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ACCELERATE FROM THE ORDINARY A single look at its dramatically sculpted form can set your mind...and your heart… racing. Imagine how you’ll feel when you fire the ignition, and hear the response of eight cylinders, four camshafts and 32 valves awaiting your command.

Think of the thrill of chasing your shadow down each twist and turn of the long

way home. Or the complete satisfaction of conquering the next sensational storm.

Then imagine how you’ll feel, ensconced in your aluminum-and-leather-clad cockpit, as you ease through traffic, above the fray.

This is a sport utility that defies the norm, accelerating away from the ordinary

with authority. An irresistible combination of power and poise, Range Rover Sport transcends the everyday on a daily basis.

Cover: Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Java Black Pearlescent with optional equipment.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Zermatt Silver Metallic.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Rimini Red Metallic with optional wheels.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Zermatt Silver Metallic with optional equipment.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Stornoway Grey Metallic.

SHEET METAL AS A REFLECTION OF THE SOUL Athletic proportions and a dynamic stance make its intentions instantly

clear. Range Rover Sport is an SUV in name only. Yes, it offers the expected utility of its breed, but the spotlight is definitely on “sport.”


Nothing about the design of the Range Rover Sport is superfluous –

every detail has its purpose. Flared fenders accommodate 19- or even 20inch wheels and tires for exceptional handling, on- or off-road.* Fresh air is supplied to the double-overhead-camshaft V8 via a power vent on the

front fender. And the dramatically tapered roofline, which terminates in a

rear-gate spoiler, helps Range Rover Sport slice through the air more

efficiently. Even standing still, Range Rover Sport seems to be yearning to leap forward.

Form and function. Function and form. In a world where appearance is

often valued above content, Range Rover Sport has the performance to back up its looks, and the looks that clearly signal its purpose.

* 19-inch wheels are standard on HSE. 20-inch wheels are standard on Supercharged and optional on HSE.


Range Rover Sport presents you with enviable


or prodigious power and even more luxury?

clearly accentuates luxury. Leather seating surfaces are, of course,

choices: HSE or Supercharged? Power and luxury, First, consider the HSE.

While motivated by a palpable 300 horsepower, Range Rover Sport HSE standard equipment. Far more than that, tasteful touches abound inside, from understated ebony and Brunel Metallic finishes, to twin-needle top-stitched door inserts.


Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Rimini Red Metallic with optional wheels.

For those with a penchant for performance, let us present Range Rover


gives this model its name: The boosted 4.2-litre V8 engine with its engine-

automatic transmission adds Positive Torque to its CommandShift

Sport Supercharged. Of primary interest, of course, is the feature that

driven Eaton supercharger. Generating 390 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, this highly responsive powerplant supplies a seemingly endless surge of power the moment you flex your right foot.

Matching power with precision, the reinforced intelligent six-speed manual control. As you scroll through the gears to fully enjoy the

engine’s capabilities, Positive Torque provides perfect downshifts with a quick blip of the throttle to match revs. And, of course, directing all that power to the ground is Land Rover’s renowned permanent four-wheel-



Adding an equal level of stability and control to its repertoire,

Range Rover Sport Supercharged also features 20-inch wheels and tires, and the race-proven stopping power of Brembo front brakes. ÂŽ

For outstanding handling commensurate with its performance, the innovative Dynamic Response suspension system is also standard. ™



In addition to all the premium features of the HSE Luxury Interior Package, the Supercharged model adds Sports Leather seating with perforated centre panels, dual exhaust extensions, specific grille and power-vent designs, and finally, unique Supercharged black badging to indicate that this is the ultimate Range Rover Sport.

* Optional on HSE with Dynamic Response Package (which also requires the Luxury Interior Package).

Range Rover Sport HSE in Zermatt Silver Metallic with optional 20-inch wheels.

For those who feel that ample luxury is simply a good start, there’s the


of Straight-Grained Walnut Wood or Dark Zebrano Wood trim and the

controlled automatic transmission with CommandShift™manual control,

available Luxury Interior Package. It adds Premium Leather trim, a choice Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS), which swivels the headlights as

you turn for enhanced nighttime illumination. It also includes the standard Cold Climate Package, consisting of heated front and rear seats, heated front windshield, and heated windshield-washer jets, plus the added convenience of a Cooler Box in the centre console.

Performance is modulated by an intelligent six-speed electronically and Land Rover’s legendary permanent four-wheel-drive system, continuously transmitting power to the road or trail.

Range Rover Sport HSE in Rimini Red Metallic with optional 20-inch wheels.

