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Vincent Broussaud La  Resis-­‐TANCE

Interview Q  &  A Q1.  Is  there  anything  memorable  that  happened   during  the  war? I  remember  going  down  to  basement  to  hide  from  bombs   I  was  4  years  old  brother  was  20  years  old Every  one  from  the  building  came  down  but  I  played  with   kids. Q2.  Did  you  hear  anything  during  the  bombing? Heard  bombs Heard  cannons  that  were  next  to  the  apartment  that  tried   to  shoot  down  airplanes Luft  alarm  means  planes  alarm,  then  Paris  siren  went  off.   Then  Paris  siren  went  off  again  to  warn  all  clear  this  cycle   was  called  the,  “Defance  passive.” Q3.  How  did  you  hide/protect  your  house  when  the   alarm  went  off? Blue  paper  on  windows  to  hide  house,  turn  off  lights. Q4.  What  were  people  talking  about  in  the  basement? Adults  talked  about  war  and  the  scariness  of  it Kids  were  happy,  having  fun Take  down  food  to  bunker Q5.  Any  other  things  you  remember? Threw  candy  for  kids  from  carriages Gave  chewing  cum  to  big  kids   Q6.  Did  you  hear/see  anything  else  during  the  war? Lots  of  coal  in  basement Second  alert  means  no  more  planes

Les Bon  Bon  And  Les  Boom  Boom “ReWWWwwReWWWww!”  the  siren  wailed,   “DEFANCE  PASSIVE!  DEFANCE  PASSIVE!” “Oh  no!”  mom  yelled,  “That’s  the  Luft  alarm!  lets   go,  lets  go!  Bring  your  food!  Come  on,  HURRY!” Tiredness  struck  threw  my  body  as  I  bolted  down   the  stairs  juggling  a  plate  of  pasta  in  my  hands.   “KRUNK!”  The  basement  door  shut  behind  dad. “Mom,  dad,  who  is  he?”   “Oh  don’t  worry  that’s  just  a  friend  of  your   brother,”  they  replied  secretly  hiding  the  truth  that  he   was  a  man  like  several  others  trying  to  free  France   from  the  Germans.  They  were  called  the  resistance   Zighters  because  when  France  was  taken  over  and   everything  was  peaceful,  France  went  back  to  war   trying  to  get  their  independence  again. As  I  gulped  down  my  dinner  then  my  hand   reached  into  my  pocket  and  drew  the  piece  of  bon  bon   I  had  gotten  earlier  from  the  American  carriages.  

Plopping the  hard  candy  into  my  mouth  I  bit  down  on   the  sweet. “BOOM!” “Was  that  me?”  I  thought  aloud Every  one  started  laughing.  My  dads,  moms  and   brothers  friends  were  amused.  Even  my  pals,  thought,   I  bet  they  didn’t  understand  they  were  probably  just   trying  to  Zit  in.  I  realized  what  a  stupid  question  I  had   just  asked.  A  wave  of  embarrassment  Zlushed  over  me. “No  dear  that  wasn’t  you.  Don’t  be  scared  about   the  boom  booms,  that  was  just  a,  um…  Zireworks   outside  to  tell  the  boats  where  the  docks  are,”  mom   explained  choking  back  the  truth  about  the  war.   Except  during  the  last  four  years  I  sort  of  Zigured  it  out.   That  sound  was  probably  a  cannon  near  the  house  that   exploded  trying  to  shoot  down  an  enemy  bomber. Once  the  laughter  died  out  all  I  heard  was  the   adults  reminiscing  about  the  war  and  its  scariness,   while  we  were  having  fun  chewing  bubble  gum  and   then  passing  it  in  a  circle.  Even  though  I  was  eight  I   knew  I  would  remember  this  day  forever.

Re.lection 1. How has  working  on  this  project  helped  you  learn   about  your  family’s  history  and  given  you  a  better   sense  of  your  identity? I  have  learned  that  my  family  is  important  because  they   have  done  an  impact  on  the  world  by  saving  those  soldiers. 2. Why  do  you  think  doing  a  project  like  this  is  important? I  think  its  Important  because  you  learn  about  a  part  of  your   families  history.  You  also  learn  about  the  accomplishments   and  challenges  that  your  ancestors  faced. 3. What  part  of  this  project  did  you  enjoy  the  most?  Why? I  took  pleasure  in  interviewing  my  grandma  and  learning  all   these  things  that  I  had  never  known  of  before. 4. What  speciQic  challenges  did  you  face  during  this   project  and  how  did  you  over  come  them? I  have  troubles  editing  because  I  never  see  the  right  errors  in   my  writing. 5.  What  advice  would  you  give  future  students  as  they   begin  this  project? Do  not  ever  procrastinate,  always  go  slowly  and  write  a   good  story.

Notes France surrendered to Germany on 22, 6, 1940. Charles De Gaulle lead the Resistance from England on a radio channel. He started this on 18, 6, 1940 On 21, 8, 1941 the first German was shot at the metro station in Paris and 150 French people paid for it with death

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