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I am a student

You are in the garden

She plays the violin He is a clown

It lives in a tree

We go to the university

They are thieves

+ TO BE (present simple) + main verb + “…ing” He •



The Present Continuous tense is used to describe something that is happening now, at the moment.

What are they doing? build drink study eat sing play fight Paint brush skate draw read

1. He is eating an ice-cream. 2. He is reading a book 3. She is painting an egg 4. He is skating on ice 5. She is singing a song 6. He is building a castle 7. He is doing his homework 8. He is playing soccer 9. She is dancing 10. He is drawing 11. She is brushing her teeth 12. They are fighting

segunda semana what  
segunda semana what  

segunda semana what are you doing?