ENGINEERED FOR A WORLD OF DRIVING Supercharged or naturally aspirated, Range Rover

Sport engines are marvels of advanced technology.

Constructed from lightweight materials, both engines are fitted with double-overhead camshafts with

Variable Camshaft Phasing (VCP), which can advance or retard the intake valve timing in less than 0.7 seconds. By continuously varying the instant when these valves open and close, this innovative system helps boost mid-range torque and reduce exhaust emissions.


Since they serve as the heart of a Land Rover, both engines – indeed, the entire drivetrain – has been

exhaustively engineered and tested for durability and

longevity under a wide variety of conditions around the world. For instance, to protect against the intrusion

of dust and water, air intakes are located high in the engine compartment. The starter is waterproofed.

The engine lubrication system is designed to work at extreme angles of operation – such as ascending or

descending steep off-road trails. In addition, an extralarge oil sump helps keep the engine cool when idling for extended periods of time, whether on the trail or in gridlocked summer traffic.

Range Rover Sport HSE in Zermatt Silver Metallic.

ons r oduc in epr ator.ed Fiv ons rillustr oduc illustr at . ed in illustr in epr atFiv or.eedic Fivein ic ons epr ror oduc ator. cns rillustr oduc in epr illustr at or.eedic

READY FOR WHEREVER YOU’RE HEADING Terrain Response™is never “off,” and the General setting is compatible with

all on- and off-road conditions. Terrain Response will automatically react to road conditions and make multiple adjustments to give you precise control. The Grass/Gravel/Snow setting maximizes traction on firm but slippery

surfaces. Wet leaves and grass or hard-packed snow and ice call for this setting.

Choosing the Mud & Ruts mode can make a tremendous difference on

soft, wet ground where some degree of wheelspin is desirable in order to

maintain vehicle momentum. Since Low Range is recommended here, you’ll be prompted to switch the two-speed transfer gearbox when you select this program.

Select Sand for additional control in dry, soft sand or loose dirt. With

significant adjustments to the engine, transmission and traction control programming, the Sand setting can help you power through desert conditions with ease.

Rock Crawl provides additional control in Low Range. It should be used when

you encounter clusters of boulders or other large obstacles where maximum wheel articulation, ground clearance, and low-speed traction are essential.

Imagine having a copilot with all the on- and off-road expertise that Land Rover engineers have amassed over the past 60 years. Terrain Response, developed and patented by Land Rover, distills all that knowledge and places it right at your

fingertips. It continuously monitors and adapts a variety of dynamic systems for maximum traction and control. And, with a twist of the centrally mounted knob, you can activate special programming for a wide range of driving conditions. Note: Terrain Response cannot regulate all the factors that influence vehicle control. Please practice safe driving techniques.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Java Black Pearlescent with optional equipment.

ANTICIPATE THE ROAD AHEAD Go ahead, give in to the temptation – carve

that mountain curve. Feel the response of a

sport-tuned suspension. An amazing array of

dynamic technologies is at work to make each moment right.



Range Rover Sport’s fully independent Electronic

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) helps Range Rover

The magic behind these moves? It starts with

Air Suspension (EAS). Computer-controlled air

springs automatically adjust the ride height, even with changing payloads. There are even multiple modes for specific tasks. Select “Access” and the suspension lowers for easy ingress and

egress. Or, when tackling an off-road trail, turn

the EAS

Monitoring each millimeter of travel, all-terrain Sport maintain the path that you intend.* This sounds like an obvious attribute, but when

confronted with low-friction pavement or an

unanticipated slow-speed curve, DSC can detect

an impending skid and apply individual brakes while

modulating engine power to help keep you on course.

control to “Off-Road” for additional ground


independent suspension system gives each

system adds an even finer edge.** Body lean is

clearance. Wherever you travel, the fully

The available Dynamic Response suspension

individual wheel the freedom to follow the

regulated via electronically activated, hydraulically

and traction.

cornering, Dynamic Response increases the

contours of the road or trail, providing comfort

controlled anti-roll bars. When the vehicle is twisting effect of the anti-roll bars, almost

eliminating lean in turns. What’s more, the system “decouples” in off-road driving situations, permitting maximum wheel movement for maximum traction. * DSC cannot regulate all the factors that influence vehicle control. Please practice safe driving techniques. ** Standard on Supercharged. Optional on HSE (also requires the Luxury Interior Package).




curve, illuminating the corners of the night.* The system, which is totally

interface with the vehicle just by being onboard. Personal Telephone

This available system pivots the front headlights as you steer into a

automatic once the headlights are turned on, receives input on vehicle

speed and steering angle. Particularly at lower speeds and on very dark roads, AFS is a major aid for seeing and reacting to roadside hazards.

