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Autumn Season September 2017 > January 2018 Book online at

The Drum: theatre of now, up close and personal “The Drum continues to be a significant player in the creation of contemporary theatre” The Guardian

“It is The Drum, programmed by Artistic Director Simon Stokes, that particularly makes Plymouth count as one of the premier homes for new writing” Mark Shenton, The Stage

Worklight Theatre presents

By Joe Sellman-Leava and Michael Woodman

This is a tale about the bonds within brains. And the bonds between brains. Internationally acclaimed Worklight Theatre (Scotsman Fringe First, Labels, 2015) return to Theatre Royal Plymouth with a brand new ensemble show about addiction, and the lives of those it touches. Drawing on months of interviews and research, and using a unique mix of song, science and soliloquy, Fix follows three very different people navigating three very different addictions.

Tue 05 > Sat 09 Sep

“Terrific and really thoughtful” Lyn Gardner (Guardian) on Worklight Theatre’s Labels

“A gentle firestorm of a play” British Theatre Guide on Worklight Theatre’s Labels

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 06 Sep

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 10mins • Recommended for ages 16+


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Developed at Battersea Arts Centre, originally commissioned by HOME, Manchester.

A show that’s also a party; a party that’s also a show. A show about changing the world. A show about getting angry on Facebook, wanting to make a difference, rock and roll, and… bees. An unpredictable and urgent theatrical counterprotest from the makers of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, winner of The Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2014.

“These clowns know exactly what they are doing” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (on Don Quixote)


book online

Tue 12 > Sat 16 Sep

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 13 Sep

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 10mins • Recommended for ages 14+

curious directive, Hull UK City of Culture 2017, The Deep, The Old Market co-production in association with Brisbane Powerhouse and with support from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


Devised by curious directive Directed by Jack Lowe

The Great Barrier Reef, 1995.

Meera is eleven. It’s her first sleepover. Strawberry Dunkaroos, Sega Mega Drive and coral fragment analysis descend into torch-lit storytelling from sleeping bags. Lights off. In the corner, Meera’s aquarium is beginning to glow.  Outside over the reef, the Frogman hovers, looking for traces of a missing child. As police search lights refract through the ocean, the annual coral bloom is due, creating an underwater snowstorm. Time is running out. Experienced in virtual reality headsets, this coming-of-age, supernatural thriller is a ground breaking, world-first theatre experience from double Fringe First-winners, curious directive. Limited capacity.

‘Restlessly intelligent theatre’ HHHH Telegraph, on Pioneer

Tue 19 > Sat 23 Sep


HHHH The Guardian, on The Kindness of Strangers

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 20 Sep

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr • Recommended for ages 14+


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ME &

A Hoipolloi & Royal Court Theatre Productions co-production in association with Pleasance, PBJ Management and Theatre Royal Plymouth. Supporting Street Child United World Cup 2018

Hugh Hughes presents Shôn Dale-Jones in

& ROBIN HOOD “A piece that is constantly questioning what we value and hold dear” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian on The Duke

I love Robin Hood. We’ve been best friends for over forty years - ever since I met him as a seven-year old boy in autumn 1975. Recently, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the state of the world. He’s convinced that the main reason for the recent turmoil is down to the growing gap between rich and poor. This show is Robin’s idea. Robin says if we really want to do something about inequality and make the world a better place we need to share the opportunity some of us have been given and change the story of money. And, as he says, we can definitely do a lot better than we’re doing at the moment. Following on from Hoipolloi’s award winning Hugh Hughes and The Duke, ME & ROBIN HOOD is a brand new show about Shôn Dale-Jones’s longstanding relationship with his favourite fictional friend. Like Robin, this show aims to make a difference by raising money for Street Child United, a charity that uses the power of sport to change the lives of street-connected children, so they can be protected, respected and supported to build a life away from the streets. According to Robin, the tickets are a steal, you decide whether to pay £5 or £10, you know what you can afford. Come to the performance with some friends and some cash, the more you donate the better the chances of changing the story.

“Powerful, candid, gripping, funny, poignant, sad, worrying, inspiring. Shôn’s performance is vivid, passionate, insightful. The story taps into a widely-held need to do something” Audience comment on ME & ROBIN HOOD

Tue 26 Sep > Sat 07 Oct

7.45pm £5 or £10 - pay whichever price you can afford

H Post Show Q&A Wed 27 Sep & Wed 04 Oct Run Time 1hr 05mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 12+


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Talawa Theatre Company, HighTide and Martha Rose Wilson present

GIRLS Written by Theresa Ikoko Directed by Elayce Ismail

Three girls. Best friends forever. All the big issues: love, sex and religion… But when they’re kidnapped from home, their world is turned upside down. The only hashtag that matters now is survival.

‘Scorchingly intelligent and as powerful as a gut punch’ HHHH The Times

‘Clever, audacious, entertaining and full of promise’ HHHH Time Out

‘A brave, striking debut… superbly nuanced, gripping central performances’ HHHH Sunday Times

A funny and fiercely passionate new play about enduring friendship, the power of imagination and the stories behind the headlines that quickly become yesterday’s news. Written by the Alfred Fagon and joint George Devine award winner Theresa Ikoko.  Part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2017 and touring the UK.


book online

Tue 10 > Sat 14 Oct

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 11 Oct

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 30mins • Recommended for ages 14+

A RashDash presentation. Commissioned by Soho Theatre and Northern Stage


Fringe First Winners RashDash return with their award winning, genre-defying hit about gender, language and humankind. Men have all the power. John and Dan keep hearing people say that men have all the power, but it doesn’t feel like that to them. Abbi and Helen are making a show about man and men. They want to talk about masculinity and patriarchy but the words that exist aren’t good enough, so there’s music and dance too. It’s loud and raucous.

