMR entertainment the MRO: Technology Expo for another year will be hosting the Esports Area. The area will consist of 1500 square meters of gaming, educational sessions, sim racing, mobile gaming, as well as competitive tournaments with both local and foreign participation. One of the important aspects is to have a place where families can come relax and enjoy a game or two together. A free-to-play area with a number of PCs and Consoles with various games will be available where one can relax and socialize with friends and family. Redbull will be hosting the Red Bull Strijders – Wingman. The concept is that of having a unique series of esports and gaming events where every edition involves 3 different games. This edition of Red Bull Strijders will be hosted at the MRO Esports Area. Get ready for 3 different games played in doubles battled out under one roof. The Malta BOV ePremier League is an officially licensed qualifying event were The Malta Football Association has signed a partnership agreement with Electronic Arts (EA) to create the Malta EPremier League for the upcoming EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series. The Finals will be a knockout tournament having all the 14 Maltese Premier League Clubs facing each other live on stage with all matches broadcasted online.

MRO Digital Careers Expo For the second year running the MRO: Digital Careers Expo will present a dedicated area for those seeking and exploring opportunities in Digital Markets such as; iGaming, Blockchain, AI, Software Development, Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics. The Careers Expo will feature the largest digital recruitment agencies in Malta and Europe. Recruiters will also have the ability of doing short interviews in dedicated interviewing rooms. More info on

digital careers

EXPO 2020

MRO: Zwift Challenge In collaboration with ALIVE Charity Foundation, MRO2020 will be presenting the first national digital cycling challenge. Featuring indoor trainers connected with ZWIFT. This is a true reflection of technology aided sports. Watch real athletes compete in an indoor virtual environment. The challenge will also be open to the public. Get the chance to use 2% accurate smart cycles to compete with international riders. More information and registration on

Malta Robo League Malta Robo League is the largest competition in Malta and the largest, robotics centered competition in Europe which is a STEM education programme designed for young children (7 to 11 years). Teams made up of to six members will be guided by an adult mentor to explore and research a realworld problem related to this year’s theme ‘Climate Change’. Teams are challenged to design and develop a solution which includes a model using any robotic kit. Each team will share a presentation of their work during the Malta Robotics Olympiad. This program will enable participants to learn how to apply their classroom knowledge to a real-world application. More information on

The Robo Sumo Challenge This year the O.G. competition of the MRO, The Robo Sumo Competition is opening a new category for open technology fights on Saturday for the general public. The Robo Sumo was the first event and (still is) one of the main events for students at the MRO. Students in teams of four compete against each other by building and programming robots with the help of mentors to battle each other in a tournament. In 2019 we saw 30 teams participating in the Robo Sumo Challenge. This year we will be introducing the open category where teams will compete using any technology they deem fit following a strict set of rules and guidelines and is open for everyone for teams of 1 to 4 members The Robo Sumo Challenge is split into two Categories: 1 Lego Sumo to be built by using Lego Mindstroms or EV3 2 Open Technology, any robot can compete Terms and Conditions, Rules & Regulations and registration from

The D&T Expo The Design and Technology Expo is in itself an event running in its fifth year. Organised by the DTLC, Department of Education, the Expo will, this year, join forces with MRO to bring together students from local schools studying Design and Technology. They bring forth innovative product design, electronics and graphics projects with bespoke materials, and a number of hands-on design-and-make challenges. D&T Expo brings a ‘maker’ aspect to the MRO. The public is also invited to try out interactive practical activities along with demos and use of hi-tech CNC equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers and the like. Last year more than 400 projects were on display also including large scale electronic interactive installations created in collaboration with local professionals.

DIY BOTs The D&T Expo at the MRO this year is inviting participants from the general public to submit their own Do-it-yourself Robot for the the DIYBOTS: The Robot Design and Make Challenge! The idea behind the contest is to dig for new talent in the area of design and robotics engineering. Moreover it is well known that many people like to create great contraptions which are seldom deemed an educational success. So, if you love the idea of a robotic weekend project with friends, family members and schoolmates, this is your chance to go for DIYBOTS! Terms and Conditions, Rules & Regulations and registration from

Budget Allocation All the money gathered from the Sponsorships is used directly for the organisation of the event. A final list of expenditure will be made available to all the sponsors on request. Exhibitors and Sponsors are free to dress their stand and distribute promotional material as well as give out any freebies (which can also be vouchers). The MRO organisational committee can deny the participation of any organisation it deems inappropriate for/detrimental to the quality and the success of the event. All promotional/ marketing material which mentions the MRO has to be confirmed by the MEDE PR Office before publishing.


Audio Printing 6% 8%


Lighting & Vision & Rigging

3% 29%




21% 12%

Marketing HR

Filigree Robotic Arm This is a one-time single slot sponsorship opportunity to help build a moving art installation which brings together the best of Maltese artisan tradition and cutting-edge Maltese robotics. If you are selected as the filigree robotic arm patron, you will get to enjoy it for all of 2020. The filigree robotic arm will be showcased throughout Malta and Gozo and the patron will be given the opportunity to auction it at the 2021 Istrina or donate it to a permanent exhibit in a museum. The robotic arm will be automatically operated to show an open, closed hand and individual finger operation, it will be displayed in a custom wood and glass enclosure. The sponsor name and/or logo will be inscribed in a silver custom plate on the display case. The filigree robotic arm patronage is priced at â‚Ź4,000

Sponsorships and Exhibition Spaces

For sponsorships and exhibition space requirements please contact Mr James Catania on 9971 6869 or e-mail on Booking of Sponsorships and Booking this year will happen entirely digitally by following the link

4m x 4m (€400)

6m x 4m (€500)

8m x 4m (€600)

• 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet • 1 desk of 6feet by 2feet • 2 chairs

• 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet • 1 desk of 6feet by 2feet • 2 chairs

• 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet • 2 desks of 6feet by 2feet • 4 chairs

10m x 10m (€1,000)

20m x 10m (€1,850)

• 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet, • 4 desks of 6feet by 2feet • 8 chairs

• 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet • 6 desks of 6feet by 2feet • 8 chairs

10m x 4m (€800) • 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet • 3 desks of 6feet by 2feet • 6 chairs

The backboards are 2m high and 1m wide and the appropriate numbers to surround the space as indicated in red lines on the floorplan in the final page of this booklet.