* Standard on Supercharged. Optional on HSE as part of the Luxury Interior Package.

With this standard technology, many Bluetooth速 enabled cell phones can Integration (PTI) allows compatible phones to take advantage of an array of features, such as hands-free mode, touch-screen dialing, the voice recognition interface and steering-wheel controls.

Range Rover Sport HSE in Zermatt Silver Metallic.



Control (ACC) continually monitors the distance between your vehicle and

transfers power from the rear to the front wheels – or vice versa –

An exclusive option for Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Adaptive Cruise

This standard and highly sophisticated slip-limiting device automatically

the one ahead. Using a radar sensor mounted in the front bumper, ACC

based on traction needs. Since it is electronically supervised, it modifies

even apply the brakes to help maintain this gap.

Terrain Response program is selected and whether Low Range is engaged.

can help maintain a preset gap to the vehicle in front. If needed, it will

its action based not only on the degree of wheelspin, but also on which

In addition, a rear-mounted infinitely variable locking differential is optional, for incredible mobility on virtually any road surface.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Zermatt Silver Metallic.

TAILORED TO YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCES The Range Rover Sport passenger cabin serves as a peaceful oasis from

With dual-zone automatic climate control, driver and front passenger can

comfort and convenience.

touches abound, from rain-sensing windshield wipers to door-mounted

the outside world, with a pleasing array of amenities dedicated to your


adjust the temperature to their own individual preferences. Thoughtful puddle lights.

With an eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat and a power tilt-and-


command of your very own Range Rover Sport. In addition, a memory

the Luxury Interior Package the ambience of a private British club. The

telescopic steering column, you can find the perfect position to take

function is included to retain the personalized settings of up to three

drivers. Front-seat passengers, too, enjoy an eight-way power adjustable

seat, plus available heated front and rear seats help provide extra comfort on chilly days. Power-folding exterior mirrors make it easier to navigate *

tight forest trails or, back in civilization, car washes.

* Cold Climate Package is standard on all Canadian models. ** See page 48 for specific seating choices.

Wood veneers and supple, premium-grade leather give the interior of Supercharged interior, on the other hand, reflects its performance-

oriented nature with unique colour combinations and sporty, perforated leather seating surfaces. In fact, the Range Rover Sport interior can be customized to fit you perfectly.**

Range Rover Sport Supercharged with Ebony Sports Leather interior.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged Ivory Sports Leather interior with optional equipment.

ANY SEAT IS THE BEST IN THE Range Rover Sport features an amazing audio system that will impress even the most discriminating of audiophiles. A standard system in name only, the

harman/kardon® audio system offers the kind of sound reproduction normally

experienced only in home theaters.


With 14 speakers driven by 550 watts of amplification, the standard

harman/kardon LOGIC7 surround-sound system reproduces your favorite music with accuracy and precision, no matter the source. Select AM or

FM-stereo, or play CDs in the six-disc in-dash CD changer. The system can

read MP3-formatted discs, too. There’s also an auxiliary jack for your iPod® or other music source.


With the available DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System, you can take

your own private cinema with you. A 6.5-inch LCD screen in the back of

each front-seat head restraint lets rear-seat passengers watch DVDs

or plug in electronic video games. Audio can be played through the vehicle’s sound system or through headphones in order to let front-seat occupants listen to an alternate audio source.

ROAD MAPS ARE RENDERED OBSOLETE With Range Rover Sport’s DVD-based GPS navigation system as standard equipment, road maps and travel guides are now a thing of the past. Providing a wide range of road and travel-related information, this colour touch-screen off-road-enhanced GPS navigation system makes the perfect traveling companion for all of your adventures.



based system means that a library of travel

resolution touch-screen monitor is the 4x4

The tremendous storage capacity of the DVDinformation is available at your fingertips. Many

functions can be engaged using voice commands, so you can access information without taking your hands off the wheel.

Not only can the system provide turn-by-turn directions to virtually any destination in the

Another standard function of the high-

Driver Information Centre. In this mode, the

screen displays essential information when you are exercising Range Rover Sport’s considerable

off-road capabilities. It can report on the locking status of the differentials,** give you a real-time

3D view of each wheel’s articulation and front

country, but it also supplies a wide range of

steering angle, and even supply your specific

of interest all along the way. It can even assist

an invaluable tool whenever you’re off-road.


information on hotels, restaurants, and points

you in your off-road ventures by marking your

latitude, longitude and compass heading. I t ’ s

trail with “electronic breadcrumbs.” Ready to head back? Just follow the trail home.

