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Gone Fishin’ James Perea, Michael Gregor & Sian Nagi


• Narrator • Charles Gardner • Maxine Gardner

Narrator • Harry Hill (TV Burp) / Dave Lamb (Come Dine With Me) tone of voice • Tongue in cheek sense of humour • Introduces, commentates and signs off programme • Never seen, but image resonated through voice is of a confident, educated, posh yet silly middle aged male

Charles Gardner • Age: 40 • Hometown: Chalk Farm, Camden, North London • Occupation: Advertising Executive • Family: Married to Maxine Gardner • Interests: Technology, Business, Theatre, Jazz, Arsenal FC • Activities: Gym and Squash

Charles Gardner •

Story: Charles has already held several top positions in leading advertising agencies, not only in London but worldwide. He lives in a smart, spacious and modern apartment with his wife Maxine, although he spends most of his time working. He wears a suit everyday, and if he’s not on his laptop, he’s on his Blackberry. He doesn’t cook, clean, wash-up, iron or do any other domestic chores.

Maxine Gardner • Age: 33 • Hometown: Chalk Farm, Camden, North London • Occupation: Part-Time Languages Teacher • Family: Married to Charles Gardner • Interests: Fantasy Novels, Romance and Comedy Films, History Documentaries and Gardening • Activities: ‘Spin’ Class and ‘Wii Fit’

Maxine Gardner •

Story: Maxine is cultured and sociable and therefore loves teaching. Although she has plenty of interests, she seems to spend the rest of her time doing domestic chores, such as washing, ironing, cooking, tidying and cleaning.

Charles claims he doesn’t have the time – but Maxine insists he’s useless at them anyway! Apart from teaching and ‘Spinning Class’ (twice a week) Maxine spends most of her time at home – this developed her love for ‘Wii Fit’.

Trailer • Open trailer with sped up shots of London’s motion (crowds of people walking fast, trains pulling in/departing, London Eye moving around, office block lights coming on and off from distance, etc.)

Narrator: “London City. Home to Charles and Maxine Gardner.”

Trailer • Cut to shots of Charles on laptop in internet Café.

Narrator: “His idea of housework is refreshing the homepage on his laptop.”

Trailer • Cut to shots of Maxine doing housework, emptying the washing machine, etc.

Narrator: “Her idea of ‘time out’ is an hour after it goes in.”

Trailer • Cut to shots of villa in Alentejo south side wilderness.

Narrator: “He thinks he’s staying in a five star hotel.”

Trailer • Cut to shots of five star hotel in Alentejo north side resort.

Narrator: “She thinks she’s staying in a selfcatering villa.”

Trailer • Cut between Charles struggling to herd cattle, fish, cook, and navigate without his Blackberry and Maxine struggling to relax when everything is done for her. • This will include short, funny/cheesy extracts from the show’s footage, giving an insight into their characters, eg. –

Charles: “I caught a fish on my Blackberry before. Big ‘un. More than a megabyte!” Maxine: “She [the maid] caught me making the bed and took over.”


Narrator: “They both took the bate. Hook, line and sinker. Catch “Gone Fishin’” on Monday at 9pm exclusive to Channel 4.”

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