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New calf stretching product relieves foot and ankle pain. Do you or have you ever limped or experienced foot or ankle pain for the first steps getting out of bed in the morning or after sitting for a period of time? If the answer is yes, then the One Stretch® is just what you need.

Introducing the One Stretch® calf stretch device. The developer, James A. Amis, M.D. says “65% of adult acquired foot and ankle problems are an indirect result of the human calves that silently tighten as we age. The benefits of daily calf stretching as a definitive treatment, and more importantly prevention of these foot and ankle issues can not be overstated”. While we acknowledge pre-exercise static stretching may not be beneficial and could be harmful, static stretching done independently from or independent of athletic activities is absolutely necessary if you want to perform at your peak. Just ask an Olympic level athlete, especially a gymnast, how much time they spend on the mat statically stretching. The One Stretch® is unique in its design and function. The design includes a patented progressive radius top curve that allows for variable stretching intensity, based on the location of the user’s feet on the device. That same curve allows you to stretch both calves at the same time, with the same intensity, or you can stretch each calf, at the same time, with independent intensity. The curve is designed for safety, and ease of use regardless of conditioning, age, and coordination level. The opposite, flat edge of The One Stretch® offers the most intense stretch. The product can support more than 350 pounds safely. It also contains a molded rubber top mat and rubber feet, which provides excellent traction under your feet and on the ground. If you are going to stretch your calves on a regular basis, and you should, do it the easiest, safest, most effective way possible using the One Stretch®. The advantages of the One Stretch® are numerous and readily appreciated by the runner, by the pro, or by the less active person. These unique advantages [both blue “advantages” link to new blog/FB] are noticeable on every level including variable intensity stretch, stretch isolated to the calf, pure passive stretch, back against the wall method, safety in its method of use, and stretching both calves at same time, or stretch each at an independent intensity if needed. In addition to all of these advantages it is designed by a fellowship trained foot & ankle orthopaedic surgeon formed by 27 years of experience. Whether you are looking to alleviate your foot or ankle pain, or you are trying to get off the couch and return to an active lifestyle, or you are an elite athlete; you need the One Stretch®.

Stretch your calves. Save your feet. link blog for the advantages to come

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