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NCAS 2009 Keynote Speaker J. Christopher Clemens, PhD

NC Academy of Science

April 4, 2009 @ 1 p.m. J. Christopher Clemens is a professional astrophysicist and cofounder of MegaWatt Solar. He is an associate professor of astrophysics at The University of North Carolina, where he conducts research in stellar astrophysics. Dr. Clemens also serves as director of the Abraham Goodman Laboratory for Astronomical Instrumentation and is on the board of directors of the Southern African Large Telescope, the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. He has 20 years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of opto-mechanical systems.

2009 ANNUAL MEETING April 3-5, 2009 Warren Wilson College Asheville, NC


Saturday, April 4, 2009

to the

2009 North Carolina Academy of Science Annual Meeting

8–9 8:30 – 9:30 8:30 – 12

Friday, April 3, 2009 1–2 2–5 5–7 5:30 – 6

Finance Committee Meeting Board Meeting Registration (all participants) Poster Judges Meeting

Canon Canon Canon Lobby Gladfelter (Mierke B) Canon

6 – 7:30

Poster Session Taylor McCauley Ryan Vary Jennifer G. Abelin John Prunty, Teresa Warner, Tomeka Prichard Brian Beaty Jessica Chester Jacob Thiesen Robert S. Oakes Breanne Yingling Heidi Shallow Shelly Lee Tiffany M. Cagle Johnathan Locklear

7:30 – 10

Welcome Remarks Canon WWC Vice President of Academic Affairs, Paula Garrett Live Music from the T. Boon Pickers

9 – 9:30

Registration Workshops Bird walk – Lou Weber GeoDome – NC Arboretum Exhibits GeoDome – NC Arboretum Judges & session chairs meeting

10 – 11:30 Sessions for oral presentations Botany & Zoology Katrina C. Pegerson Joseph White Elizabeth A. Kirby Jesse Duff-Woodruff Microbiology Holly Dowling Laura Azzu Kyle Fuller Lisa Stroup Lauren Parker Molecular Biology & Genetics Francina Abengowe Michael Munday Ashley Hayes Jeffrey McConnaughey Breanne Yingling Amy E. Rowlatt Environmental Science Philip M. Zakas Amber Bellamy Amy Roop Jenna Anderson

Jensen Lobby Jensen Lobby Jensen Lobby Jensen 103 Jensen 202 10:21 10:37 10:53 11:09 Jensen 203 10:05 10:21 10:37 10:53 11:09 Jensen 205 10:05 10:21 10:37 10:53 11:09 11:25 Jensen 302 10:05 10:37 10:53 11:09

10 – 11:30 Sessions for oral presentations (continued) Environmental Science cont. Lisbeth A. Hoover Ecology, Env. Science & Con. Bio. Meg Phillips Mandy Monroe Rebecca Hailey Amanda Liss Anita E. Simpson Physiology & Cell/Develop. Eric W. Hopkins William Harrison Chelsea Maier John Gurski Chem., Physics, & Engineering Jason Carter Chas Biederman Anesh Prasai Jacob Thiesen Robert S. Oakes Behavioral, Health, Anthropology Cynthia Abell Alexandra Linares Daniel Ross Brown Jessica McGee Alisha Huettig Tessa Currie Ecology Emma Pett Anna E. Simmons James T. Purvis Krishna Chagarlamudi

Jensen 302 11:25 Jensen 303 10:05 10:21 10:37 11:09 11:25 Jensen 206 10:05 10:21 10:37 10:53 Jensen 306 10:05 10:21 10:37 11:09 11:25 Jensen 305 10:05 10:21 10:37 10:53 11:09 11:25 Jensen 105 10:21 10:37 11:09 11:25

11:30 – 12 11:30 – 12 12 – 1 1–2

Student Academy Poster Presentation Jensen Lobby Judges Meeting Jensen 103 Lunch Welcome Remarks Kittredge

Key Note Speaker Dr. Christopher Clemens 2–4

Biotechnology Workshop Kittredge Metagenomics 3 – 4:30 Sessions for oral presentations Zoology & Cell/Developmental Jensen 302 David Webster 3:05 Amy Cherry 3:21 Carla Perry 3:37 Brandon Davis 3:53 Julian Smith III 4:09 Sarah Hutchinson 4:25 Physics, Math, Behavioral, Molecular & Biotechnology Jensen 305 Johnathan Locklear 3:05 Laurie Cuffney 3:21 Don Collins 3:37 Lei Zhang 3:53 Audrey Lenhausen 4:09 Ryan Daniels 4:25 Ecology & Environmental Science Jensen 303 Jeffrey B. Llewellyn 3:05 Erin S. Lindquist 3:21 Kaylan Fisher 3:37 Lindsey D. Pollard 4:09 Science Education & Policy Jensen 202 Charles Lytle & Brenda Lytle 3:05 Nailong Guo 3:21 Jeffrey Scott Coker 3:37

4:30 – 5 5 – 5:30

6:30 – 8:30 8:30 – 9

Laura Fieselman 3:53 Francie Cuffney 4:09 Janice C. Swab 4:25 Refreshments Jensen Lobby Discussion of Mission Statement & Business Meeting Jensen 302 NCAS CANCAS Banquet Canon Award Ceremony & Closing Remarks NCAS Board of Directors Meeting Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 – 12

Field Trips Canceled because of low interest.

Supporters of 2009

2009 Annual Meeting Sponsorship

! Donated Exhibits GeoDome

Academy Headquarters Meredith College Sustaining Member Carolina Biological Supply Company Institutional Members Belmont Abbey College Brevard College Campbell University Davidson College Duke University Elizabeth City State University Guilford College Lenoir-Rhyne University Mount Olive College Peace College St Andrews Presbyterian College UNC-Chapel Hill UNC-Charlotte UNC-Greensboro UNC-Pembroke Wake Forest University Warren Wilson College Western Carolina University Associate Members Dickson Foundation Sigma Xi – Asheville Chapter



Patrons Barbara Blake William Burk J William Byrd Lawrence Cahoon Richard Carmichael John Clamp Francie Cuffney Farley Martin Alan Goble Karen Guzman William Holman Tom Jones Gerhard Kalmus Lisa Kelly Michael Kingston Melanie Lee-Brown and Jim Brown Jeff Llewellyn Karen McDougal Yuko Miyamoto Patricia Plant Frank Schwartz Susan Stephenson Janice and Ed Swab Rebecca Tart

Yarbrough Undergraduate Research Grants Fund Rebecca Boston and Scott Shore Les Brown Ileana Clavijo Joseph Daugherty Marsha Fanning Martin Farley Sherry Ginn Forrest Getzen David Grant Willie Hinze Tom Jones Gerhard Kalmus Karen Katula Lisa Kelly Karen McDougal Olav Ruepell and Matina Kalcounis-Ruepell Jon Stucky Max Walker Robert R Bryden Graduate Research Grants Fund Sherry Ginn David Grant Willie Hinze Gerhard Kalmus Karen Katula Olav Ruepell and Matina Kalcounis-Ruepell Jon Stucky Max Walker Robert Wright Research Grants Trust Fund Lawrence Cahoon Ronald Dimock Willie Hinze Gerhard Kalmus Michael Kingston Linda Little Douglas Middaugh Olav Ruepell and Matina Kalcounis-Ruepel

Susan Stephenson Rebecca Tart

2009 NC Academy of Science Annual Meeting  

Friday, April 3, 2009 • Poster Session & Reception Saturday, April 4, 2009 • Keynote address by Dr. Chris Clemmons, Associate Professor at...

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