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Dorset College 66 Dorset Street Lower, Dublin Tel: +353 (01) 8611111, Email:

Founded in 1983, Dorset College is committed to developing high quality courses to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse student base and demanding workplace.

Situated close to the city centre, the college has grown into a vibrant centre for learning, which caters for the needs of School Leavers, Graduates, International Students and Mature Adults.

There are many courses that Dorset offers, and Digital marketing is one among the courses.

All courses are accredited by leading Educational Examining Bodies. The approval of the College by numerous Accreditation Bodies such as HETAC, FETAC, ACCA, IATI, CIPD, ACELS and PMI

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Blended E-learning.

Learn how Digital Marketing fits into an integrated Marketing communications strategy.

Understand each of the key aspects of digital marketing, namely social media marketing, blogs, rich media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and online advertising.

Acquire the knowledge on how to run a digital media campaign from its inception to implementation, including monitoring and analysis all aspects of a digital media campaign.

Understand core issues such as the potential technological, social, legal and economic impact of Digital Marketing.

Recognize the importance of network security to the Digital Marketing activity.

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Website Structure & Design that will get you noticed Google Analytics Explained Foundational Pillars of SEO Science of Adwords Traffic Inbound Linking In-depth Digital Advertising Explained Google Adwords Social Media PR What is Blogging? & Writing for the Web Social Networking and Media Sites The Email Marketing Persuasion Formula Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Joomla and Oscommerce)

On successful completion of all assessments, participants will be awarded:  FETAC Digital Marketing Component Certificate Level 5  Book Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing Course will prepare student to take on the SEO and Online Marketing of a company with the skills necessary to give your company a boost on the web.


Those who successfully complete the Internet marketing and ebusiness course may consider other related FETAC Level 5 and 6 courses in Marketing or other professional career focused programmes such as CIW Web Design Master qualifications or Business Studies.

Dorset College-Digital Marketing Course Dublin, Ireland  

Dorset College provides Digital Marketing course, Dublin Ireland. Digital Marketing concepts that we cover up on Search Engine Optimisation...