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Diamond engagement r ing and pricing att r ibutes It’s always a challenging task for you when it comes to choose a diamond engagement r ing for your loved ones. Couples who plan to get married feel difficult when asked to select a precious stone. Previous days it was common for man to select a r ing and present it to his fiancé but now it entirely different trend. Today it is more general for the future bride and groom to go together and select engagement r ing. Most of the couples will choose minimum three rings on three grand occasions such as engagement, wedding and anniversary day. Many couples plan to go a jewelry store with a pre-decided budget and pick their r ings according to their budget. There are four attributes of diamonds such as color, clarity, carat and cut and based on these attributes price of diamond is decided. Other than these four C’s, there are some factors such as shape, size, grad and light performance which will eventually verify the value of this precious stone. You can visit any of the famous website and choose professional jewelers, visit the site and select setting design and diamond. Setting is one of the important aspects so before deciding on stone, it is better to choose a setting. It will defer from side stones to pave, Tension setting and three stone to designer setting but you must choose the one which comes under your budget. Your choice and preference is limited by your imagination, feel and budget. If you have any cute design in mind and want to apply in ring then it’s possible in present time. You can customize diamond r ing based upon your choice. Once you have chosen a perfect setting and then get an eye-catching, certified diamond. When you have decided the diamond and its setting, your almost work is done. Rest of the work usually completed by the store and they will prepare a perfect engagement r ing. As the 4 C’s will decide the price so it is very important to know about them in detail as well as you will be knowing what grade of gemstone usually provide the best value for your budget. Ca r at As we calculate liquid in liter and gold in grams, similarly diamond is determined by carat. One carat generally equals to 200 milligrams. The cost per carat is verified by carat weight and it enhances in the similar way because large stones are not very common but more attractive and used as precious stone. Cla r ity Clarity is nothing but the internal imperfection in diamond which is commonly known as inclusions. They can be minute cracks or crystals of other materials which have gloomy look. Color A diamond which is free of any imperfections is absolutely transparent, showing no shades or colors to detract from its appearance.

Cut Diamonds when taken from earth will be in an imperfect condition, hence they have to be shaped and polished to become real precious stone.

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Diamond engagement ring and pricing attributes  
Diamond engagement ring and pricing attributes  

It’s always a challenging task for you when it comes to choose a diamond engagement ring for your loved ones.