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James Ross-Harris Portfolio

James Ross-Harris BEng Design+Innovation Goldsmiths College/Queen Mary- University of London EmailPhone- 078 972 6972

I am a desiger and maker, passionate about engaging, functional design.

Skills I have always been making things- from cardboard baths to surfboards. This enthusiam has given me a broard range of skills, from rapid prototyping/model making through to CAD/CNC based manufacturing processes and working with high preformnce composites and metals. I am also proficient at using graphical and 3D modeling programs (Adobe CS5, Rhino/sketchup).







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TKR Recovery Pack


Natural Running Shoe


E.L Bike lock


Cardboard Tent


Other Work

Micro-farm Brief Design a product to introduce the concept of home rearing and eating insects to Western society. As an alturnative to conventional, unsustainable ,sources of protien. Concept A short term ‘one life cycle’ kit which guides the user through their frist insect rearing experience. From setting up the farm and hatching the eggs, all the way through to cooking the fully grown crickets.

TKR Recovery Kit Industry linked project for Depuy

As part of a recovery kit for knee replacement patients, I designed and developed the following product.

Flex strips Brief Provide a ‘low tech’ system to provide patients with a visual record of activity


60 number of >90 degree flex cycles

Concept A pop on strip containing a pigment, the pigments’ journey up the canal indicates the amount of flex cycles the patients knee has been through. Materials Latex membrane with acrylic based pigment

Cardboard Tent Brief Design a product to provide protection from wind and rain. Concept A short-term disposable shealter for use at festivals. Must be cheap to manufacture and recyclable. Materials Polyureathane or plasma coated cardboard.

I was shocked by the huge numbers of tents that are sent to landfills during the tidy up process following festivals. The solution I came up with was a fully recyclable ‘one use’ tent made from waterproof cardboard. SleepsBaseHeightWaste-

2 1.1m x 2.2m 1.25m 27%

E.L Bike Lock Brief Design a product to assist a human lifestyle. Concept A light-weight, wearable bikelock, which also acts as a device to raise the visibility of riders in low light or darkness. Materials BeltKevlar/steel webbing LightElectro-luminescent wire Lock housingChopped strand kevlar/epoxy composite

The lock uses a braided mix of kevlar and steel fibers to create a strong flexible belt. It is light enough to be worn around the shoulders yet still stands up to attack from thieves. Electroluminescent wires woven into the belt provide a bright flashing or steady light BatteryBurn Time-

9V PP3 10 hours

Natural Running Shoe Brief Design a product to assist a human lifestyle. Concept Design a shoe which actively encourages athletes to return to a more natural style of running. Materials SoleKevlar/rubbber composite Toe PadUrethane rubber shore hardness 30A UpperElastic and Nylon mesh Achilles SupportRubber tape reinforced Neoprean

The kevlar/rubber sole material provides a lightweight form of protection. The orientation of the fibres means that the material will stretch along the length of the foot, complementing the way the arc acts as a natural spring. Soft rubber provides a small amount of padding and also helps orientate the forefoot on impact.

Vibram sole material adds tread and replacable protection from wear, increasing the liftime of the shoe dramatically.

Neoprean and rubber achilles support aids the transition back to a natural running style.

Other Work Fordham Park youth Shelter. Worked alongside students from Deptford Green high school and Handspring Design to provide a youth shelter for the fordham park regeneration scheme.

Giant Pencil.

Surfboard Trailer.

Designed and built a 1.8m penicl commisioned by illistrator Quentin Blake for use in londons Big Draw Festival 2011.

A trailer I built to carry my surfboard on a 1500km trip through France.

*Drawing courtesy of Quentin Blake.


A record of my work from over the last few years.

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