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Taxi for Sale UK Private or Trader Acquisition "The London Taxi or Hackney Carriage is an iconic British car. The taxi has been in use in London since the early 20th century. You can own a piece of this magnificent motoring history from their Coventry-based manufacturing firm or opt for a second-hand unit from one of the numerous used taxi for sale UK firms. A taxi can be purchased privately or from an established trader. Both approaches have their pros and cons. Private taxi buying is accompanied by lesser legal rights than would have been the case if you were buying the taxi from a trader. Despite the lack of legal rights in private taxi acquisition, you are most likely to get an interesting bargain. The taxi seller is bound by the law to provide the buyer with a truthful account of the overall condition of the taxi. On the other hand, the buyer would be required to go through the car's documents carefully. The V5 should have the exact same address and name as the location where the inspection of the taxi takes place. Ask the owner for garage bills or a service history of the taxi. If he does not have this important documentation, it could mean that the car in question could have been getting maintenance and service repair from backstreet garages that tend to use non-authentic pattern parts. Reputable garage bills would be evidence that the current taxi owner observed all the required maintenance and service procedures and routines. Seek answers to the following questions from the vendor: How many times has the taxi changed ownership? This can be verified from the V5 How long has the current owner had the taxi? Is the mileage accurate? This can be checked in the service history documentation. Why is he/she selling the taxi? When did the taxi attend the last scheduled service? Is there any outstanding finance on the taxi? Getting a taxi for sale UK from a trader will have you covered by the sale of goods act. This will make you a beneficiary of the following rights: The taxi in question should be in a sound mechanical condition despite its price and age. It should also be free of defects apart from those that had been previously declared. The car should be fit to be used as a taxi since this is the purpose that you are buying it for. Last but not least, have the taxi undergo a thorough mechanical, mileage and finance check." More Knowledge on:


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