* Navigation system DVD covers continental Canada and U.S. ** An infinitely variable locking centre differential is standard. An infinitely variable locking rear differential is optional.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Stornoway Grey Metallic with optional equipment.

Brembo front brakes on Supercharged models.

FULLY EQUIPPED TO HELP YOU AVOID THE UNANTICIPATED Active safety is the driving force behind Range Rover Sport’s dynamic safety systems. A veritable

army of electronic aids is ever-ready, devoted to one purpose above all: To keep you on the road and out of harm’s way.



brakes on Supercharged models – are the

vital to accident avoidance. Range Rover Sport

Massive, ventilated disc brakes – Brembo front *

foundation for a wide range of systems that can

Certainly the ability to see what lies ahead is

employs powerful bi-Xenon headlights, which cast a

abate speed dramatically while helping you retain

brighter, whiter light than conventional lights. In

terrain Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is

keep the lenses clean after a day of playing in the

vehicle control. For example, the four-channel, allprogrammed to keep the tires rolling and steerable, even when braking hard in rain, snow or mud. Should

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) detect a panic stop,

addition, they’re fitted with power washers, to help mud. Both front and rear fog lights are also standard to help foul-weather visibility.

it will immediately apply maximum braking power to help you stop as quickly as possible. What’s more, Active Roll Mitigation (ARM) can detect an

impending rollover, and help prevent it by limiting engine power and applying individual brakes.

* Standard on Supercharged. Optional on HSE with Dynamic Response Package (which also requires the Luxury Interior Package).

1 Side-curtain airbags for outboard seating

2 Boron steel reinforcements in the A- and



3 Driver and dual-threshold front-passenger airbags.




4 Front-seat side thorax airbags.


3 4 7

6 6

7 5

5 Integrated Body Frame™ with hydroformed members and advanced high-strength steels.

6 Impact beams in the front and rear doors.

7 Front crumple zones, plus lower secondary load-path chassis construction.

ENGINEERED FOR AN INSTANTANEOUS REACTION TO THE UNEXPECTED The basic structure of Range Rover Sport is anything but basic. This highly rigid body structure, with scientifically

engineered collision management components, works in partnership with advanced occupant restraint systems to help provide optimal occupant protection.



structure, Range Rover Sport also utilizes an

provide supplemental collision protection. There are

In concert with its weight-optimized monocoque exceptionally strong Integrated Body Frame. This

computer-designed combination is engineered to

absorb crash energy while maintaining the integrity of the passenger compartment. Robust boron steel

reinforcements in key structural areas help reinforce

crashworthiness. In addition, high-strength-steel side-

impact beams are fitted in every door to help restrict crash intrusion.

Range Rover Sport’s six airbags are engineered to dual front airbags and seat-mounted side/thorax

airbags for the driver and front passenger, plus sidecurtain airbags that extend along both sides of the vehicle.*

The front-passenger airbag is a dual-threshold design that senses the amount of weight on the seat, and

varies airbag deployment accordingly. In addition, front

safety-belt pre-tensioners and force limiters can react in an instant to help properly position the driver and front passenger for optimal airbag deployment.

* See first footnote on page 45 for airbag SRS statement.

Range Rover Sport HSE in Rimini Red Metallic.



with your vehicle’s supreme capabilities or offer access to unique

in some of the most scenic – and challenging – off-road locations on

Sponsored by your Land Rover Retailer, these events better acquaint you culinary and lifestyle activities. Some events have a special twist, such as incorporating off-road driving with an afternoon of fishing in a remote locale or watching a championship polo match.


These thrilling off-road expeditions let you test a Land Rover’s capability earth, such as Moab, Utah, or Cape Town, South Africa. What makes an Adventure even more special is that at day’s end, you will retire to a

luxury resort or an upscale rustic retreat. For more information, visit or

Breathtaking scenery, luxurious accommodations and hands-on


other. Land Rover Experience Driving Schools provide personalized

New-Vehicle Limited Warranty.† Furthermore, Range Rover Sport owners

instruction in all aspects of off-road driving – this is an experience like no

Every new Land Rover is covered by a 4-year/80,000-km (50,000-mile)

instruction on purpose-built courses, where the degree of difficulty is

enjoy Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance during the warranty period.†

of Land Rover vehicles will receive a special discount. There are Land


Carolina, at Fairmont le Château Montebello in Quebec, Canada, and at

innovative products, flexible terms and outstanding customer service. Ask

matched to your skills and desires. While all drivers are welcome, owners Rover Experience Driving Schools at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. For more information, visit or


This 24-hour service can provide everything from booking reservations to purchasing gifts to scheduling a dog-sitter. Each concierge has local-city expertise and can even help you obtain information about off-road trails nearby. This service is complimentary for the length of the warranty.** * Not available in Canada. ** For the original owner. See your Land Rover Retailer for details. †See your Land Rover Retailer for details.

