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Meet Your Sweet Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series. Product Review

With the volume of online courses claiming to be the next best thing offering you the man, woman, or relationship of your dreams, only the most creative and innovative courses get my attention. One such course came to my attention recently when it was offered to me by online attraction advice expert and dating diva, Mirabelle Summers. Mirabelle and the team at Meet Your Sweet, one of the internet's authorities on dating, attraction, and relationship transformation have recently released their answer to dating's most pertinent and topical questions, in a landmark 12-issue course. Introducing Meet Your Sweet's Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series for men and for women: First impressions of the course are pretty good. Mirabelle tells me this course has been the result of months of planning, writing, editing, and much more. Presented in an attractive magazine-style layout, it's immediately apparent that there is a lot of material to read and work through, so I'm hopeful that it delivers on the promises made in its headlines and tabloid-style covers. It does! Written as two separate publications, one for men and one for women, the first thing I notice is that both issues are quite separate and have unique material in each. They have avoided that annoying habit of relabelling a woman's product for men, or vice versa. Each publication has distinctly separate topics relevant to each gender, and it's all neatly laid out over 70-100 pages per issue. Meet Your Sweet has a growing reputation as a heavyweight in the dating market, and the high standard of this series is typical of the high standards this company has set itself. With 70-100 pages per issue, there is plenty to read and apply. So what do you hope to get out of this transformation course? The dynamic 12-issue format enables readers to get just as much information as they need at the time. We all have limits to how much information we can absorb as we upskill ourselves in attraction, so with that in mind Meet Your Sweet made the decision to develop a course that takes you through the journey from frustrated to fulfilled, and stands beside you every step of the way.

That way you get the information as you need it, rather than reading about it and forgetting it when the time comes later. It's a great concept, and it works for me! I look forward to getting a new issue with new guidelines and guidance from Mirabelle, Slade, Amy, and the team. At first I wasn't sure about the two-column layout of the eBooks, but after getting used to it I can see that it's an edgy, up-to-date style that suits the vibe of the series. It's a new generation approach to dating advice, and one that I'm sure reader’s area going to respond to very well. The writing is pretty impressive as well. Columns cover a number of relevant and skills-based topics, each with a view to building your skills towards transforming your approach to attraction and developing a successful relationship. Plus, in addition to the columns, Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman have interviewed a number of leading online gurus on their take on attraction and transforming your success. I have only seen the first couple of issues as the rest are still in creation, but if this is taste of what's to come, I'm hooked. I recommend this course to men and women serious about attraction, and look forward to seeing the next issues to be released! But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself. There is a course for men and a separate course for women. Both are some of Meet Your Sweet's finest work, and my new goto guide for support and advice that really delivers results! Check it out now!

Meet Your Sweet Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series.  

With the volume of online courses claiming to be the next best thing offering you the man, woman, or relationship of your dreams, only the m...