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June 2011

Your Positive Connection To Jamaica

Issue 8

Giving to others

Wen i give to yu, i don luk to yu to give mi bak

Being able to give new opportunities to others is a driving force behind Bespoke Homes Jamaica. So for example we widen our workers’ skills through new learning opportunities. And we support Saturday & summer school in Jamaica.

What you give always comes back – be generous! (Thanks to Ena Wright for sending this proverb)

Before his recent return to competitive running, Usain Bolt joined Lady Allen, the Governor General’s wife, and others on his 10km walk to support the Bustamante Children’s Hospital. The public and business are helping the police by giving more information about criminal activity. And by helping in other ways, as when Sandals donated four new VW pickup trucks to the JCF, as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. Labour Day saw some great efforts, including 30 people helping to clean the fire-damaged Hannah Town Police Station - and the Town’s Network Learning Centre. The youth club provided some helpers, including children as young as seven.

Our Bethnal Green event Our latest one-stop roadshow proved a great hit. It followed our first radio show, when Lillalee Wright was interviewed on Colourful Radio. People came from far and wide to hear our evening of talks at Oxford House, Bethnal Green, on 16 June. ‘The Woman of Proverbs’ – Lorlett Hudson - again chaired the event with aplomb. The development of BHJ into the present one-stop property shop with strong community links was described by Lillalee Wright, drawing on her deep knowledge and some great Jamaican humour. Vasel Atkinson set out Jamaica National’s finance facilities and user requirements. Drawing on crucial history, Hamilton Daley considered many of the key legal issues – not least getting that land title sorted.

Richard Adeshiyan, Lorlett Hudson, Hamilton Daley, Lillalee Wright; and Vasel Atkinson & colleague (JNBS) Sylbourne Sydial & Senator the Hon. Marlene Malahoo Forte, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade

Sylbourne Sydial of Facilitators for a Better Jamaica has just attended the biennial Diaspora Conference in Ocho Rios. This followed an FFBJ survey in which “lobbying” and “investing” gained majority support as the top ways the Diaspora could help Jamaica. Returning to Jamaica was found to be a better option than remittances. As Mr Sydial said after the Conference closed: “The Diaspora Conference this year was so crucial as the persons who attended demonstrated a passion to see what they could give back to Jamaica from an investment and political perspective. The Government was also saying the right things – but then they always say the right things. Now is the time for action”.

The evening ended with the conclusion of our long-running prize draw. The lucky winner of the spa for two at a Marriott hotel was Vernon Simpson, who attended the Brixton event. To book your place for our next evening of talks on Wednesday, 14 September in New Cross Gate, use or 020 3318 0993. As usual, the event runs from 6.30 – 9.30pm.

BHJ in the West Midlands and Nottingham We will be in Wolverhampton on Wednesday 5 October, at the Bagot Inn – email We will be in Birmingham on Wednesday 12 October, at the Afro-Caribbean Centre – email We will be in Nottingham on Wednesday 19 October, at the Afro-Caribbean National Artistic Centre – email To book places and for more information, please email or call 020 3318 0993. As usual, all events are from 6.30 – 9.30pm.

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June 2011

Your Positive Connection To Jamaica

Issue 8

New book offers kids much hope

Safer and better transport soon come

In her recent book “Money Basics for Kids”, Sharryn Dawson looks at some key issues. Where does money come from? How to manage your money. How to save your money. Creating your business idea. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has shown that in the three years to 2008 Jamaicans were already among the most entrepreneurial in the world.

In May, Jamaica took steps to get ahead of the target to cut road fatalities in half by 2020, as part of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety. As transport minister Mike Henry said, "We are committed to rewriting the laws and improving the policies and frameworks to make our roads safer". Asafa Powell offered support for greater responsibility. Some good news on the long-delayed Spanish Town to Ocho Rios toll road came from finance minister Audley Shaw. Cabinet has agreed to let the transport minister talk to a company other than Bouygues Travaux Publics. They will need to sort out the technical problems of the Mount Rosser bypass and complete it. They will also need to initiate investment in and construct the Spanish Town to Treadways leg while initiating the Moneague to Drax Hall leg. The new contract is expected to start before the end of the year.

Books like that of Sharryn Dawson should help more budding entrepreneurs to succeed as well as giving children a stronger financial footing for adult life all.

Good values for kids & schools In a new book – “Good values – stories teaching positive values & attitudes” – Nalda TaylorWright offers a book that can help to counter the negative attitudes sometimes passed on by older people. Education minister, Andrew Holness, also recently emphasised good values when talking about school leadership. As he said: "There is conflict of values going on, so the schools have to be strengthened institutionally to promote the values...[to avoid] segregation of people". At the same time, Holness encouraged school heads and governors to audit the school’s performance, at least yearly. Transparency and use of management systems were vital.

