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Total duration:

Camera/ Shot Type/ Camera Action/ Duration

Introduction graphics: Cam 1/Medium-close up/ panning/ 27 seconds

Shot No.


1 2

Cam 2: long shot/static/4 seconds Cam 1: medium shot/zoom in/ 27 seconds

Shot No.

Cam 5: medium close-up/ static/ 5 seconds

Cam 3: medium close-up/static/ 6 seconds

Script/ Screen Action/ Additional information


2 3 3 4 4

There is a camera following the magnified glass hovering the graphics with a medium- close up for 27 seconds. (Music playing) There is a long shot of all 5 of the contestants which is still to introduce the viewers to how many people are involved A medium shot of Stephen Fry for 27 seconds of him talking about what the viewers should expect to come from today’s show. There is a medium close-up on Lee Mack as is being introduced by Stephen Fry when he says “The world wicked Lee Mack”.

Cam 1: Medium shot/static/2 seconds

Cam 6: Medium shot/ static/ 6 seconds

Furthermore, there was a medium close-up shot on Billy Bailey for 6 seconds. This is when Stephen introduces him by saying “The world’s safe, Billy Bailey” This a short shot going back to the person introducing all of the contestants, Stephen Fry A medium shot of David Tennant for 6 seconds as he introduced by Stephen by saying “The world’s cool, David Tennant”

Shooting script (qi)