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Use Bitcoin To Make Payments A Delightful Activity

Pending payments always become pains for people on both ends of the transaction. For the one who has to make the payment, he loses out on the amount as well as has to take the pain to arrange for the money to be transferred through different means, each requiring more time and efforts than the last. The same discomfort for the recipient lies in checking with his bank/online statements and making sure the payment is made to the right spot. To avoid the extra effort that goes into making this simple process so complicated, you can make use of Bitcoin Wallets.

Bitcoin Wallets are an online service that have been devised keeping in mind the convenience and safety required by the layman of today. Let us start with its brilliant ease-of-use! Upon registering, Bitcoin gives you a digital wallet to store any amount of money in and an address to identify the wallet by. The address is unique to you and is to be used to make all payments as well as receive your payments. Once you deposit money into your wallet, they are converted into gold and silver coins upon your discretion.

These coins can be transferred online and can then be converted into digital money at any later date or at that same point of time. Furthermore, you can make all your physical payments with Bitcoin too. With mobile apps designed to bring you the same ease Bitcoin has brought in the market, you can take your coins with you scan a QR code or use NFC to make payments in regular shops. As far as security is concerned, all our websites are encrypted and your passwords being self-generated, are not stored in our accounts in any way, At any hint that your account is being broken into, we lock the account! Thus, safety and security come together in Bitcoin Wallets!

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Make Bitcoins in your computer

A bitcoin is a digital currency which is traded online. The value of this currency depends a lot on the peer to peer network. Since it is a deregulated currency, central banks of any country has no control over its value. However, the trading of currencies is done using paper currencies; i.e. USD, GBP, Euros or any other currencies can be exchanged for bitcoins and vice versa. Unlike the paper currencies, the users of bitcoins can make these currencies on their own. The process of making bitcoins in the computer is called as mining. Although the definition of mining looks to be very simple, creating bitcoin does not necessarily based only on computer’s processing power.

To mine bitcoin, the users required two main tools: a bitcoin wallet which can store all the bitcoins that the user own and a mining program which can help to use computer’s resources. There are different wallets available for download for the respective operating systems: Windows, iOS, Linuz or Android. Most of these software are available for free and the number of bitcoins which are mined does not depend the kind of wallet downloaded. Apart from the wallet, the user is also required to download Guiminer which is a mining tool. Guiminer is a free tool and can be used only by Windows Operating System.

To do mining, the user is required to join a mining pool which can be directly linked to the application. The more bitcoins a user mine, the more money that they make. The mining software is required to be like a supercomputer to process these currencies. Mining bitcoins is an art and the user is required to be ready to shell out some money as an investment. The mining hardware and the electricity bill eats most of the investments.

Use Bitcoin To Make Payments A Delightful Activity  

Pending payments always become pains for people on both ends of the transaction.