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Sparkling colour effects for Room Decoration

Colour Combination & Matchmaking Basics

Colour plays an integral part in home decoration. Colours posses the ability to alter or redefine the theme of a space & produce striking effects that compliments the functionality of the space being used. Prior to Finalizing on the colours for your room, think in the lines of : • • • • • •

Creating a mood and ambience. The Room Functionality. Shades by the size of the room. Experimenting with various colour combinations to enhance or detract the shape of the room. Complementing the furniture inside the room. Fabric and flooring to define a theme.

Following slides highlights some examples of striking colour combinations.

Colour Combinations using Violet


Violet is Invigorate, adds drama and creates a feeling of intimacy. Violet is an ideal colour to complement a classical design. Lighter shades bring a meditative quality while the darker shades look stately.

Colour Combinations using Peaches & Oranges


Warm and soothing, Peaches & Oranges complement modern decor and add a sense of space. To get the elite and comfortable look, consider bedrooms and living rooms for these shades.

Colour Combinations of Red


Deep, strong and dramatic, Red is one of the most powerful colours. Rich and intense, romantic and passionate, flamboyant and exhilarating - red can make many statements. Chosen with any colour it always adds excitement and energy. And it never goes unnoticed.

Colour Combinations of Beiges & Browns


Creating a formal ambience, Beige forms a neutral base to achieve either the classic or the contemporary look. Beige is warm and stable. A colour of the earth, it has a strong association to security, because of which beige works well in dining and kitchen areas. A combination of yellow light and rich furnishings brings out the best in these shades.

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Colour combinations  

Color Matchmaking & combinations highlights striking effects achieved by colors when used together. Learn more about the color combinations...

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