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Islamic education is all about spreading intellect and the idea of peace. Based on one of the richest cultures of the world, Islamic education is aimed at producing individuals who not only excel academically but are equally responsible for instilling high ethical and moral values in society. Not to forget, the religion advocates equal academic rights for both men and women. Jamea Al Kauthar is one of the leading academic institutions based in Lancaster, UK which has left no stone unturned to uphold the virtues the Islamic religion in the best possible manner. Let us discover more about this institution in the course of this post.


Jamea Al Kauthar College for Girls had been established in the year 1996 in Lancaster, UK and within just a few years, this academic institution has gone on to reach the zenith of success – be it in terms of the number of students enrolling here or the GCSE scores earned by them- thanks to the tireless pursuits of the faculty, the unparalleled infrastructural facilities offered by the institution and of course, the depth of the curriculum itself. Given below are the details. THE CURRICULUM FOLLOWED AT JAMEA AL KAUTHAR: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO ISLAMIC EDUCATION The institution imparts both Islamic and secular education. The Arab and Urdu languages remain a vital part of the curriculum followed at Jamea Al Kauthar since a major part of Islamic literature is written in these two languages. Islamic education is primarily divided into Alimiyyah and Sanatayn courses.

Alimiyyah or the Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence course is aimed at fostering intellectual and spiritual growth in every sphere of life or in everything an individual desires to do. The course focuses on the in-depth study of Quran and Hadith and understanding of various other Islamic texts including grammar, Tajweed and Juri prudence. Sanatayn is a two-year Islamic Studies course for students above 16 years of age. Delivered in English language, this course can be taken along with the A levels. The contents of this course are     

Qur’anic commentary Tajweed EverydayMasaa’il Basic Arabic Aqaa’id

As far as secular education is concerned, Jamea Al Kauthar has consistently been imparting knowledge in the core National Subjects including Art, ICT, Maths, Religious Studies, History, Geography, Physical Education, Double Award Science, English Literature, Language and the like. You can find out about its curriculum:

WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE SEEKING ADMISSION AT JAMEA AL KAUTHAR? Needless to say, the institution has devised a very comprehensive and transparent application process. You can find out all about the same at Jamea’s well-maintained website. Hope you are able to shape your academic aspirations successfully with the help of Jamea Al Kauthar. Please ensure that you’re doing your own homework before applying for a place in this institution. Hope the information provided here will definitely help you in making a decision. You can go through testimonials on the website and seek personal recommendations as well.

A complete guide to islamic education  
A complete guide to islamic education  

Islamic education is all about spreading intellect and the idea of peace. Based on one of the richest cultures of the world, Islamic educati...