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Jamel Cutler – Running As A Way of Life

Jamel Cutler is an athlete who has been taking part in marathons for many years now. He has participated in marathons organized on a local, national as well as international level. Jamel mentions that running is one of the most basic, yet most complicated exercises. It takes fitness, endurance, determination, and most of all dedication to run a marathon. He says that running a marathon is not an easy task as months of preparation goes into planning to run for a marathon. Even then, one has to be careful while practicing to avoid any kind of injuries or stress on muscles.

Jamel Cutler mentions that the discipline of running makes him feel like he is in a meditative state at times. He says that when a sportsperson gets into the rhythm of running, it is one of the best experiences of life. All the pains and aches of the body as well as all the stress and tension simply float away when one is running. As a person, he believes that running and preparing for marathons has made him a better person with increased focus and dedication towards the tasks he wants to accomplish.

He also gives tips to novice runners who have just started preparing for marathons. One of the most important tips that he mentions is to stay hydrated and take ample rest. These are the two most important tips to avoid injuries and get the complete benefits of running.

Jamel Cutler is a sportsman who is enthusiastic about running. He has taken part in several marathons over the years and he is presently training for Ironman Triathlon.

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Jamel Cutler