In addition, Land Rover Financial Services offers competitive rates, your Land Rover Retailer for the most current lease and finance information, or visit (U.S.- only website).


19-inch five-split-spoke alloy wheels with 255/50R19 radial tires





20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with 275/40R20 radial tires 1



20-inch nine-spoke alloy wheels with 275/40R20 radial tires 1



Rear Seat Entertainment System



Adaptive Front-Lighting System



Brunel Metallic interior trim



Straight-Grained Walnut Wood interior trim



Dark Zebrano Wood interior trim


No-Cost Opt.

Colour, touch-screen DVD-based GPS navigation system and 4x4 Driver Information Centre



Personal Telephone Integration system with Bluetooth capability



Adaptive Cruise Control



Electronically controlled, infinitely variable locking rear differential



Cold Climate Package Includes heated front windshield, heated front and rear seats, and heated windshield-washer jets



Luxury Interior Package Includes Premium Leather seating surfaces,3 Choice of Straight-Grained Walnut Wood or Dark Zebrano Wood trim, centre-console Cooler Box, and Adaptive Front-Lighting System



Dynamic Response Package Includes Dynamic Response suspension system and Brembo front disc brakes



1. The 20-inch Sport Terrain tires are optimized for on-road use in wet or dry conditions. While offering some winter driving capability, these tires balance improved on-road handling with some reduction in snow-and-ice performance when compared with All Terrain or Winter Use tires. 2. Part of Luxury Interior Package. Walnut or Zebrano is a no-cost option with this package. 3. Supercharged models come standard with unique Sports Leather seating surfaces with perforated centre panels, but are available, at no extra cost, with Luxury Interior Package seating and carpet.4. Requires Luxury Interior Package.

19-Inch Five-Split-Spoke Standard HSE Wheel

20-Inch 10-Spoke Standard Supercharged & Optional HSE Wheel

20-Inch Nine-Spoke Optional Supercharged Wheel

PERSONALIZE YOUR NEW RANGE ROVER SPORT TO SUIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE Genuine Land Rover Vehicle Kit is a premier collection of specialized

ensure flawless fit and function, both on- and off-road. In fact,

as the vehicles themselves.

compliance with airbag SRS deployment.

accessories, designed and constructed to the same high standards

specific Vehicle Kit items have even been tested to ensure

With everything from the latest technology – like the Audio

For more information about the complete line of Land Rover

to versatile storage options, such as roof luggage boxes and

speak with your Sales Guide. He or she will be happy to assist you in

Connectivity Module with MP3 and USB music-file stereo interface – ski/snowboard

carriers, Vehicle Kit offers a wide range of choices. Backed by the

same limited warranty as Land Rover vehicles, genuine Vehicle Kit *

has been rigorously tested under a wide range of conditions to help


Vehicle Kit, available exclusively from authorized Land Rover Retailers, outfitting your Range Rover Sport to meet your needs. You can also go to and use the new interactive accessory

builder tool to see how Land Rover Vehicle Kit will look on your Range Rover Sport.



* Vehicle Kit purchased at the time of new-vehicle delivery is covered by the New-Vehicle Limited Warranty. Items that require installation must be installed by a Land Rover Retailer at time of delivery. Land Rover Vehicle Kit acquired after new-vehicle delivery carries a one-year limited warranty. See your Land Rover Retailer for complete details.


MAXIMUM WADING DEPTH 700 mm (27.6 in.)* MINIMUM GROUND CLEARANCE 227 mm (8.9 in.) in Off-Road mode 172 mm (6.8 in.) in Standard mode

Angle of approach 34 degrees*

MAXIMUM GRADIENTS Ramp breakover angle Angle of departure 25 degrees (excluded angle)* 29 degrees*

* In Off-Road mode. Angle of departure for Supercharged: 27 degrees.


• Integrated Body-Frame with hydroformed members and advanced high-strength steels, including boron steel in the A- and B-pillars. • Outer-body panels are double-sided zinc-coated steel and aluminum alloy.

