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Jamari Fowler

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I. introduction II. student work III. fun with logos

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...On with the show.

Student Work

The goal for this class project was to create a fictional book cover enitre based on wilderness. We had to use ourselves as the subject of interest somewhere in cover and work entirely in Photoshop. I actually hate posing for pictures so I tried to use my humor to work through this project.


My early first or second quarter work in Photoshop. The project goal was to create a fictional movie poster again using ourselves as a subject of interest, there was no limitation to design except for dimension. I chose a Sci-Fi action approach titling my movie, “BREAK�, in which my character actually being able to break dimensions.



This piece is a freelanced flyer done as a favor for a good friend intended for a video shoot. The flyer was done with some simple brushe strokes in Photoshop and then layered with text in InDesign. The font used is Champagne & Limousines.

Also done with some spare time outside of class, this piece was done in Illustrator as part of an artwork for my electronic music alias. The explosion and blasts of blended colors were meant to convey the colorful vibes of the song. The cassette tape is to my generation what the cd is to this generation. In the song there is heavy usage of filtered tape compression hence the name. The wallpaper as seen in the top-left corner from this view was formatted for Windows Phone 7, mockups were made in Photoshop.


A reproduction project from my Advanced Photoshop class, definitely the most difficult of my photoshop projects The goal was to reproduce a duplicate version of this popular movie’s stone plate. I used a distorted, stretched marble texture for the stone and metal. Two classical book style fonts were selected for the lettering and stylized X in the center. Several circles were carved out using the selection tools and the bolts were painted into plated, as were the shadows. Finally, lighting effects were implemented and the overall image was rasterized and retinted a cooler tone.


My original logo concept done in Illustrator but brought to Photoshop to showcase in a more cinematic fashion. Sharp beveled edges on the logo and shards. The glass was custom drawn on a self created lighting layer then masked and doubled to create the illusion of several shards.



“Southern Company is researching how to measure and produce energy from the wind given the fact that Alabama really is a low-wind area,” Shih says. “Still, it’s an alternate energy, and it’s an area we all believe is worth researching and investigating.” Philpot, who closely follows technology developments that may aid Southern Company, says the fact a low-wind area location doesn’t mean the technology can’t - and shouldn’t - be pursued. “I focus on renewable energies - wind, solar and hydro - and try to find technologies that will work in our footprint,” Philpot says. “There are other parts of the country where this might be more applicable, but this is not stopping my research. One day there may be a turbine that will be able to capture the wind here and harness it, and maybe it will be Dr. Shih and his students who will develop a blade that will capture more wind. There are a lot of positives here for us in working with UGIA on this project.”

UGIA Facility Standards for New Construction & Renovations The following energy conserving standards have been established for new construction and renovation of existing buildings: Improved Insulation Energy efficient windows Energy efficient HVAC control systems Energy efficient lighting Improved lighting controls

Heat Recovery Systems and “Free” Cooling New buildings such as the Heritage Hall Classroom Building have a heat recovery system tempering fresh air with exhaust air. This heat recovery system utilizes a rotating heat wheel to transfer heat from the intake to the exhaust air streams. By tempering the intake fresh air stream, this results in less cooling needed in the summer and less heating in the winter. Other systems utilize a heating coil in each of the two air streams and circulate a water-glycol fluid between them to transfer the heat. In existing buildings, direct digital controls have been installed to allow up to 100% cool outdoor air to be brought into the air handling units to allow free cooling of the building. Typically free cooling can occur 2,651 hours per year. These controls have been installed in the following buildings: Education Building, Business & Engineering Complex & North Pavilion. The total HVAC energy savings is more than $226,250 per year.

LED exit signs and exterior lighting Compact fluorescent lamps in blue help lights and interior down light and sconces Carpet recycling specifying and installing carpet with recycled content Pipe insulation VAV boxes Low VOC paints and paint with “green seal” certification VCT that contains recycled vinyl Furniture that is “green guard” certified Design HVAC systems using AHSRAE90.1-2004 Occupancy sensors for room lighting T-8 fluorescent lights Energy efficient motors Hands-free bathroom fixtures

A Digital Prepress: Design an environmental awareness booklet for a ficticious college. The audience were the students of this college and I could only use the authorized campus color scheme. Vector graphics were drawn in Illustrator and the layout was done in InDesign.


Fun with logos


A logo designed for a company promoting education through science and tecnology. The wanted the logo to be very cartoonish and child friendly so they could reuse the character in other elements if necessary. The idea of the design was definitely not easy to brainstorm.


The first logo was designed for a daily deal website with luxury articles in French in mind. The client did not leave much information for this one. The second logo I designed for a financial results comapny that oversees and consults with several businesses and their finances. The founder owned a martial arts company and wanted to run this in conjuction with that company. They also weren’t extremely clear on their needs. It left designers scratching their heads.


A logo for corporate company that specializes in building legal structures in financial engineering. The client asked for a very minimalistic design consisting of the letters of the busuness..


The client’s original idea for a logo was that one of the letters have a leaf growing or emerging out. I’ve incorporated this into the second alternate logo. I switched it up a bit by going for a more blatant approach. The client wanted something that was relatable to customers but said “modern, young, healthy, fresh...”


Abstract logo for a gaming website that enabled the player to win coupons and deals on actual item that they could shop for. I got a bit nostalgic with this concept while still trying to still appeal to all visitors. T-shirts mockups for outside advertising.


Logo drafts and concepts for a video production company based in Seattle. There were a lot of concepts because me and a few other designers were locked in what seemed like a stalemate of logos chosen by the client. He wanted a logo that didn’t have film or cameras as it was too cliche'.


A logo and mockup for a now non-existent messaging app for the iPhone, probably one of my most favorite logos. I was really into the font “Telegrafico� at the time.


This logo was developed for a software development company that creates tools for businesses in retail and private banking. The client wanted something that said modern, happy, smart, but serious. I prefered a thin font for this project, relaxed the “e� to play on the name for a bit of subtlety. I also worked on some security envelopes to start expanding on the company’s brand.


this book

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Jamari Fowler Art Book  

This is my Capstone Portfolio. A book of compiled projects, assignments, and my specialty of Logo Design and Branding. (2012)

Jamari Fowler Art Book  

This is my Capstone Portfolio. A book of compiled projects, assignments, and my specialty of Logo Design and Branding. (2012)