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Open your Browser Locating the Application

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LET TWITTER UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS FOR YOU This booklet guides Facebook and Twitter users through integrating Facebook’s Twitter App. The Twitter app automates sharing Twitter posts on a Facebook Activity Feed. The Activity Feed is where all public posts are shared on Facebook. Posts are any shared pictures, status updates, videos, or links. Once the application is implemented, all Twitter posts will also be Facebook posts. Before we begin, you must already have a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

INSTALLING THE APPLICATION Step 1: Open your Browser First you will open your preferred web browser. While this tutorial will use Safari on a Mac, the processes is the same on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It is the same on a PC too.


Step 2: Locating the Application Delete the text in your address bar. The address bar is the long text-input box located at the top of your browser window. To find the application, you can type “” in your address bar:

With the cursor still in the address bar, press the return key. The cursor is the blinking vertical line indicating where text will be input. This will take you to the Twitter App on the Facebook site.

Step 3: You will be taken to a screen that reads “Post your Tweets to Facebook.” Below, there will be a long yellow button:

You can press that button to go to your Twitter profile settings. There you will be able to continue instillation.


Step 4: You will be taken to the Twitter login screen. Type your Twitter username or the e-mail address you have associated with the account in the textbox that reads “Username or e-mail.” Type the password for the account in the textbox that reads “Password.”

You can press the blue “Sign in” button to continue.

Step 5: Installing the Application You will be taken to your Twitter profile account settings page. At the bottom of the page there will be a blue button that reads “Connect to Facebook.” You can press it to begin installing the application.


A small window will pop up. It will ask you for your Facebook login information.

Once you have entered your Facebook login information, you can press the blue button that reads, “Log In,” to proceed.

Step 6: Settings In the next window, the Twitter App is asking permission to preform automated actions in your Facebook account. This is where you can allow the application to make all your Twitter posts also Facebook posts. To permit the application to do this, press the blue “Allow” button.


Step 7: Network Congratulations! You just eliminated a large work redundancy in your social networking campaign. All your Twitter posts can now be Facebook posts. You can reach clients and staff faster than ever.


To whom it may concern: This booklet is intended to demonstrate my technical writing and document creation prowess. Since the proprietary rights to my previous work belongs to prior employers, I built this document up this morning. It is derived from a piece I wrote in the TALHO newsletter. You can find it at The audience was rural public health departments trying to reach clients through social networks. I used the Adobe Creative Suite to create the document and images. I look forward to meeting you. Many thanks, James Greer

Writing Sample  
Writing Sample  

To whom it may concern: This booklet is intended to demonstrate my technical writing and document creation prowess. Since the proprietary r...