ENGINES Type/Construction Valvetrain Fuel management Ignition Fuel requirements Fuel tank Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Induction system

Horsepower @ rpm Torque @ rpm

90-degree V8. Aluminum-alloy cylinder heads and block. Chain-driven double-overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder. Variable Camshaft Phasing (VCP). Sequential multi-port fuel injection. Distributorless ignition system. Premium unleaded. 88.1 litres (23.3 U.S. gallons) HSE SUPERCHARGED 4.4 litres 4.2 litres (4394 cu. cm/268 cu. in.) (4197 cu. cm/256 cu. in.) 88.0 x 90.3 mm (3.47 x 3.56 in.) 86.0 x 90.3 mm (3.39 x 3.56 in.) 10.75:1 9.1:1 Naturally aspirated Eaton Rootes-type supercharger with 11.6 psi (0.8 bar) max. boost 300 bhp @ 5,500 rpm 390 bhp @ 5,750 rpm 315 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm 410 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm

DRIVETRAIN Drive system Transmission

Transfer gearbox Transfer ratios Transmission gear ratios

Final-drive ratio

CARGO VOLUME with rear seat folded : 2.01 m3 (71.0 cu. ft.)

Permanent four-wheel drive with four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (4ETC). ZF HP26 six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. Locking torque converter. Normal, Sport and Manual (CommandShift) shift modes. Two-speed electronic transfer gearbox. Shift-on-the-move capability. Electronically controlled, infinitely variable locking centre differential. High: 1.00:1 Low: 2.93:1 1st - 4.17:1 2nd - 2.34:1 3rd - 1.52:1 4th - 1.14:1 5th - 0.87:1 6th - 0.69:1 Reverse - 3.40:1 HSE SUPERCHARGED 3.73:1 3.54:1


Enhanced Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) with automatic load-leveling and multiple modes: Access, Standard, Off-Road and Extended. Terrain-sensing software and cross-link valving for improved off-road performance. Front Independent, double-wishbone with long-travel air springs. 255 mm (10.0 inches) of vertical wheel travel. Rear Independent, double-wishbone with long-travel air springs. 310 mm (12.2 inches) of vertical wheel travel (290 mm [11.4 inches] in Supercharged).

WHEELS & TIRES Wheels Tire size Spare

HSE 19 x 9.0-inch aluminum alloy. 255/50R19 radials. Temporary spare wheel and tire.

SUPERCHARGED 20 x 9.5-inch aluminum alloy. 275/40R20 radials. Temporary spare wheel and tire.

OVERALL BODY HEIGHT 1817 mm (5 ft. 11.5 in./71.5 in.)**

OVERALL WIDTH 1928 mm (75.9 in.) body width 2170 mm (85.4 in.) including mirrors


WHEELBASE 2745 mm (108.0 in.)

Type Speed-sensitive power-assisted rack-and-pinion

Turns lock-to-lock 3.1 Turning circle 11.5 m (37.7 ft.)

TRACK, REAR 1612 mm (63.5 in.)

TRACK, FRONT 1605 mm (63.2 in.)

OVERALL BODY LENGTH 4788 mm (188.5 in.)

** In Standard mode

BRAKES Brake rotor diameter, front/rear

PAYLOAD & TOWING CAPACITY HSE 337/350 mm (13.3/13.8 in.)

SUPERCHARGED 360/350 mm (14.2/13.8 in.)


• Power-assisted four-wheel ventilated disc brakes. • Four-channel, all-terrain Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). • Electronic parking brake with emergency full hydraulic capability. Parking brake: 210-mm (8.3-in.) internal rear drums. • Active Roll Mitigation (ARM). • Terrain Response system – maximizes traction and control based on a variety of driver-selectable settings. • All-terrain Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Cornering Brake Control (CBC) and Hill Descent Control (HDC). • Dynamic Response suspension system: Optional on HSE (requires Luxury Interior Package); Standard on Supercharged.

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Seating capacity Head room, front/rear Leg room, front/rear Shoulder room, front/rear

CARGO CAPACITIES Max. cargo area height Length, rear seat up Length, rear seat folded Width between wheel housings Volume, rear seat up Volume, rear seat folded

Five 1000/975 mm (39.4/38.4 in.) 992/955 mm (39.1/37.6 in.) 1498/1478 mm (59.0/58.2 in.) 943 mm (37.1 in.) 991 mm (39.0 in.) 1754 mm (69.1 in.) 1120 mm (44.1 in.) 0.96 m3 (33.8 cu. ft.) 2.01 m3 (71.0 cu. ft.)

Curb weight Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) Maximum payload Maximum trailer weight Maximum unbraked trailer weight Maximum tongue weight Maximum roof load

HSE 2480 - 2586 kg (5,468 - 5,702 lb.)