‘Smart, potent and exhilaratingly physical attack on patriarchy’

HHHH The Stage

‘…crackles with punk rock energy’

HHHH Time Out

‘A terrifically generous piece of writing’

HHHH Independent

Contains full nakedness (non-threatening and non sexual).

Tue 17 > Sat 21 Oct

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 18 Oct

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 15mins • Recommended for ages 16+


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Theatre Alibi present

Apple John

by Daniel Jamieson

The life story of a man called John. And an apple tree. A woman sits on a train. As the gentle rocking awakens the baby inside her, she starts to eat an apple and finds that its seeds have already started to sprout. She throws the core out of the window. Whoosh. A jolt and the baby is on its way. John is born. And that night, out by the railway, an apple tree starts to grow. Apple John tells the stories of John and the apple tree side by side. Both are full of the usual stuff that lives contain - blizzards, bicycles, rock’n’roll, train sets, love, blossom, hurricanes, babies and false teeth. It’s a tale about growing up, finding your roots and adding rings to the trunk. Bursting with original live music, playfulness and puppetry, Apple John delights in every moment without the need to utter a single word. Accessible for deaf and hearing audiences alike.


book online

Tue 24 > Sat 28 Oct

Tue 3pm, Wed - Sat 11am & 3pm £10 Post Show Q&A Wed 25 Oct, BSL Post Show Q&A Fri 27 Oct

H Relaxed Performance Thu 26 Oct at 3pm Run Time 1hr (approx) • Recommended for ages 5+

ClerkinWorks and Ovalhouse present

Written by Angela Clerkin Co-Directed by Angela Clerkin and Lucy Skilbeck

“A modern fairytale in the style of the Grimm Brothers… a surprisingly sharp bite”

HHHH Exeunt Magazine on The Bear

She knows everybody’s deepest darkest secrets and promises to keep them safe… The good daughter wants to make her father happy; “Tell me what makes you so sad. Tell me your dark secret and I promise to keep it safe for you”. He whispers in his daughter’s ear and a great weight lifts from his shoulders. Feeling jubilated he invites the whole town to confide in his miraculous daughter. Soon everyone is flocking to unburden themselves on The Secret Keeper. But what happens when a murderer confesses? And who is to blame for the consequences…? A witty and playful adult fairytale with a murderous gothic heart from Angela Clerkin, Associate Artist with Improbable and Chris Goode and Co. Made by an award-winning creative team featuring music, puppetry and fiendish storytelling.

Tue 31 Oct > Sat 04 Nov

Tue - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 01 Nov

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 20 mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 14+


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Kunstz, KVS, and Richard Jordan Productions with Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Big in Belgium and Summerhall

a reason to talk HHHH


“Simply represents the story of all mothers and daughters”

“Gholamalizad gives a superb performance”

Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe First Award


The Scotsman

TAZ Theatre Festival’s Circuit X Award Roel Verniers Prize Theater Festival

Broadway Baby

“She becomes the DJ of her own family’s history, through a tangle of multimedia” The Stage

Is this a story of extremes, of bi-cultural upbringing, or is it simply the story of all mothers and daughters? Sachli Gholamalizad, a young Belgian actress of Iranian descent, questions her troubled relationship with her mother. Through fusing together recordings, diary excerpts, memories, novels and soundscapes from both Belgium and Iran, Sachli dives into her family’s history and the contradictions in the lives of three women, confronting both her mother and grandmother in a thrilling and unruly multimedia performance. A Reason To Talk comes to Plymouth following sell-out and award-winning seasons in Edinburgh, Brussels and Toronto.


book online

Thu 16 > Sat 25 Nov

Thu - Sat 7.45pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Wed 22 Nov

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 15mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 15+

A Told by an Idiot, Theatre Royal Plymouth and Arcola Theatre production



One of the UK’s most unique theatre companies creates this poignantly moving and wryly humorous re-imagining of the final years of Napoleon Bonaparte. Using their trademark comic physicality, Told by an Idiot explore the absurdity of trying to retrieve time, and glory. Directed by award-winning actor and director Kathryn Hunter, this is an irreverent and hugely playful show about what it is to lose immense power but gain personal freedom. Following our collaboration on the smash-hit My Perfect Mind (‘there’s nothing quite like it... wild and funny with a serious core’ HHHH The Times), Napoleon Disrobed will be Told by an Idiot and Theatre Royal Plymouth’s fifth co-production.

Thu 25 Jan > Sat 10 Feb 2018 Previews Thu 25 > Sat 27 Jan

Mon - Sat 7.45pm £15 (Previews £13) Post Show Events Wed 31 Jan & Wed 07 Feb

H Concessions only £11 Run Time tbc


book online

New Model Theatre and Bike Shed Theatre present

Happiness Ltd By Tom Nicholas

When video game designer Vi broke up with Becky, she used what she knew. She wrote herself a list. A list of the little things. The everyday things. The achievable things. She turned piecing herself back together into a game. Just for her.

