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Affinion Group Welcome to Affinion Group, we are established for the sole purpose of helping your business perform better. We have over 500 clients that include some of the top financial groups in the USA. Our comprehensive services handle everything you need to help your business function from a better standpoint. Our main goal is to help you generate successful and profitable secondary revenue streams that compliment your already successful range of services. For example our membership solution will help you create an excellent secondary revenue stream that compliments your primary product or service. This is a great way to help build loyalty from your existing customers: by generating a membership list this will help you effectively "retarget" your audience and better engage them on an ongoing basis. We can also help most insurance firms, by creating a channel to better distribute your full range of products and services to your loyal following. Did you know that 67% of businesses are literally "leaving money on the table" by ineffectively not targeting their current customer base? Our top of the line customer acquisition solution systems will help you gain a strong customer base using top of the line lead generation systems that are done in house, by the same people that manage other Fortune 500 customer acquisition systems for their entire customer base. In 2004, Trilegiant Corporation launched a million dollar marketing campaign that supports consumers that successfully targeted and retargeted their already existing service products. These discounts are including but not limited to vacations, rental cars, auto repair services, auto warranty services, and entertainment. We pride ourselves on holding quality standards and having the best standardization policy in the industry. The ISO (International Standards Organization) is the organization that standardizes all forms of standards in the industry. We feel that the key to our success is holding these standards and making sure that we hold ourselves to the same standards as any other company would on a day to day basis. Brand loyalty is what one of our main strengths is: we feel that by creating familiarity within our own brands and our client’s brands, we will see one of the best customer return ratio's in the industry. A customer is 50% more likely to return as a customer if they have been enrolled in a membership program or are already enrolled in an existing system. Thanks for stopping by and learning more about us. Our products and services are far superior to any other in our industry. If you would like more information, please feel free to visit our website and browse around our service menu.


Our top of the line customer acquisition solution systems will help you gain a strong customer base using top of the line lead generation...

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