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The Super Sack Has Transformed The Bulk Supply Industry Traditionally, dealing with never-ending boxes, creates and barrels was part of the deal when working with bulk suppliers. At one time, these awkward containers were the best things available to meet handling, packing, and storing needs. Then the invention of the super sack improved the way in which goods are managed. Bulk sacks are made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene and they have the capacity to replace other containers with lots of added benefits; they are lighter, stronger, and require less space. It's surprising that on top of all of these important benefits, the sacks are also cost effective, recyclable and come with a number of features which accommodate almost any need. A sack large enough to carry one ton will weigh somewhere between five and seven pounds. When handling bulk supplies weight is a key factor. Employee time, fuel costs and shipping fees can be cut when you reduce the weight of a shipment. It could also mean more goods can be carried by a single truck or train car, which could further lower costs. You'll save money when you reduce weight, plain and simple. Companies operate on tight budgets with fierce competition. The success and failure of a company in a period of economic recession may be dependent upon its capacity to lower overhead expenses. Bulk sacks are sturdy. Large sacks can hold up to 5,500 pounds, or 2 他 tons. Sacks are available with a volume of eight cubic feet should you have a smaller load, but even these can handle 500 pounds. Super sacks are invaluable due to their ability to withstand large amounts of weight. The storing and shipping of partially-filled containers which have reached their weight limit is something companies are less likely to do. Sacks can save space in warehouses and in transport, and owners could possibly save more cash if they can operate with less containers than they are used to. Bulk sacks are rectangular and stackable when filled. Because they can be placed in rows leaving no gaps, the shape is quite storage-friendly. Additionally, only a small percentage of the area typically needed to store crates, barrels or collapsed boxes is needed for the empty sacks. The profitable items that your warehouse was built to hold may be put in the saved space. In the end, a more-productive warehouse can save money. It is remarkable to think about how much money sacks can save a business given how inexpensive they are. As more people are learning for themselves just how cost effective it is to utilize them, demand for bulk sacks is on the rise. These sacks can be reused over and over before they need replacing if they are cared for properly. Once the sacks do need to be replaced, you can feel good about the fact that they are completely recyclable. No two companies are identical, and bulk sacks are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. Sacks are available in multiple sizes and have different weight limits. There also are a variety of possible features you can choose from. Some sacks are manufactured to be especially convenient for a forklift. Others are fashioned to be used in assembly lines and with other equipment made for boxes. While continuing to use established procedures and equipment, businesses can still switch from boxes to sacks. Support frames are available for sacks, as are several kinds of static controls. Different types of loop handles are available depending on FormPak, Inc.

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The Super Sack Has Transformed The Bulk Supply Industry preference. The packing, handling and storing of bulk items has been completely changed by the super sack. It is a convenient and cost-effective alternative that has the capability of meeting companies’ needs. FormPak is where to go to when you need a super sack unloader for your completely integrated batching system. For more details on FormPak are readily available on the business' site,

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The Super Sack Has Transformed The Bulk Supply Industry  

FormPak is where to go to when you need a super sack unloader for your completely integrated batching system. For more details on FormPak ar...

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