The Lab:

experimental, exploratory &

When her rambunctious colleague Tyler begins to play along, however, he sees an opportunity. Not just to make money but perhaps to rid the world of clinical depression once and for all. Happiness Ltd is the new play by acclaimed Plymouth playwright Tom Nicholas which comes to Theatre Royal Plymouth as part of its UK tour. It asks prescient questions about depression, ambition and how one measures the success, or otherwise, of a life.


new theatre “New Model Theatre is a young company that already impresses” Exeunt Magazine

Tue 05 > Sat 09 Dec Tue - Sat 8pm £7.50

H Two show offer with A Cautionary Tale for £12! Run Time tbc • Recommended for ages 14+

Rabblerouse Theatre presents

Theatre Royal Plymouth presents

A Cautionary Tale Words by Kate Ellis


IdeasLAB is TRP’s platform for the sharing and development of early-stage new work. The evening is an opportunity for artists and companies to try out some brand new ideas in front of an audience and receive feedback.

Cautionary tales don’t need a happy ever after; the babies are bit, the moon’s in a fit, and the houses are built without walls. Based on a series of Victorian rhymes for children, this dark comedy plays with the once upon a time. There may be poisoned fruit but this is no Snow White…

It always proves to be an eclectic mix of fresh, brave and bold ideas by some of the most exciting artists making work in the South West. If you are interested in seeing brand new shows in their formative stages and being part of that development, then IdeasLAB could be just the evening for you.

Wed 13 & Thu 14 Dec

Sat 16 Dec

Wed & Thu 8pm £7.50

Sat 8pm £3

H Two show offer with Happiness Ltd for £12!

H See website for info on IdeasLAB Run Time tbc • For ages tbc

Run Time tbc • Recommended for ages 14+




‘a magnificently preposterous romp’ The Independent

‘highly entertaining!’ The Times

HHHH ‘remarkable!’ The Guardian

Designed by Bob King Creative. Photography by Steve Tanner.


The mysterious and fabulously wealthy Phileas Fogg wagers his life’s fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. Join Fogg and his loyal valet, Passepartout, as they voyage from the misty alleys of Victorian London to the exotic subcontinent and the Wild West in a race against the clock. Theresa Heskins’ celebrated production comes to the Theatre Royal Plymouth as part of a major six month UK tour. A hugely talented cast of eight play over 125 characters  in this imaginative, high-spirited escapade including six trains, five boats, four fights, three dances, two circus acts and an elephant!


book online

Tue 12 > Sat 16 Sep

Tue - Sat 7pm, Thu & Sat 2pm £9 (RV) - £27.50

H Tue performance only tickets £8 (RV) - £16.50 Run Time 2hrs 35 mins (approx)

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical, the Olivier and Tony award-winning West End show is coming to Plymouth as part of its first ever UK tour! ‘The audience loves Beautiful’ (Daily Mail) and the critics agree: ‘slick and beautifully played’ (The Times), the ‘amazing story of the songwriting talents of Carole King told through laughter and tears’ (BBC Radio 2), and, a ‘tapestry of greatest hits’ (The Guardian). Long before she was Carole King, the chart-topping music legend, she was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary talent. Beautiful tells the inspiring true story of King’s remarkable rise to stardom, from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin, to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along the way, she wrote the soundtrack to a generation, with countless classics such as (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, Take Good Care of My Baby, You’ve Got a Friend, So Far Away, It Might as Well Rain Until September, Up on the Roof and Locomotion.

Tue 19 > Sat 23 Sep

Tue - Sat 7.30pm, Wed, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £15 (RV) - £ 47.50

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time 2hrs 25 mins (approx) • Recommended for all ages


book online

by Henrik Ibsen in a new version by Patrick Marber

‘I’ve no talent for life.’



Mail on Sunday


‘A Hedda unlike any I have seen.’

Just married. Bored already. Hedda longs to be free… Following a sold-out run at the National Theatre, this modern production of Ibsen’s masterpiece Hedda Gabler opens its national tour here in Plymouth. This vital new version by Olivier Award winning playwright Patrick Marber (Closer, Three Days in the Country) is directed by Olivier and Tony Award winning director Ivo van Hove (A View from the Bridge), who made his National Theatre debut with this acclaimed new production.

HHHH Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Observer, Sunday Times

Mon 02 > Sat 07 Oct

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £10 (RV) - £32

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time 2hrs 40 mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 12+


book online

Photography (Lizzy Watts) by Hugo Glendinning. Production Photography of Original NT Cast by Jan Versweyveld.

‘Dark, bold and devastating. This Hedda is a triumph.’

Presented by Theatre Royal Plymouth in association with Thelma Holt, Saitama Arts Foundation and HoriPro Inc Co-produced by The Japan Foundation

“In my long life of going to the theatre, I have never seen such a painfully beautiful Macbeth” The Guardian

NINAGAWA Macbeth By William Shakespeare, Translated by Yushi Odashima, Directed by Yukio Ninagawa

“With Ninagawa, it is easy to forget about the words altogether, lost in the beauty of the set and rich sense of symbolism” Financial Times

NINAGAWA Macbeth was first seen in the UK at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1985 and subsequently as part of International 87 at the National Theatre in London. The critics were unanimous in their praise. The production came to be recognised as an epochmaking piece and Ninagawa himself as a world-class director. In 2015 it was revived in Japan, exactly as it had been originally staged, and now briefly returns to the UK to play only London’s Barbican and the Theatre Royal Plymouth. The celebrated leading actor Masachika Ichimura plays the title role and he is joined by Yuko Tanaka as Lady Macbeth with a company of Japanese actors who worked with Ninagawa throughout his career. Ninagawa always relished bringing his work to Plymouth, and it is fitting that these final performances of this iconic production should be seen here. Performed in Japanese with English surtitles.

