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2018 ISSUE

Key Dates



Kooringal Experience 2nd - 5th

Southern tip of Moreton Island


Mystery Weekend Rendezvous 20th - 22nd

Destination revealed in 2018


Boat Shows Gold Coast 24th - 27th

Riviera Festival of Boating & Sanctuary Cove Boat Show


Winter Weekend Experience 6th - 9th

Explore Moreton Bay, Peel, Nth Stradbroke & Moreton Islands


Sandy Straits/Lady Musgrave Experience 22nd - October 3rd

Adventure north, Hervey Bay, Lady Musgrave & Elliot Islands


Mega Overnight Raft Up Extravaganza 8th - 9th or 15th - 16th

Raft up and celebrate Christmas on the Gold Coast

2018 April


Explore Sydney Waters 19th - January 9th

Explore Sydney Harbour, Pittwater & Hawkesbury River

Other Dates APRIL


Scuba Course TBC

Get qualified and become a PADI Open Water Diver


Night Cruising & North Cruising 4th

Info night on the Gold Coast. Learn from the experts



RMJ Drinks & Riviera Marina Party/Gala 25th & 26th

RMJ “Happy Hour” - Gold Coast & Riviera Gala - Coomera


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Sydney Boat Show + RMJ Friday Dinner 2nd - 5th


New Places

Riviera & Belize Owners | Page-03

w w w . R m a r i n e J o n e s . c o m . a u


2018 March

Experience the difference There’s only one brand with such a close family Owning a Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht is an experience that opens the door to a life time of friendships, journeys of discover and adventures that are without comparison. A rich 38 year history of creating memories on the water now extends beyond the coastline and includes education, entertainment and fantastic social events. Congratulations on making a smart choice for your boating future.







Hello Riv Owners R

iviera ownership is your passport to fun, friends, adventure and learning. Our team based in Coomera, will have you out on your boat joining us for amazing experiences with other like minded boat owners.


hroughout the year we hold a variety of events and experiences that will allow you to increase your knowledge and experience in the world of boats. After all you purchased your boat to be able to escape the everyday and we’re here to help you do it!

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Why we do it R Marine Jones has been doing events for our customers and Riviera owners for many years and carry a perfect record of conducting safe, serious but fun boating events that suit all levels of boating. Randall Jones, his family and the team enjoy organising and taking part in all the events out on the water. We strive to make these a great experience for everyone. We feel the calendar of events are important for our owners as it enables them to use their boat in different ways throughout the year whilst sharing these experiences with like-minded people. Our many owners enjoy both the social and educational aspects the events provide. Join us and discover life’s better on a Riviera!


A gem on your doorstep

Discover Kooringal


ooringal the sleepy little village on the southern end of Moreton Island, is a must do event on the R Marine Jones Calendar every year. Kooringal is not an easy place to navigate your way in as the shifting sands bars make it impossible to have a permanent channel marked all the way in. Where the buoyage system ends and safe anchorage begins is about half a mile.

The RMJ team leads the way dropping temporary colour coded channel markers to guide the eager fleet of Riviera & Belize Motor Yachts in. A highlight for all who attend the Kooringal Experience is exploring the tidal areas by tender. Crab Island situated just a few hundred metres from the fleet is rich with marine life on the incoming tide. Teeming with Rays & Turtles it is like a staged show of marine life in their natural habitats.

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TH MAR CH 5 2-

Owner’s Trip Experience for all!

Visit and click on events calendar for more info and to book

36 Nautical Miles from the Gold Coast this firm favourite amongst Riviera & Belize Owners.

Created for Riviera and Belize owners to help them realise their full boating potential and enjoyment and those who seek to join our global Riviera family of owners. Over four days and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience will be on offer that will inspire and educate your family to help you achieve the ultimate boating experience. Held at the home of Riviera at Coomera




Coast, the Festival is a relaxed, fun-filled and very social four days for enthusiasts of Australia’s

Happy Hour - Thurs & Fri Saturday Marina Party and Gala

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a Fe ier Riv

Highlights New model premiere VIP Restaurant Educational Workshops

Boa stiva ting l of

world class luxury motor yachts.

Boat Shows | Page-09

May 24 - 27

2018 EducationalWorkshops Riviera’s focus on combining the rewards of the motor yachting lifestyle with learning opportunities will again be the theme of the Festival which will include a wide range of informative and hands-on educational workshops conducted by experts in their fields, designed to promote boating safety and to build confidence. The most popular workshops will return with refreshed content, including the Ladies Skipper Program, safe towing and anchoring, understanding the weather, offshore seamanship and understanding navigation.

Riviera will also be displaying at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat show as well at the home of Riviera in May 2018

The social side for Riv owners Whether you are investigating the incredible lifestyle of luxury motor yacht ownership or you have been enjoying boating all your life, everyone will discover something new and valuable at the 2018 Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating. R Marine Jones and Riviera have organised a range of exciting social events throughout the four days, culminating in the signature Saturday marina cocktail and gala evening.