SUPERCHARGED 2572 - 2614 kg (5,671 - 5,764 lb.)

3070 kg (6,769 lb.) 484 - 590 kg (1,067 - 1,301 lb.) 3500 kg (7,716 lb.)

3125 kg (6,890 lb.) 511 - 553 kg (1,126 - 1,219 lb.) 3500 kg (7,716 lb.)

750 kg (1,653 lb.) 250 kg (551 lb.) 75 kg (165 lb.)

750 kg (1,653 lb.) 250 kg (551 lb.) 75 kg (165 lb.)

HSE 8.9 sec. 8.2 sec. 209 km/h (130 mph) 0.37

SUPERCHARGED 7.6 sec. 7.2 sec. 225 km/h (140 mph) 0.37

PERFORMANCE DIMENSIONS 0-100 km/h acceleration 0-60 mph acceleration Top speed Coefficient of drag


SAFETY & SECURITY FEATURES • Six-airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).* Driver and dual-threshold front-passenger airbags, side thorax airbags for front seating positions, and head-protection side-curtain airbags for front and rear outboard seating positions. Front-passenger-seat occupantdetection system. • Front and rear three-point safety belts and head restraints for all five occupants. • Pre-tensioning front safety belts. • Height-adjustable safety belt anchors for front seats and adjustable head restraints for all outboard seating positions. • Front crumple zones. Lower secondary load-path chassis construction. • Side-door impact beams in the front and rear doors. • Collapsible steering column. • Collision-activated inertia switch (unlocks doors, turns off fuel pump, turns on hazard lights). • Electric rear-window defroster. • LED centre high-mount stoplight. • Bi-Xenon automatic headlights with power washers. • Front and rear fog lights. • Vehicle security system with keyless entry. • Central locking system. • Child locks for rear doors and power windows. • LATCH (Lower Anchor and Tether for Children) system for child seat attachment. Child seat tether anchors. • Automatic-dimming inside rearview mirror. • Dual power-fold, heated exterior mirrors. Programmable, automatic dipping of passenger-side mirror in Reverse. • Deep-tinted glass (aft of B-pillar), including sunroof. • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

COMFORT & CONVENIENCE FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Automatic, variable-speed, rain-sensing windshield wipers. Colour, touch-screen, DVD-based off-road-enhanced GPS navigation system. Personal Telephone Integration system with Bluetooth capability. Rear-window washer and intermittent wiper. Footwell lights and puddle lights. Front and rear Park Distance Control (PDC). Rear liftgate with hatch-style rear window. Split 65:35 folding rear seat. Retractable and removable rear loadspace cover. Leather seat facings and trim details. Reclining, ergonomically designed, eight-way power adjustable driver and front-passenger seat. Dual folding front armrests. Three-driver memory for driver’s seat, power tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel and powerfold exterior mirrors. Leather-wrapped power steering wheel with multifunction controls. Electronic cruise control with steering-wheel-mounted controls. Full instrumentation, including tachometer and analog clock. Comprehensive message centre and trip computer. 4x4 Driver Information Centre. Dual-zone automatic climate control with pollen filter. Outside-temperature display. One-touch “open/close” power sunroof. Anti-trap function. Power windows with backlit controls and one-touch feature on both front windows. Anti-trap function. “ Time out” feature (retained accessory power) for power windows and sunroof. Central locking of side doors and rear tailgate. Remote activated. HomeLink® system for garage doors and security gates. Centre-console cubby box, front seatback storage pockets, front-door map pockets.

AUDIO SYSTEM • 550-watt harman/kardon LOGIC7 digital surround-sound AM/FM-stereo audio system with in-dash six-disc CD auto-changer and 14 speakers. • Auxiliary jack for MP3 player or other music device. • Dual, glass-mounted diversity antenna system. • Steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

OPTIONS • Luxury Interior Package. Includes Cold Climate Package, Premium Leather seating surfaces, Straight-Grained Walnut Wood or Dark Zebrano Wood trim, centre-console Cooler Box and Adaptive Front-Lighting System. Optional on HSE. Standard on Supercharged. (Cold Climate Package standard in Canada.) • Cold Climate Package. Includes heated front windshield, heated front and rear seats, and heated windshield washer jets. Optional on HSE. Included in Luxury Interior Package and standard on Supercharged. Standard on all Canadian models. • Dynamic Response Package. Includes Dynamic Response suspension system and Brembo front brakes. Optional on HSE (requires Luxury Interior Package). Standard on Supercharged. • Adaptive Cruise Control. Optional on Supercharged only. • 20-inch alloy wheels. 10-spoke alloy wheels optional on HSE and standard on Supercharged. Nine-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels optional on Supercharged only. • Rear Seat Entertainment System with dual video display screens, six-disc DVD changer, headphones, remote control, plus input jacks for video games and MP3 players. Optional on all models. • Electronically controlled, infinitely variable locking rear differential. Optional on all models.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: CANADIAN MODELS ONLY • Daytime running lights. • Cold Climate Package.


