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This the story of my great grandfather in world war two. He ship was bombed and torpedoed.


My Family Tree

! This is my family tree. I am showing most of my family on my mom’s side. The in circle is my great grandfather. That is who I am writing my story about.


War On The High Seas The salty  smell  of  the  Mediterranean  2illed  my  nostrils   as  I  gazed  over  the  back  railing  of  the  war  ship.  With  my   newly  found  sea  legs,  I  took  long  strides  across  the  deck,   towards  the  stern.  A  burly  man  bumped  into  me  as  he   hastily  prepared  for  war.  I  gazed  over  the  rippling  water  at   the  large  convoy  in  which  we  were  traveling.  I  was  not   looking  forward  to  arriving  in  South  Italy;  the  campaign   was  going  to  be  a  nightmare.    

Just then  I  heard  a  shout,  “Fighter  planes,  prepare  the   anti-­‐aircraft  guns!”  I  turned  my  head  and  saw  the  


planes. There  they  were  in  the  distance  and  coming   closer  and  closer.  They  had  a  German  2lag  on  their  tail-­‐ 2ins.  I  started  counting  the  planes,  1,2,3…  34,35,36.     Thirty-­‐six  2ighter  planes  in  the  sky,  all  carrying  bombs   intended  for  us.  Our  anti-­‐air  craft  guns  thundered  to  life;   but  before  they  hit  a  single  plane  the  bombers  started   dropping  their  payloads.    One  of  the  near-­‐by  blasts   threw  me  up  against  a  wall.    My  shoulder  throbbed  with   pain  as  if  it  was  on  2ire.    I  shook  off  the  pain  and  I   watched  in  horror  as  one  of  the  planes  2lew  down  to   water  level.    The  2ighter  plane  dropped  a  torpedo  into   the  water  with  a  splash,  aimed  right  at  us.  The  torpedo   got  closer  and  closer  to  our  ship.  My  heart  began  to  pick   up  speed  as  I  realized  what  was

going to  happen.    I  braced  myself  for  the  explosion   as  the  torpedo  hit  the  ship.    BOOM!   The  ship  caught  2ire  and  started  to  sink.  

The sound  of  surrounding  screaming,  gun2ire  and   commotion  vanished  from  my  mind.  My  main  concern   was  living.  I  had  to  live  to  see  my  baby  girl  and  wife   again.  I  knew  what  I  had  to  do.  I  raced  to  the  stern  of  the   ship,  and  as  I  ran  I  could  see  how  fast  the  ship  was   sinking.  Once  I  got  to  the  very  front  of  the  ship  I  fell   water  around  my  ankles.  I  took  one  giant  leap  over  the   railing  and  into  the  water.  The  water  rushed  over  my   head.  I  sank  deep  into  the  cold  salty  water.    Under  water   I  summoned  my  courage  and  began  racing  to  the  

surface.  Heart  still  pounding,  my  head  2inally  reached   air,  I  popped  up  to  the  surface  to  the  sounds  and  sights  of   screaming,  people  dying,  gun2ire,  missions  shot  it  the  air   like  2ireworks,  and  the  water  tinted  red.    I  needed  to  get   to  a  raft  and  fast,  I  remembered  me  swimming  in   competitively  high  school  and  how  this  was  going  to  a   race  like  no  other.  I  did  one  hand  over  the  other;  I  started   to  pick  up  speed.  With  easy  I  moved  though  the  water.  In   the  distance  I  noticed  a  raft  with  six  men  and  swam   towards  it.  We  all  frantically  scrambled  up  and  onto  the   raft.    I  looked  around  saw  the  horror  of  war;  my  boat   engulfed  by  the  sea  and  dead  bodies  2loated  around  the   bloody  sea.      I  realized  that  I  was  safe-­‐for  now…    

My Interview with my Great Grandfather How were you affected by the [topic]? •A volunteer 12 doctor will 260 other men, dentist (him) Did they die? • They lived Did anything funny happen? • Shipped that was bombed and torpedo Was it crazy? • Throw them agents the wall then torpedo them it sank fast/ no screaming How did you live? • Got on a raft then picked up by another ship • A lot of survivors were lucky How many people on the raft? • 6 people Did u work with them? • No, they were strangers Any prisoners? • No What was it like getting pushed up against the wall? • Did get hurt landing on shoulder Was there any thing that was really scary? • The boat was even with the water and jumped Any sound? • Guns going off from the Germans • Wanted to save my skin

How old were you at the time of the [topic]? • Around 30 years During that moment, what were you feeling or thinking? • Shaken • It was a U.S. ship that picked us up

I have  to  have  a  second  interview  but  with  I  asked  my  nana   to  ask  questions.  


If you are at home it is impossible to really understand the horrors and

the impact on the thinking and mental stability of those seeing and living through death,loss of friends,disease,cold,mud,bad living conditions,losing limbs.disfiguration, loneliness,boredom. bad food and being away from your family.children .friends and community. ! GG was on one of the smaller ships,in a large convoy traveling through the Mediterranean Sea carrying about 1,000 men over to fight in the south of Italy. Visibility was good ~ not rainy,cloudy or overcast. About 36 very capable German fighters appeared to attack the convoy. When this happens the ships all disperse in different directions to make it more difficult for the planes to find targets. There was much anti aircraft fire, very noisy and very frightening. One plane came at almost water level and dropped an aerial torpedo that destroyed the ship. Dad thinks the antiaircraft fire was successful in downing the plane. Of course there would be much shock,fear and confusion..Dad said he was in the water for about 2 hrs awaiting rescue. ! ! He does not know about casualties and they do not report openly..When the attack is over the fastest ship is to come  back  for the rescue ~ a speed of 17 knots.The watery was choppy, the rescue ship high and it was hard to climb the long rope ladders to get to safety. He can recall one of the nurses losing her balance and dropping back into the water and dying.He later met inWaterloo about 5 years ago, one of the men who had been onboard the rescue vessel.GG lost all his belongings ~ warm clothes,sleeping bag etc which would have been of excellent quality. We are so fortunate he did not die.

Facts about World War Two: Mandy Barrow, Mandy. "World War Two." World War Two (WW2) Homework for Kids. N.p., 2010. Web. 07 Nov. 2012. <http:// www.woodlands- Homework/Britain.html>. ✴1939-1945 ✴61 counties were involved ✴1.7 billion people ✴50million people died (3 quarter of the world) ✴Hundreds of million were injured

Reflections 1.

How has working on this project helped you learn about your family’s history and given you a better sense of your identity? I always knew my great grandfather was in world war two, but never thought he was endanger being a dentist.


Why do you think doing a project like this is important? I learn more about my family. If he didn’t live I might not be born.


What part of this project did you enjoy the most? Why? I like making the family tree. I had fun find out who my family is and what they did.


What specific challenges did you face during this project and how did you over come them? I think that we didn’t have enough time to write the story but I work really hard on to finish.


What advice would you give future students as they begin this project? To not  procrastinate  on  2inishing  it,  get  it  done.  

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madeleine01pd2018 indentity portfolio  

A historical narrative based on my family’s experiences