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My lifestream summary as a digital commonplace book E-Learning and Digital Cultures

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James Lamb s0900191

Soundtrack: Kraftwerk ‒ ‘The Robots’ Daft Punk ‒ ‘Da Funk’ Air ‒ ‘Kelly watch the st ar (Moog Coo


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from s le p m a s s e d lu c in o Als and k n u P t f a D y b ’ m f ‘Wdpk 83.7 ’ by Air s r e m r o f r e P ic n o r t c ‘Ele (and the ‘voice’ of stud

ent s0900191)

Rather than offering a text-based reflective commentary of my lifestream, I have attempted to extract images, sounds and passages of text from the lifestream itself.

In presenting my lifestream summary, I have attempted to borrow both the spirit and the format of the commonplace book.

A digital commonplace book.

An organic, natural growing meadow... The lifestream is dynamic, evolving and alive

20 September

I like dropping into the lifestream from time-to-time, to see how it is growing 10 October

If my lifestream isn’t yet blossoming, it has at least started to branch out 3 October


The lifestream is dynamic, evolving and alive

20 September

Greetings from The Meadows, Edinburgh With each new passing day, new flowers come into bud, representing each individual RSS feed in my lifestream

7 November

Exploring aptness of mode through lifestream content As the weeks progress I’ll be more adventurous, however I intend to adhere to the approach of selecting tools because they help my learning, not because I can

5 Oct

the digital revolution means we can now reconsider whether text is the most appropriate means of presenting every type of information

24 September

see Kress (2005) Continues...

We have the tools to craft work that matches our vision‌machines give us the freedom to speak directly to our audience

5 November

Expressing ideas in a multimodal, transliterate way In the digital classroom, we communicate across a range of media

29 November I decided to try and represent this week’s lifestream review through image as well as words – or what might be seen as a convergence of visual and written literacies

10 October

I expressed ideas through text, film, animation, graphics, photography and sound. The representation can be seen as multimodal

12 October


Upon this foundation, I then built additional layers of representation, starting with the author’s voice, followed by background music and then images

11 October the digital revolution provides an environment where [we] can leave class with our creative desires sated

78 blog posts 120 blog comments 160 tweets 13 vimeo 36 Flikr 20 delicious and 2 Tumblr entries

13 October

& see Spalter Van Damm (2008)

this snapshot of my existence shows how we simultaneously appropriate a range of media to facilitate our needs at any one time

29 November

The lifestream presents a classroom without physical boundaries the online classroom isn’t bound by the same rigid timetables that we associate with its RL equivalent

There’s no 9 to 5 in the v online university!

29 November

29 November


Within our class physical boundaries are v rendered artificial by the flow of information

one’s geographical location can change without any noticeable impact upon the level of engagement with the course itself v

29 Nov

2 Oct

The lifestream reflects my place within the learning community

Comment on how pic put together I have engaged in discussion with different members of the class at different times and as different topics have arisen

11 Dec

Ours is a constructionist classroom where we position ourselves in order to build knowledge and create collective understanding

8 December

See Hand 2008

This is the ‘real’ me, but it’s also a more considered me, one thatvv spends more time considering the impact of my actions

20 October

see Bayne 2010

The online learning community can be at least as immersive as its RL equivalent, providing DL students with a strong sense of identity and affiliation with their institution V

25 November

Overall reflections on the lifestreaming ‘experience’ I was immersed in technology, swimming in thevv ubiquitous sea of information that is the Internet.

22 November

lifestreaming is the 24-hour news vv live as the channel, reporting action unfolds.

20 September Continues...

The information pattern produced by my work was one vv  to the sound of a machine of repetitive loops, syncopated producing invisible (in the physical sense) content

22 November

8 December the opportunity to spend a day building and curating my online gallery epitomises how the lifestream exercise has vv  given me a place to experiment with ideas themselves, and the way in which I present these ideas

J Lamb (s0900191) December 2010

EDC Lifestream Summary December 12  

EDC Lifestream Summary December 12