“Ninagawa’s Macbeth captured the world”

Theatre Royal Plymouth gratefully acknowledges the support of The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

The New York Times

Fri 13 & Sat 14 Oct The Lyric book online

Fri & Sat 7.30pm £14 (RV) - £25

H TRP Friends get half-price tickets on top two price bands Run Time 3hrs • Recommended for ages 14+


book online

Shirley is a Liverpool housewife. Her kids have left home and she makes chips and egg for her husband while talking to the wall. Where has her life disappeared to? Out of the blue, her best friend offers her a trip to Greece for two weeks and she secretly packs her bags. She heads for the sun and starts to see the world and herself very differently. Willy Russell’s heart-warming comedy premiered in 1986 taking the world by storm, and was adapted into an Oscar nominated film. Now on its 30th anniversary, this is the first major revival of this national treasure.


book online

Mon 16 > Sat 21 Oct

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £10 (RV) - £31.50

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time 1hr 45mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 14+

“Bright, extrovert steps and colourful costumes… a familypacked theatre is kept happily entertained” The Guardian

“A delightful family show… it is absolutely astonishing” The Daily Telegraph

music by Carl Davis

choreography by David Bintley

Step onto our magic carpet and soar into the fantastical world of David Bintley’s Aladdin, with live music by BAFTA award-winning Carl Davis and vibrant sets and costumes from Dick Bird and Sue Blane. The classic story of Aladdin and his adventures with a magic lamp is brought to life in this glittering production, featuring lavish sets and costumes, stunning special effects and beautiful choreography. Magic abounds when the Djinn of the Lamp appears; from a cave of dancing jewels to a larger than life Chinese lion. As our hero finds out, you can even become a prince overnight! With live music from the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Aladdin is a dazzling spectacle the whole family will enjoy.

Wed 25 > Sat 28 Oct

Wed - Sat 7.30pm, Thu 2pm, Sat 2.30pm £10 (RV) - £39 First Steps Fri 1pm £6 - £12.50, Class on Stage Sat 11.15am £6 - £10

H Free pre-performance talk Fri 27 Oct, 6.30pm Run Time 2hrs 10mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 5+


book online


Tom Parker, from top boy band The Wanted, stars as ‘bad boy’ Danny in Grease, “the No.1 greatest musical” (100 Greatest Musicals, Channel 4). Also starring Over The Rainbow winner Danielle Hope as Sandy and EastEnders’ and Strictly Come Dancing’s Louisa Lytton as Rizzo, this original, electrifying West End production lights up Theatre Royal Plymouth for just one week only!


book online

Mon 30 Oct > Sat 04 Nov

It’s the original high-school musical as Danny and Sandy fall in love all over again, featuring all the unforgettable songs including You’re The One That I Want, Grease Is The Word, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Sandy, Greased Lightnin’ and many more.


Mon - Thu 7.30pm, Fri 5.30pm & 8.30pm, Sat 5pm & 8.30pm £15 (RV) - £42

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on Mon perf Run Time 2hrs 20mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 8+

London Classic Theatre presents

In Private Lives, strong passions and stronger personalities set the stage for a classic battle of the sexes. 1930. Deauville, France. Two newly-married couples occupy adjoining honeymoon suites in the same hotel. As a distant orchestra plays, Sibyl gazes adoringly at charismatic husband Elyot, while Victor admires his new wife, the vivacious and sophisticated Amanda. Champagne flows and the sea shimmers in the moonlight as the newlyweds prepare for the evening ahead. But when Amanda overhears a familiar voice singing a forgotten song, an old spark reignites, with spectacular consequences. Full of razor-sharp wit and quick-fire dialogue, Private Lives remains Coward’s most popular and enduring stage comedy. Since its opening at London’s Phoenix Theatre in August 1930, the play has retained its remarkable appeal, captivating audiences worldwide.

Mon 20 > Sat 25 Nov

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £12 (RV) - £28

H TRP Friends get £10 off top two price bands on first perf Run Time 2hrs (approx) • Recommended for ages 12+


book online

Extraordinary opera returns for one week only

Mozart Così fan tutte

Tue 28 Nov 7.15pm & Thu 30 Nov 2pm “This Così offers not only lessons in love but lessons in Mozart” Sunday Telegraph

Rossini Il barbiere di Siviglia

Wed 29 Nov 7.15pm & Sat 2 Dec 7.15pm “A triumphant celebration of Rossini’s musical genius” The Independent

Brett Dean Hamlet

Supported by Arts Council England and sponsored by the Daily Mail


book online

Fri 1 Dec 7.15pm “The themes of life and death, love and betrayal have opera written all over them” Composer Brett Dean, on his inspiration for this world premiere.

Tue 28 Nov > Sat 02 Dec

Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat 7.15pm £15 (RV) - £52.50 Schools tickets Thu 2pm & Fri 7.15pm £7

H Half-price tickets for Under 16s, students and TRP Young Company, 7.15pm performances

The smash hit musical comedy Hairspray is coming to Plymouth with a production guaranteed to have you dancing the night away! It’s Baltimore, 1962, where Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, is on a mission to follow her dreams and dance her way onto national TV. Tracy’s audition makes her a local star and soon she is using her new-found fame to fight for equality, bagging local heartthrob Link Larkin along the way! Starring Brenda Edwards (X Factor, Chicago), Matt Rixon (The Ladykillers), Norman Pace (Hale & Pace) and Layton Williams (Bad Education), Hairspray features the hit songs Welcome To The 60s, You Can’t Stop The Beat, The Nicest Kids in Town and many more. Don’t miss this irresistible feel-good show that will have you smiling for days - let your hair down and book now!

