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Jamaal Pilate

Inside My Mind

Grand Scale Thinker




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LtI Mu


eR sK Ta

Visually Analytical




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Intelligent ad s ad


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iC Ct Ta

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Ve i t ep

Hard worKing



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Q. What was life like for you as a child?

Q. If you had the chance to change anything about yourself what would you change?

A. ‘‘Life for me as a child wasn’t so easy I didn’t have your typical family life experience. At the age of 3 years old (in which I don’t remember) a fight broke between my birth mother and some guy she was in a relationship with and I suffered the worst end of it I had gotten my left arm broke and a big portion of my back wasn’t severely burnt by a floor heater. When I turn 4 years old I was put into child care services. Me as a child I didn’t have a father growing up and my birth mother passed on me when I was 6 years old. Due to my mother passing into 11 year long depression which I got used and bullied a lot during school days. Far as blood family goes I have 1 brother and 3 sisters in which I barely got to be around, I am the second from the youngest. The family I got adopted into branded me as a outcast until I turned 18 is when I found the courage to tell everyone how I felt from the years of reticule and belittlement.’’

A. ‘‘Well this one is another good one honestly I wouldn’t change anything about myself. From my background on how I grew up, the people I have gained and lost (friends and family), down to the good and bad choices I have made. I wouldn’t change any of it my reason why is if you look at a rose growing out of the concrete you don’t stop to look like oh look like a flower growing in the middle of a concrete parking lot. Your reaction is more like DANG LOOK ITS A ROSE GROWING OUT OF THE CONCRETE then you stop and think back and try to envision the trouble this poor little flower has had trying to survive and yet it triumph over it all to still blossom. So I say that lonely little rose in the concrete is like myself. I’ve come to say this phrase over the years life is best learned the hard for if not people would not value the things the do if everything was easy.’’

Q. what is a life time goal of yours?

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

A. ‘‘This is a good question of the years I was very unsure what I wanted to do with myself so I just lived day by day. I used to wake up saying whatever happens today just happen as I wiped tears from my eyes resenting the day before. But as time grew on I thought about a number of things of the likes of being a NAVY SEAL sniper or any kind of militia man for that matter, a artist/cartoonist, a architect, and a video game designer. But as I grew older and the my mind set began to greatly exceed my peers my direction in life became clear to me. I was bound to be a militia man and with that I found I had a knack for drawing added with helping people. So looking back on then and now I can say my life time goal was to found myself and where I belong.’’

A. ‘‘In my spare I find myself doing a number of a few things. If I’m not in the school working some of my class assignments, I am away doing some army training or reading a few books dealing with health nutrition and physical fitness. Added with me walking around observing life for what it really is down to the small details that makes life cycle rotate the way it does. I’ve been told by many people from over the years the way I view life its of the mind structure of a guy of my age and that I have the soul of an old wise man inside of me. In which would turn out that I somehow how been reincarnated. My spare varies thou with me attending class, trying to keep up with my current friends , find sometime to read and exercise whenever I can find the time to do it.’’

Q. If you could name few of your best traits, what would they be and why? A. ‘‘Well I find myself pondering on this question and for me to get a clear answer to reply with I would say that this is best answered from the people that is closet to me and know me for you I am. But far as why I’ll let the viewers and my friends be my reason for why.’’ Q. What are your hobbies? A. ‘‘Well lets see some of my hobbies are video games, talking on the phone, meeting new exciting people where I can, watching anime cartoons, hanging out with my friends and having a few drinks at a bar or something, playing paint ball, walking, riding my bmx stunt bike, snowboarding, hell mostly anything of the X Games nature I would found myself to have tried out of thinking about doing, drawing since elementary school I’ve always had a knack from drawing or breaking things down and reconstructing them such as the kids toys of LEGOS.’’ Q. In the next 10 years where do you see yourself? A. ‘‘Hmm well I see myself have a few degree so I can be happy and stable life. At this current time I am attending Robert Morris University bachelors degree in graphic design this was sparked of the me as a kid from always finding some kind of time to put pencil, pen, marker, or color pencil to paper and just sit for hours just doodling away. Then having an addition degree in video game design which is another aspect from my years as a kid drawing and trying to find some positive way to escape the life I was living. Lastly having a degree in philosophy because as I grow older so does my mind and the perimeter I tend to wrap myself around its as if to say I became and old man at a young age so far in my life time. Then from there who knows I like helping people always added with the medical stuff I’ve learned from being in the army ill probably go and become and EMT.’’

Q. What was your inspiration ? A. What I find to be my inspiration to be have become the way I am is based off my past and the things I have experienced. I let from of the years to now be my overall driving force to spark and change in myself and vow to never let myself sink into living the life I’ve lived thru as a kid. But however as I grew older I’ve came across the realization that I wasn’t the only one living in let call hardships of being an out-cast. Some of the closest friends I have made where living in the own aspect of the same products of their environment and we banded together to make a change to ourselves. As time grew old some of us lost contact with each other and feels as thou they fell of the face of the earth. But let it be know I still value them and look at them as if the family I’ve never had. Those of them is who I call my brothers and sisters not by blood but by a bond of understanding each other. That in itself is what my driving force, my motivation, my inspiration comes from the sheer choice of change and to be different from what I call the fold in the book of life in today’s modern society.’’ Q. For your viewers of this article what would be something you would like to say to them ? A. ‘‘Well I would like to say this that no matter how hard life is for you past, present and future that there is a fix to everything, with enough determination you could move mountains sort of speak not literally. One must dig deep within yourself and find that driving force to constantly push in into the idea that better days are around the corner just have to be patient and stick it out. And don’t get complacent and content on a current idea or place where you stand unless you have found the grounds on which you see your dream right in front of you, Or that you have obtained all that you have wished for yourself to have. Then and only Is when you can rest and relax an enjoy the fruits of your labor. Yes I will say it again better days are just over the horizon. With out any effort can’t be no existence of success in life.’’

Interview of Jamaal Pilate  
Interview of Jamaal Pilate  

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