4-year/80,000-km (50,000-mile) New-Vehicle Limited Warranty.** 6-year/unlimited-mileage Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty.** Land Rover 24-hour Roadside Assistance.** Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Program.**

Range Rover Sport is classified as a multipurpose vehicle with a GVWR over 2722 kg (6,000 lb.). All information, specifications and illustrations contained herein are based on the latest product information available at time of publication. Some vehicles shown in this brochure have optional equipment. Land Rover North America and Land Rover Canada reserve the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to colours, materials, equipment, specifications and models, and are not responsible for typographical errors. Such changes may affect vehicle pricing and vehicle content. Not all models of Land Rover products are available in every market. Consult your Land Rover Retailer for advice on correct specifications. Equipment on Canadian models may vary. harman/kardon and LOGIC7 are registered trademarks of Harman International. Brembo is a registered trademark of the Brembo Group. HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

* Please remember that the safety belts in Range Rover Sport constitute the primary protection system for driver and passengers in collisions. The airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is a supplement to the safety belts. Although airbags provide additional protection, airbags alone are not sufficient. Always wear your safety belts and properly secure children under 12 years old in the back seat away from airbags. Never place an infant seat in the front seat. ** Ask your Land Rover Retailer for details.


Brunel Metallic (HSE only)



(Luxury Interior Package only)*

Dark Zebrano Wood

(Luxury Interior Package only)*









Straight-Grained Walnut Wood

* Luxury Interior Package upholstery and trim are available as no-cost options on Supercharged. ** The same carpet is also used with the Luxury Interior Package.




Straight-Grained Walnut Wood

Dark Zebrano Wood



Ebony Your Land Rover Retailer can describe these colour combinations as they apply to seating surfaces, door inserts, carpets, safety belts, loadspace cover, steering wheel and headliner. Availability of certain exterior and interior colour combinations may be limited. Please consult your Land Rover Retailer. Land Rover North America and Land Rover Canada reserve the right to alter or withdraw any colour finish without notice. The colours shown here are intended to serve primarily as a guide, and, although they closely approximate the actual colours used, they should not be used for paint matching or for any other purpose for which complete accuracy is essential.

EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR COLOUR MATRIX EXTERIOR FINISH Arctic Frost Metallic*† Buckingham Blue Metallic Chawton White* Lucerne Green Metallic† Java Black Pearlescent Rimini Red Metallic Stornoway Grey Metallic Zermatt Silver Metallic

LEATHER SEATING Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory Alpaca Ebony Ivory

CARPET Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony Alpaca Ebony Ebony








n n

















n n





























* Arctic Frost Metallic and Chawton White are scheduled to change later in 2007. See your Land Rover Retailer for details. ** Supercharged models come standard with unique Supercharged Sports Leather seating but are available, at no extra cost, with Luxury Interior Package seating in Alpaca, Ebony or Ivory. Supercharged models are not available in Arctic Frost Metallic or Lucerne Green Metallic. † Arctic Frost Metallic and Lucerne Green Metallic are available on HSE only.


Arctic Frost Metallic*†

Buckingham Blue Metallic

Chawton White*

Lucerne Green Metallic†

Java Black Pearlescent

Rimini Red Metallic

Stornoway Grey Metallic

Zermatt Silver Metallic

This Land Rover brochure is printed on recycled paper that contains a minimum of 10% post-consumer (PCW) fiber. This recycled paper is made from fiber sourced from well-managed forests and other controlled wood sources and is independently certified by SmartWood, a program of the Rainforest Alliance, to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.



Cert no. SW-COC-1576

FSC is an independent nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC sets high standards to ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.

Please recycle this brochure after use.

Savings derived from using wind-generated electricity for the printing of the Range Rover Sport brochure: 12,824.75 lbs. air emissions (CO2, SO2 and NOx) not generated. This amount of wind-generated electricity is equivalent to 865 trees being planted.

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Range Rover Sport  

Range Rover Sport 2008 catalog. This is a sport utility that defies the norm, accelerating away from the ordinary with authority.

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