Mon 15 > Sat 20 Jan 2018

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £19.50 (RV) - £45.50

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time 2hrs 35 mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 8+


book online

Three broken hearts, one Soho hang-out, and the only man who could ever help them… Welcome to the Preacher Man, the swinging 1960s Soho joint where the kids danced the night away to the latest crazes and dared to dream of love, while the legendary owner, The Preacher Man himself, dispensed advice to cure the loneliest of hearts. Only, that was a long time ago and all that remains are the memories, the stories and the myths. Until now, that is, when three random strangers, generations apart but all in need of help with their hopeless love lives, are inexplicably drawn to the site of the original venue. The Preacher Man is long gone, but his son, with help from the wonderful Cappuccino Sisters, might just find it in himself to channel the spirit of The Preacher Man and once more give these three lovesick strangers the look of love. Featuring the greatest hits of Dusty Springfield, including The Look Of Love, I Only Want To Be With You, Spooky and, of course, the classic Son Of A Preacher Man, this sparklingly funny and sweetly touching new musical play by internationally-renowned writer Warner Brown will have you laughing, crying and singing your heart out to some of the greatest songs ever written. Directed and choreographed by Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel Horwood, Son of a Preacher Man comes to Theatre Royal Plymouth for one week only. So you know just what to do with yourself - book your tickets now!


book online

Tue 23 > Sat 27 Jan 2018

Tue - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £12 (RV) - £36

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time tbc

A New Adventures Production

‘A valentine to the power of love’

‘A perfect treat. Bourne’s vision is glorious’ Daily Telegraph

‘A dazzling spectacle’ The Times

Tue 30 Jan > Sat 03 Feb 2018

Following the sold-out and critical success of The Red Shoes and Sleeping Beauty, New Adventures return to Theatre Royal Plymouth with one of their most beloved productions, Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, a thrilling love story set in London during the Second World War. A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz. Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella takes the audience into the heart of Prokofiev’s magnificent score, and the sights and sounds of war-torn London, with surround sound designed by Paul Groothuis, and a specially commissioned recording of a 60 piece orchestra, Lez Brotherston’s Olivier Award winning designs and lighting by Olivier Award winning Neil Austin.

Tue - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £15 (RV) - £43

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time 2hrs 30mins (approx) with two intervals • Recommended for ages 5+


book online







Michael Rose
 for Elf the Musical (UK) Ltd in association with Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin present
 A Theatre Royal Plymouth production

The Smash Hit Musical

Based upon the New Line Cinema film written by DAVID BERENBAUM










FORSTER McCLARNON McGANN MARTIN After its World Premiere here in Plymouth in 2014, Elf the Musical is back for one week only following a smash hit, sell-out run in the West End. Follow the tale of Buddy, an orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. Unaware he is actually human, Buddy’s enormous size and poor toymaking abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa’s permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father, discover his true identity, and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas. Book early to avoid disappointment!


Sat 11 > Sat 18 Nov

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £16 (RV) - £52.50

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on Mon perf Run Time 2hrs 15mins (approx) • Recommended for ages 5+



The Stage

Living in their tiny shed amongst the garden tools, Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s prize-winning vegetables have taken over everything. But no one knew that a vegetable could grow bigger than the cat, bigger than the dog, bigger than you and me put together; it’s gigantic and it’s still growing! Help us pull The Enormous Turnip out of the ground before it takes over the planet! Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company return with unswerving energy, live music and eccentric puppetry in this re-potted version of the famous children’s story. For seedlings aged 2 - 8 and all the family. With support from The Point and The Berry Theatre. Originally created with support from Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, in association with Salisbury Playhouse and The Merlin Theatre.

Tue 28 Nov 2017 > Sat 13 Jan 2018

Morning and afternoon performances daily; see our website for a full schedule All seats £12 - £13 Concessions £8 - £10

H Reserved Seating • Relaxed Performance Sat 06 Jan 3pm Run Time 1hr (approx) • Recommended for ages 2+










Your favourite festive film is now a major new musical adapted for the stage by Debbie Isitt, the creator of the much-loved films. Every child in every school has one Christmas wish, to star in a Nativity, and at St Bernadette’s School they’ve decided to mount a musical version! Join teacher Mr Maddens and his crazy assistant Mr Poppy as they struggle with hilarious children and a whole lot of sparkle and shine to make everyone’s Christmas wish come true. Featuring all of your favourite singa-long songs from the smash-hit films including Nazareth and One Night One Moment.  Starring West End favourites Daniel Boys (Avenue Q), Sarah Earnshaw (Wicked) and Simon Lipkin (Guys and Dolls), Nativity! The Musical is the perfect festive feel-good comedy for all the family.


Wed 06 > Sun 10 Dec

Wed - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm, Sun 1pm & 5pm £16 (RV) - £48

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first perf Run Time tbc • Recommended for all ages

An original alternative comedy by The Wardrobe Theatre The silver-tongued Goldilock can see that her days of selling moody goods on the cobbled streets of East End London are numbered. But when circumstances leave her on the run from a pack of bears and badly indebted to a notorious gangster, will our young heroine be able to raise the needed ‘bees and honey’ in time and avoid doing porridge? Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears is an original alternative comedy, created by The Wardrobe Theatre and written and devised by the company. The show is a madcap merging of the classic porridgethieving fairy tale with Guy Ritchie’s cult 1998 cockney caper to create something new, exciting, smart and very, very funny.

