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"CPVU James Callaghan  has  specialised  in  hairdressing  and  fashion  photography  over  the  past  6  years  and   has  achieved  a  great  deal  in  this  time.    After  completing  a  degree  in  Commercial  Photography  at   one  of  the  highest  regarded  courses  in  Europe  (The  Arts  Institute  Bournemouth)   his  photos  have  represented  many  salons  who  have   entered  competitions  which  include:   American  Crew  Face  Off   L'Oreal  Colour  Trophy   L'Oreal  Men's  Style  Award   British  Hairdressing  Awards Recently  James'  work  has  been  seen  in   The  British  Hair  Journal  with  a  male   fashion  collection.    James  puts  his  all  into  every  shoot  and  strives  to  deliver  outstanding  client  relations  throughout  the  experience.    James'  photos  have  the  capacity  to  make  people  sit  up  and  take  notice,  transforming  reputations  of  salons  in  the  process.

James Callaghan  strives  to  create  dramatic  imagery  that  gets  your  business  noticed  and   changes  the  way  in  which  your  company  is  perceived.    


L’Oreal Colour  Trophy  Qualifier

Men's fashion  is  becoming  a  very  exciting  area  to  expand  into,  with  more  and  more  magazines   focusing  on  this  area,  it  is  an  absolute  must  to  move  with  the  times  and  raise  your  profile  in   this  lucrative  area  of  your  business.

British Hair  Journal  March  2011 James  has  worked  with  many  designers  including  James  Hawkes  who  has  been  featured  in  Vogue   for  his  amazing  menswear  collections.    The  key  to  good  fashion  imagery  is  a  great  overall  look   that  incorporates  on  trend  hair  styling  with  contempory  fashion.

American Crew  Face  Off  Finalist  2010


Women's fashion  and   beauty  has  always  been  the   signature  genre  for  creat-­ ing  a  fantastic  image  for   your  salon.    James'  blend  of   dramatic  yet  beautifully  lit   photos  creates  the  perfect   grounding  for  separating   your  salon  from  the  com-­ petition  in  this  crowded   market  place,  which  is   hairdressing.

L’Oreal Colour  Trophy  Finalist  2011


James Callaghan  Photography  can  assist  you  in  creating  a  new  image   or  maintaining  the  high  fashion  image  you  already  have.    With   James'  knowledge  of  the  field  of  hairdressing  photography  he  will   help  guide  you  to  create  an  overall  feel  to  your  images  that  suits  the   vision  of  your  salon.    

Working with  salons  large  and  small  James  understands  how  to   create  images  that  fit  the  context  in  which  your  salon  appears.     However  in  the  past  some  salons  have  wanted  to  change  their  image   dramatically  with  a  shocking  set  of  promotional  images  that  will   turn  heads  and  give  people  a  fresh  and  impressive  view  of  what  the   salon  is  trying  to  achieve  and  the  market  they  want  to  attract.

James will  work  closely  with  all  clients  to  achieve  their  personal   goals.    He  believes  each  and  every  client  is  different  and  requires  a   completely  tailored  approach.    Competitions  are  a  great  way  to  get   your  salon  noticed  and  with  James,  he  comes  with  a  100%  success   rate  with  the  L'Oreal  Colour  Trophy  and  the  L'Oreal  Mens  Style   Award.    If  a  salon  is  to  win  an  award  the  turnover  of  the  salon  can   raise  by  anything  up  to  50%  in  the  following  year.

If you  have  high  expectations  for  your  salon  and  want  to  get  noticed   great  imagery  goes  hand  in  hand  with  success.    To  discuss  further   how  James  Callaghan  Photography  can  help  you  please  email  or   call...

w:  www.james-­                   e:  info@james-­                 t:  +44(0)7725528822




Beauty w:  www.james-­                   e:  info@james-­                 t:  +44(0)7725528822

James Callaghan Photography  
James Callaghan Photography  

Sample booklet of what I have achieved for other salons. Showing work that has been published and competition entries.