Winter Boating Winter brings deep blue skies and

“Enveloped between shiny blue layers

uncrowded anchorages, so there is no

of the glassy water the deep blue

better time to explore Queensland.

reflection of the cloudless sky above, the fleet of Winter Weekend Rivieras

The Winter Weekend Experience is

were an impressive sight, doting the

suitable for all types of Riviera &

horizon like bright white pieces of

Belize Motor Yachts. It’s another great

nougat between the glossy layers of

introduction to the Riviera family.

blue toffee.”

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Canaipa Passage Blakeslys North Stradbroke Peel Island Moreton Island “Destinations are set based on the current conditions”

Winter Weekend | Page-11

The illustrious wine presentation and anti-pasto platter competition has become a fun winter weekend tradition. “Galleys were abuzz mid afternoon with preparations for the coveted competitions ashore. A swathe of cheeses and deli delights we’re peppered with nods to Riviera. “We lead a Champagne lifestyle and Rivieras are a Champagne quality boat. This particular Champagne is the only one in the world to donate all it’s profits to the cleaning of the worlds oceans.” The light blue presentation box was opened to reveal the aptly named Royal Riviera Champagne!

Fun all Year

Winter Weekend Experience

Explore Near & Far Destinations Wide Bay Bar Great Sandy Straits Hervey Bay Bundaberg Lady Musgrave Island Lady Elliot Island

Coastal Passages If you have ever wanted to extend the range of your adventures but are uncertain about the unknown, you’ll find great comfort in knowing that the experienced team from R Marine Jones are there to support, guide and advise you the most comfortable and safe ways to travel north. Why not build your experience by joining us on the Lady Musgrave Experience.

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Great Sandy Straits & Lady Musgrave Island | Page-13



The best


Explore further hi is the trip to expand your coastal

the Tropic of Capricorn at the southern

crusing experience in a fully supported

end of the Great Barrier Reef providing

environment. You’ll get guided across

beauty above and below the turquoise

the the Wide Bay Bar and folllow the


thing I have

leader up the Great Sandy Straits on the


The 60nm passage out to the Lady Mus-

a sanctuary for over 1,200 species

grave Island will make the Australian

of marine life and is known for its

mainland dissappear below the horizon

abundance of manta rays, turtles,

enhancing the feeling of discovery.

amazing array of spectacular marine

inside of Fraser Island.

Neighbouring Lady Elliot Island has a strict ‘Green Zone’ the island is

life and unspoilt coral reef. A nature The islands and reefs of the Capricorn

lovers paradise both on land and in

and Bunker Groups are situated astride

the water!

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Sandy Straits/Lady Musgrave Experience, includes a trip to the southern extremity of the Great Barrier Reef. For most of the participants it is a 480nm return trip that expands your coastal cruising experience - fully supported.

M ega Viva

Riviera Gold Coast

Overnight Raft Up There’s nothing better than seeing the sun disappear in the west and watch the colourful glow of the underwater lights light up the night water. Rafting up overnight allows the entertainment and socialising to extend beyond the day the confines of daylight hours.

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“Open to all Riviera & Belize owners this is the perfect platform to launch you into the Riviera family.”

R aft Up

Mega Raft-Up & Christmas Party| Page-15

a Christmas Cheer

This year the Mega- Raft-Up will

be a another fantastic spectacle


on the Gold Coast, combined with

ag rav

Bring your Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht, your Christmas Spirit and get set for another incredible weekend rafted up!


premiere festive season event.


our Christams Party it will be the



Summer Escape Grand Waterways There are no grander waters in this country than Sydney Harbour and the nearby Broken Bay - Hawkesbury system. These deep valleys were carved by ancient rivers through millennia of Hawkesbury sandstone. One waterway is almost as it was in 1788 – the other is the most sophisticated boating venue in Australia. Sydney Harbour is an eclectic mix of busy commercial traffic and a playground for recreational boats of all types. Just around the point from a busy wharf could be a tranquil inlet for a picnic or a classy waterside eatery. In 2018 R Marine Jones will be expanding the events calendar to include a trip South to explore the Sydney Waters. If you want to explore in a fully supported environment and meet interstate Riviera Owners then this is the trip to do. 16-Page | Events & Experiences

Approximately a week before Christmas we’ll be heading out the Seaway and turning right. We’ll be there for Christmas, New Years Eve and about a week to ten days of the new year before we return to Queensland.

Experience Sydney | Page-17

Sydney Waters N S W

D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 8 t o J a n u a r y 2 0 1 9

Explore NSW Coast Hawkesbury Pittwater Sydney Harbour



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New Places


Riviera & Belize Owner’s

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Events & experiences for Riviera owners 2018 - R Marine Jones  

There is only one brand with such a close family Owning a Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht is an experience that opens the door to a life time...

Events & experiences for Riviera owners 2018 - R Marine Jones  

There is only one brand with such a close family Owning a Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht is an experience that opens the door to a life time...