“This really is a side splitting affair… raucously funny”

HHHH The Fix

“Really fantastic characters, ingenious gags and wonderful references… hilarious and a thoroughly entertaining evening.” The Reviews Hub


Tue 05 > Sun 24 Dec

Tue - Sat 7.45pm, Sun 10 7pm, Sun 17 & 24 5pm £15 • Post Show Q&A Weds 06, 13, 20 Dec

H Concessions only £11 Run Time 1hr 10mins • Recommended for ages 12+


TICKETS SELLING FAST - BOOK TODAY! With amazing flying effects, barrels of laughter, magic and pixie dust, take a fairy tale flight to Neverland this Christmas in the swashbuckling family adventure, Peter Pan.

Fri 15 Dec 2017 > Sat 13 Jan 2018 Peak Performances A£36.50 B£34 C£29 D£26 E£13.50 (RV) Non Peak Performances A£34 B£32 C£28 D£24 E£13.50 (RV) Preview and Charity Dress Rehearsal A£21.50 B£21.50 C£21.50 D£21.50 E£13.50 (RV) Recommended for ages 5+ • (RV) = Restricted View


Please note: Concessions not applicable from Fri 15 Dec to Tue 02 Jan inclusive. Under 16s / O60s / Student / Unwaged* / Young Company: £5 off A, B, C, & D (Mon - Fri eves, Sat matinee, & Sun eve) Disabled: £5 off A, B, C, & D all performances People’s Company: £3.50 off A, B, C, & D (Mon – Fri eves, Sat matinee, & Sun eve) Corporate Members: £5 off, A, B, C, & D (Mon – Fri eves, Sat matinee, & Sun eve) Friends: £6 off A, B, C, & D (Fri 05 Jan all perfs, Sat 06 Jan matinee) Groups of 10+: £2 off per ticket, A, B, C, & D all performances Groups of 20+: £3 off per ticket, A, B, C, & D, plus 1 complimentary organiser ticket, all performances Groups of 40+: £5 off per ticket, A, B, C, & D, plus 1 complimentary organiser ticket, all performances School groups of 10+: £10 tickets, A, B, C, & D** O60s Special: £15 tickets, A, B, C, & D** Family Ticket for 3 people (max 2 adults): £84, A, B, C, & D** Family Ticket for 4 people (max 2 adults): £104, A, B, C, & D** Uniform Groups: £17 tickets, A, B, C, & D**

December Fri 15 Dec Sat 16 Dec 2.30pm P Sun 17 Dec 1pm Tue 19 Dec 2.30pm Wed 20 Dec 2.30pm Thu 21 Dec 2.30pm   Fri 22 Dec 2.30pm   Sat 23 Dec 2.30pm Sun 24 Dec 1pm Tue 26 Dec 2.30pm Wed 27 Dec 2.30pm Thu 28 Dec 2.30pm Fri 29 Dec 2.30pm Sat 30 Dec 2.30pm Sun 31 Dec 1pm

7pm CDR   7pm   6pm     7pm       7pm   7pm   7pm     7pm       6pm       7pm   7pm       7pm     7pm         7pm       6pm    

January Tue 02 Jan Wed 03 Jan Thu 04 Jan Fri 05 Jan Sat 06 Jan Sun 07 Jan Tue 09 Jan Wed 10 Jan Thu 11 Jan Fri 12 Jan Sat 13 Jan

2.30pm 7pm 2.30pm U F Sc   7pm U F Sc  2.30pm U F Sc 7pm U F Sc A 2.30pm U F Sc C  7pm U F Sc 2.30pm S 7pm     1pm 6pm       2.30pm U F Sc 7pm U F Sc    12.30pm R 7pm U F Sc 2.30pm U F Sc 7pm U F Sc 2.30pm U F Sc C 7pm U F Sc 2.30pm A 7pm  

Key R = Relaxed Performance* A = Audio Described performance C = Captioned performance S = Signed performance U = Uniform group tickets available* F = Family tickets available Sc = School groups tickets available P = Preview performance CDR = Charity Dress Rehearsal

Relaxed Performance* (Wed 10 Jan 12.30pm audio described, captioned and signed)

A specially adapted and relaxed performance for patrons with a wide range of disabilities or additional needs. All tickets £10. For more details and to book please contact 01752 267222. *not available online. Please note: concessions are not available on restricted view (RV) seats **Wed 03 - Fri 05, Tue 09 - Fri 12 Jan

Most suitable for little ones over the age of five


Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder… The Royal Shakespeare Company takes Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of murder and revenge on a national tour in 2018. A student is called home from university to find his life turned upside down. He had the world at his feet, but now everything has changed. Who can be trusted, who can be believed? Sent by the ghost of his father to avenge his brutal death, Hamlet’s mission to expose the truth is a perilous journey of madness, murder and lost love. What will ultimately become of a young man sent to kill? Following a critically acclaimed run in Stratfordupon-Avon in 2016, Simon Godwin directs rising star Paapa Essiedu in the title role in this riveting and contemporary take on Hamlet.