Disabled school children and others are benefitting from a doubling to six of the disability buses operating in Kingston. Transport minister Henry commented that "My job is to make sure that persons who are less fortunate in the society have access to public transportation to get them home safely".

Older persons gone surfing The Gleaner recently reported the case of a 68-year old lady who had been unable to use a computer or the internet. But after attending computer classes at the Apostolic Seventh-day Church of God Learning Centre in Victoria, Linstead, she now prefers to write to people by email instead of by letter. As she said, "I want all the older folk…to learn to use the computer. We are liberated. There is so much you can do".

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June 2011

Your Positive Connection To Jamaica

Issue 8

“Windrush: The Next Generation”

More good economic news

After a stimulating day of cultural celebration in Stratford, London, Tony Wade MBE gave a short talk about how his business career evolved. In the England of the late 1940s, he started work washing dishes in the Lyons Coffee House. Through hard work, determination, saying no to obstacles, and having respect, he had created a huge business from black hair & skin products.

Growth in the first quarter of 2011 was confirmed, at a higher rate than previously thought. The production of goods, agriculture and tourism performed best. Agriculture & fishing grew by a seventh. Thanks to higher production and the reopening of the Ewarton aluminium plant last June, the mining sector grew by two-fifths. As a result, jobs grew by 15,000 in quarter one, leaving the unemployment rate just below 13%.

Focusing on Kingston Kingston parish only consists of the old downtown and Port Royal. Its population lies just below 100,000, while St. Andrew parish has a population of more than 555,000 (2001). Kingston is the only parish bordered by just one other parish - Saint Andrew is to the east, west and north. Kingston is the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the USA.

Formed in 1692 after an earthquake, by 1716 it had become the largest town and the centre of trade for Jamaica. The first free school, Wolmer's, was founded in 1729. The first theatre was on Harbour Street but moved to North Parade in 1774. Fort Charles in Port Royal provided an early warning against would-be invaders. The long list of famous Jamaicans born in Kingston city includes Bob Marley, Michael Manley, Mary Seacole, Louise Bennett-Coverley, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Alfred Valentine, Chris Gayle, Courtney Walsh, John Barnes, Desmond Dekker and Yendi Philipps.

Looking forward, we have seen Grace say it will take new steps to export four of its main products. Meanwhile, Red Stripe is to bottle Smirnoff in Kingston; and Caribbean Producers is planning to invest US$2m. The International Trade Expo is set to return to Jamaica after an absence of five years.

Seeking the environment-economy balance In early June, the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals (JIEP) hosted its fifth biennial conference. The continuing need to balance development of Jamaica's natural resources alongside protection of the environment was central.

The importance of achieving environmental balance can be seen across the island. Six years ago, Kingston almost lost Hope Gardens to property developers. But Robert Lalor, CEO of the Nature Preservation Foundation, believes that loss of the botanical gardens would have questioned Jamaica’s ability to operate a modern economy while balancing nature. Rainwater harvesting, for long used in parts of Jamaica, is now being encouraged on a broader scale by the Caribbean Coastal Area Management (C-CAM) Foundation, as it seeks to educate Jamaicans in the face of climate change.

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June 2011

Your Positive Connection To Jamaica

Better downtown housing The Government is seeking to provide a model housing development in downtown Kingston that investors will emulate. Cabinet has approved the compulsory purchase of a property in Chestnut Lane, where the Downtown Kingston Housing Pilot Project will be established. The quality of life of existing residents should rise as the quality of the housing is improved.

Issue 8

BHJ – “Practical Property Solutions for Your Safe Passage to Jamaica” Here at Bespoke Homes Jamaica we bring only positive news. There is too much bad news around. Let’s celebrate our heritage, our “now” and our future. Let’s work for a better Jamaica - a better future for all of us.

Opportunities in Kingston/St Andrew Four-bed detached house: Kingston 9, St Andrew - J$25,000,000

Below and opposite are some existing houses currently available for purchase in Kingston.

Opportunities in Kingston/St Andrew Two-bedroom apartment: Golden Triangle, St Andrew J$15,750,000 This fully detached 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom delightful home is in the cool climes of Golden Spring. Built in 1979, it has good sized rooms, study, back and front patios & verandas, and 800 gallon water tanks. Studio apartments: Kingston 6, St Andrew - J$11,000,000 A selection of newly built super studio apartments with high quality finishes. Close to the university, US Embassy. Great rental potential. 2-bed, 2-bathroom apartment. The unit has been artistically renovated and is suitable for young professionals or as an investment property. The unit is approximately 1000 sq feet and is fitted with A/C and a ceiling fan in both bedrooms. 24-hour security guards.

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June 2011 BHJ Newsletter 8  

June 2011's good news included: lots of giving to others; books to help children; Windrush: the Next Generation; economy-environment balance...