Exhibition Spaces For MRO:2020 we are striving to make the exhibitor space booking more efficient. We will be introducing an online booking system where can choose their space on our platform. The exhibitors will be allowed to sell on the stand during the event. The main aim for the MRO is to promote hands-on workshops, thus, to keep the MRO a hands-on workshop event, every exhibitor is obliged to offer a workshop on any topic and can take any format aimed for the general public. Each workshop must cater and be labeled for: Ages 6 - 11 <GREEN> Ages 11 - 16 <YELLOW> Ages 16 - 20 <ORANGE>

Booking will be open on 10 January 2020 online at

Your Logo

Naming Partner The Naming Partner is the largest branding package available and will only be taken by one organisation. In the case of two applications the higher bid over the minimum amount will be chosen. The Naming Partner will be the main partner for the MRO. The name of the company will be made an integral part of the event name and its logo: MRO2020 powered by - XXXXXXX. This will give the Naming Partner 100% visibility. Wherever there will be the MRO logo it will be followed by the sponsor logo This will show that the company is really making an effort to be part of Maltaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future and is a key player in the technology market. Apart from the 100% visibility, the Naming Partner will have a slot in the main speech for the event as well as a dedicated interview on all the media. The Naming Partner will also have the ability to provide banners and other material in all the arenas. The Naming Partner will also be invited to send a representative on one televised promotion including interviews and interventions on TV programmes. The Naming Partner logo will also have a prominent position in the media area backdrop. The Naming Partner will have direct contact with the MRO organiser. The Naming Partner will also have a guaranteed space measuring a maximum of 10m x 15m in the centre of the expo with most visibility. All this includes a dedicated page on our event website. The naming partner will be awarded to a technology related company with a minimum contribution of â&#x201A;Ź15,000.

Main Sponsors The MRO is looking for 5 main sponsors to help make MRO2020 a reality (only 3 are available following pre-year reservations) The MROâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main sponsors will have their logo present on all printed media (including billboards) and all large format printing. The logos of the 5 main sponsors will be grouped together (usually bottom right hand corner) of any published media. The main sponsors will also share position in all large format printing at the event. The main sponsors will also share an equal area of visibility in all the event arenas. The main sponsors will have all the opportunities to do photo-ops with all the event organisers as well as issue press releases in partnership with the Ministry for Education and Employment. The main sponsors will have a guaranteed a stand/exhibit in the most prominent spaces of the exhibition and are allocated a free 10m x 10m stand. The main sponsors will also be mentioned in all articles being published â&#x20AC;&#x201D; both printed and digital, as well as any digital and social media marketing and advertising. The sponsorship package for the main sponsors is â&#x201A;Ź7,000. The main sponsor slots are taken up on a first-come-first-served basis. For commitment and communication contact

Other branding opportunities Event specific branding:

Lanyard Branding: €2,000

Sponsors for the Sumo, Robo League, DiYBoT and D&T Expo will have their branding throughout the area, this means that the logo will be visible on the large format printing and all the digital media associated with that particular event

Every exhibitor and participant has an access tag which is attached to a lanyard. With the lanyard sponsorship, your logo will be printed along with the MRO2020 logo on all the lanyards (500 lanyards printed).

The PR & Marketing for the Specific events will always say “Event in collaboration with xxxxxxxx” Please be aware that the 6 main sponsors will also have their logos displayed also in the event specific areas Event specific sponsors can replace up to 50% of the amount of the sponsorship by offering the equivalent in prizes for that particular competition.

Sumo Event Sponsor: €2,000 This is the main competition for every MRO. The sponsor will have full visibility in the Robot Sumo arena.

Photobooth Sponsor: €1,500 At the MRO the photobooth with the star robot is very popular. Each free photograph is printed with a custom template which will include your logo.

Digital Careers Expo Sponsor: €2,500 The digital careers expo sponsor will be segregated from other sponsors. The Digital Careers Expo Sponsor will have the branding on the careers expo area at height and a guaranteed space of 8m x 4m in a prime position outlined in the plan in the last page of this booklet.

Filigree Robotic Arm Patronage: €4,000 A one-time single slot sponsorship opporunity to help build a moving art installation which brings together the best of Maltese artisan tradition and cutting-edge Maltese robotics.

Event Flyer Sponsor: €1,000 At the MRO we print 20,000 A5 flyers for all the visitors with the floorplan. The Flyer sponsor will have the logo and a small write-up on the flyer.

Floorplan AA





15 17 RES


Main Sponsor 3

21 23









Reserved Reserved

18 20











Naming Partner




Main Sponsor 5













Colour Legend 6m x 4m

4m x 4m

Exhibitor Parking

10m x 4m

10m x 10m

Kindly note that this plan is subject to change.

8m x 4m

20m x 10m

27-29 March 2020

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MRO2020 - Sponsorship and Exhibitor Proposal  

This is the proposal for the offerings at the MRO2020 Technology Expo

MRO2020 - Sponsorship and Exhibitor Proposal  

This is the proposal for the offerings at the MRO2020 Technology Expo

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