Purple Rain is the spectacular new theatrical event celebrating the music of one of the world’s greatest pop artists. Featuring stunning choreography, experience an exhilarating journey through Prince’s entire career. Prince revolutionised the music world with his inimitable funk and soul driven style. He pushed the boundaries of music and created some of the most iconic songs of the 20th century including Raspberry Beret, Kiss, When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette, 1999, Purple Rain, Alphabet Street, U Got The Look and so many more! A 25-strong group of supremely talented musicians, singers and dancers will bring Prince’s music to life for an unforgettable evening that showcases his songwriting genius and pays homage to his showmanship. Purple Rain is a fitting and fresh, vibrant night of pure celebration.


Tue 06 > Sat 10 Feb 2018

Mon 19 > Sat 24 Feb 2018

Tue - Sat 7pm, Thu & Sat 1.30pm £10 (RV) - £30

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £12 (RV) - £42

H TRP Friends 2-4-1 tickets on top three price bands

on first performance

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first performance

Run Time 3hrs 15mins (approx)

Run Time 2hrs (approx) • For ages 12+

Welsh National Opera returns with three passionate productions guaranteed to rouse emotions.

The curse of a wicked fairy, one touch of a spindle, and a beautiful princess falls into an enchanted sleep which can only be broken by a prince’s kiss. The Sleeping Beauty is one of the grandest ballets ever created. With its marvellous virtuoso dance, dazzling fairy tale spectacle and music by Tchaikovsky played live by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, The Sleeping Beauty is an enchanting experience for all the family.


David Pountney’s new production of Verdi’s epic La forza del destino follows an inescapable chain of events of love and revenge, and opens with the instantly-familiar Overture. Based on the legend of Don Juan, the amoral rogue Don Giovanni finds himself on the run pursued by a force from beyond the grave, concluding in a heart-stopping finale. The season closes with Tosca, a thrilling story of love, lust, loyalty and corruption set against a backdrop of Rome during the Napoleonic invasion.


Wed 21 > Sat 24 Mar 2018

Tue 27 > Sat 31 Mar 2018

Wed - Sat 7.30pm, Thu 2pm & Sat 2.30pm £10 (RV) - £42

La forza del destino Tue 6.30pm Don Giovanni Wed 7pm Tosca Thu 7.15pm, Sat 2pm £14.50 (RV) - £52.50

H First Steps Fri 1pm £6 (RV) - £12.50, Class on Stage Sat 11.45am £6 (RV) - £10 Run Time 2hrs 55mins (approx) • For ages 5+

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands Tue - Thu eve performances


BO U B L I L & S C H Ö N B E R G’S

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony Award winning masterpiece Sunset Boulevard, starring internationally acclaimed musical theatre star, Ria Jones, as Norma Desmond, comes to Plymouth. In her mansion, faded silent-screen goddess Norma Desmond lives in a fantasy world. Impoverished screen writer Joe Gillis, stumbles into her reclusive world and is seduced by her and her luxurious lifestyle. Joe becomes trapped until his love for another woman leads him to try and break free, with dramatic consequences.


Mon 12 > Sat 17 Mar 2018

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £25 (RV) - £49.50

H TRP Friends get £10 off top three price bands on first


Run Time 2hs 30mins • Recommended for ages 12+

TM © 1988 CML

With its much-loved score (Sunset Boulevard, With One Look, The Greatest Star of All and The Perfect Year) this production promises to be a spectacular evening.

In the last days of the Vietnam War, 17 year-old Kim is forced to work in a Saigon bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and falls in love with an American GI named Chris but they are torn apart by the fall of Saigon. For three years Kim goes on an epic journey of survival to find her way back to Chris, who has no idea he’s fathered a son.


Wed 04 Jul > Sat 04 Aug 2018

Mon - Sat 7.30pm, Thu & Sat 2.30pm £30 (RV) - £63.50

H Limited concessions available Run Time 2hs 50mins • Recommended for ages 12+

Take a seat in the Faulty Towers restaurant and be waited upon by Basil, Sybil and Manuel in this fully immersive, highly improvised comedy dining experience. Only a third of the show is scripted, so anything can happen! Expect all the best gags, shambolic service and a ‘70s style three course meal.

Thu 28 > Sat 30 Sep & Wed 08 > Fri 10 Nov Cost: £52, including a three course meal Start time: 6.30pm (doors 6pm)

A different kind of dining experience this season in the Theatre Royal Plymouth Restaurant

Murder Mystery It’s 1925 at Sammy and Scarlett Montana’s Speakeasy, all weapons must be left at the door or the resident bouncer, Willie, will not grant admission. Your host, Violet, invites you to join them for dinner - but what will happen when infamous gangster, Ronnie Tyler, turns up; will there be trouble? Could this lead to murder? Pay attention to clues and information offered throughout the evening as you and your friends test out your investigative skills over an elegant four course meal, and try to figure out the Speakeasy Murder Mystery.

Fri 01 & Sat 02 Fri 08 & Sat 09 Sep Cost: £45 including four course meal Start time: 7pm

Get Involved at the Theatre Royal Plymouth From master classes and weekly sessions to full-scale performances and involvement behind the scenes, the Young Company and People’s Company programmes aim to excite, inspire and enthuse people of all ages and backgrounds through a world-class theatre experience.

