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A First Class Experience in CNC Machining


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CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. is a low volume, close tolerance, multi-axis machine shop for parts as small as a dental instrument and as large as a locomotive engine. Our precision machining capabilities pair well with an unmatched emphasis on communication. We serve leading OEMS within medical, automated equipment, oil & energy, aviation, and commercial printing markets.

Our main focus is to consistently provide extraordinary services and quality production to you and your product. We take long-term relationships with our clients seriously by continuing to keep communication channels crystal clear. Top-notch communication is a priority to us from the moment you pick up the phone to receiving a shipped product. Give us a call today and see for yourself.

| P A S T In December of 1972, Richard H. Carr let go of his full-time job as a plant manager to start his own success story. He had visions of becoming an entrepreneur ever since he was a journeyman machinist at Kraft Foods, Inc. With great guidance, a natural mechanical talent, and everlasting endurance, Carr started to build a flourishing precision machining organization. Within 10 years, Carr custom designed and built a free-standing building in Elk Grove Village, home of the largest business park in the nation. In 2004, after 26 years of experience and full-time employment working for his father, Jim Carr became the sole shareholder and President of CARR Machine & Tool. By 2008, the company reached record sales after 35 years in business.

| P R E S E N T CARR Machine & Tool continues to grow, expanding its services to meet a variety of industries. The company has made strong initiatives to set standards in providing a first-class experience from the initial phone call to shipping products, and has resulted in a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Jim Carr is also an active participant in the manufacturing community. He is currently the Vice Chairman and Executive Board Committee Director of The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA). Carr is also the co-founder of MakingChips, a podcast that equips manufacturing leaders in the metalworking industry. Jim’s son Ryan Carr has taken an active role in the business. Ryan, like his father, is now heavily involved in all facets of CARR operations.

| FUTURE CARR Machine & Tool is looking towards a busy future. The company has plans to sustain its high customer satisfaction rate by improving customer acquisition processes. To provide better solutions for customers, CARR is planning to invest in technology and new capital equipment for machinery and tooling. CARR will focus on making a difference in all aspects of the business, including better employee training and continuing to be a strong advocate in safety and health. In addition, the company will dedicate time to make improvements to the overall operating state to ensure qualification for additional quality certifications.

| AVIATION CARR provides second-tier aviation components in addition to defense products for governmental aeronautics. From flight testing equipment to commercial jet components, our customers in this sector rely on the CARR Experience for procurement of on-time quality parts. Once an order is placed with CARR, we exhibit rapid communication, honesty, and merit throughout the process.

| MEDICAL CARR’s range of medical projects span from acoustic micro-imaging (AMI) equipment to mechanical components of MRI machines. We collaborate exclusively with medical engineers for first- and second-tier phases of new designs and legacy product enhancements. Our upfront communication throughout the manufacturing process mitigates cost and promotes a high integrity finished part. This alliance makes for a win for the client, the CARR production team, and the end user.

| AUTOMATED EQUIPMENT Our expertise on machined parts for automated equipment extends across a wide variety of industries including food, packaging, labeling, marking, commercial printing and more. We are highly engaged with our clients, assisting with new product design, enhancements to existing items, as well as OEM replacement parts. Throughout Carr’s history we’ve perfected our process to ensure your engineering and procurement teams get the information and peace of mind they need—along with a top of line finished part.

| OIL AND ENERGY We serve as a reliable supplier to firms operating in the complex oil and energy markets. Our partners produce critical parts such as hydraulic actuators and flow control equipment. As with all our clients, we have formed trusted relationships built on comprehensive consultation and just-in-time production of quality products. We learn your business, product lines, and internalize expectations. Consistency is key for this highly-regulated, risk-prone market and CARR delivers.

CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. Brochure 2018  
CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. Brochure 2018