Young Company 5 - 25yrs

People’s Company 18+

• Weekly sessions at our venues and in the community in acting, dance and design, plus a whole lot more! • Theatre academies during the school holidays • Three productions throughout the year

• Termly theatre and performance courses • Voices community choir • Short courses in directing, design and play-writing • Productions throughout the year


Memberships are just £6 per year


Thu 19 Oct For tickets 01752 267222


The perfect stage for your business Theatre Royal Plymouth is a thriving catalyst for the local community, bringing entertainment, education and inspiration to the many groups and individuals that we engage with. As a charity, we rely on the support of businesses like yours to help us develop our education programme and our outreach work with some of the most vulnerable members of the community. We extend our warmest thanks to our corporate members and sponsors for all their support in making this happen. In return, we offer a range of exciting and exclusive benefits, along with some great networking and marketing opportunities. Would you like to play your part and join some of the region’s finest businesses in helping to make a difference, at the same time raising your company’s profile and providing great opportunities for your clients and staff? To find out more about how you can get involved, call us on 01752 230382 or email Registered charity number: 284545

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Sat 16 Sep 2.30pm Sat 16 Sep 7.30pm

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Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2TR

Me and Robin Hood

Theatre Royal Plymouth Production and Learning Centre, TR2, 12 Neptune Park, Cattedown, Plymouth, PL4 0SJ

Your Visit Theatre is a shared live experience so please show consideration to those on stage as well as your fellow audience members. Mobile phones and other devices should be switched off during the performance. Our House Management team is on duty to enhance your experience. If anything limits your enjoyment please let us know during your visit so we can help you straight away.

The Gallery Drawn to the Valley, an artist led initiative formed over a decade ago by professional artists and craftspeople living in the Tamar Valley, continues in The Gallery until Sat 16 Sep. From Mon 06 > Sat 25 Nov 14 - 18 NOW and National Theatre present an exhibition of images telling the story of the contemporary memorial We’re Here Because We’re Here created by Jeremy Deller, which took place in Plymouth (and numerous other cities) on 1st July 2016. It featured more than 1400 voluntary participants in First World War uniform, each representing an individual soldier as a reminder of the 19,240 men who were killed on 1st July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Accessibility The Theatre Royal Plymouth is committed to ensuring full accessibility across all of our stages – please see our website for full details or contact the Box Office if you wish to discuss your visit and any specific requirements. A range of performances are available signed or with captioning and audio description. We also provide specially adapted relaxed performances. Please see our website for full details.


Front cover image: Hamlet

Sat 23 Sep 2.30pm

Captioned Audio Described Audio Description

Fri 29 Sep 7.45pm Thu 05 Oct 7.45pm

Audio Description Captioned

Shirley Valentine Fri 20 Oct 7.30pm

Audio Described


Wed 01 Nov 7.30pm Thu 02 Nov 7.30pm


Wed 15 Nov 7.30pm Thu 16 Nov 2.30pm


Sat 09 Dec 2.30pm Sat 09 Dec 7.30pm

Audio Described Captioned Captioned Audio Described Audio Described Captioned

Goldilock Stock and Three Smokin’ Bears Wed 13 Dec 7.45pm Wed 20 Dec 7.45pm

Peter Pan

Audio Described Captioned

Thu 04 Jan 7pm Fri 05 Jan 7pm Sat 06 Jan 2.30pm Wed 10 Jan 12.30pm Fri 12 Jan 2.30pm Sat 13 Jan 2.30pm

Audio Described Caption Signed Relaxed Performance Caption Audio Described

Hairspray Thu 18 Jan 2.30pm

Audio Described

Son of a Preacher Man Sat 27 Jan 2.30pm Sat 27 Jan 7.30pm

Captioned Audio Described

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella Fri 02 Feb 7.30pm

Napoleon Disrobed Mon 05 Feb 7.45pm Thu 08 Feb 7.45pm

Miss Saigon

Wed 11 Jul 7.30pm Thu 19 Jul 2.30pm Thu 26 Jul 7.30pm

Audio Described Audio Described Captioned Captioned Audio Described Signed

Booking Information Book online: In person bookings: Mon to Sat 10.30am - 8pm (6pm on non-performance days) Phone bookings: 01752 267222 Mon to Sat 10am - 7pm

Seating Plan A seating plan for The Lyric can be found on our website at

Pricing and Concessions Please note the abbreviation (RV) on the show pages denotes seating with a restricted view. Concessions are available for most shows, typically for Under 16s / Students / Over 60s / Young and People’s Company Members / Friends / Corporate Members / Disabled Patrons / Unwaged (Jobseekers Allowance and Income Support Recipients). Please visit our website for more details. We offer generous discounts for groups of 10+ and schools on a large selection of our performances. Contact

TRP Gift Vouchers, a special Christmas treat Gift vouchers are a great gift for your theatre-loving friends and family, for a truly unforgettable experience. Available to purchase online or via the Box Office, gift vouchers can be used against: • Tickets for productions • Memberships • Dining in our restaurant • Interval drinks purchased online • VIP Packages • Tours • People’s Company and Young Company Workshops

Theatre Royal Plymouth does not charge a booking fee. An additional 80p postage fee applies for tickets that are mailed to customers.

Priority Booking Become a Priority Booker and enjoy advanced booking before general release for just £15 a year! priority or call 01752 267222

Terms & Conditions The information in this brochure is correct at the time of going to print, however, the Theatre Royal Plymouth reserves the right to make alterations without prior notice. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. Please note that only one concession or discount applies per ticket. Please inform us if you are entitled to a concession at the time of booking as changes cannot be made once tickets have been issued. For full terms and conditions please visit the website.

Photo: Edward Borlase

Box Office

The Restaurant at Theatre Royal Plymouth showcasing a modern international menu created by our in-house team of chefs

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