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THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE progress keeps moving

April 20, 2009

While our official Groundbreaking on December 5th and approvals in principle are behind us, much has been going on. On March 25 we received our Final DCA Approval signed and sealed (page 5), enabling us to move forward with this exciting project. Since then we have been making small changes to our Master Plan in the way of minor street adjustments, drainage, sewer locations, and more. The Bids to contractors are being mailed out next week.

Inside this issue:

M Group Appoints Rider Levett Bucknall as Project Managers for THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE International Firm to Project Manage Eco-Friendly, Residential Resort in St. Lucia Developer Pascal Mahvi of M Group announced that Rider Levett Bucknall, (RLB), the international construction cost and project management firm, has been selected as the project manager for The Jalousie Enclave, the luxury residential resort community located in the heart of the Val des Pitons on the island of St. Lucia. RLB is renowned for managing cost and all aspects of construction of hotels, resorts and luxury residential projects throughout the world. “We are pleased that RLB is working with us to bring The Jalousie Enclave to fruition. With a team of accomplished professionals led by RLB, we will efficiently create a visually stunning and ecologically responsible community for our future residents,” said Pascal Mahvi. The Jalousie Enclave will be the only guarded residential community on Jalousie Bay in St. Lucia. As Project Manager, RLB will lead the project delivery team to create a community that takes full advantage of local materials, culture, and site conditions. RLB philosophy focuses on delivering a unique and authentic luxury community for The Jalousie Enclave with a look and feel different from any other community on St. Lucia or in the Caribbean. “We are thrilled to work with The M Group on this exciting project. The Jalousie Enclave will be one of the most luxurious, environmentally friendly residential communities in the world,” said Mark Williamson, Caribbean Director at RLB. “At RLB we focus on delivering high end quality projects; this development will preserve and enhance the area’s natural surroundings and we are looking forward to executing a project that will complement St. Lucia’s stunning natural beauty.” RLB’s project portfolio is truly global, prestigious projects include Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino, New Mexico, International Finance Centre and Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, Disneyland Resort Hong Kong, Sydney Opera House and Raffles City, Singapore. Specializing in Construction Cost and Project Management, RLB create a bespoke project execution plan for every project, taking into consideration site constraints, client needs and end user requirements. RLB will manage the pre and post contract phases on this prestigious development.

* Ground Breaking behind us * RLB are The Jalousie Enclave’s Project Managers * M Group Prime Contractor of Jalousie Enclave * Exhibition in Trinidad May 2 * Excellence International * Meet Monty Zullo VP Resort Operations * Alternate Clubhouse Design * Master Plan Update * Homeowners Association * DCA Approval Update * M Group drills for Water * Jalousie Enclave Villa Plans * Facts to Remember

Meet Monty Zullo VP Resort Operations, page 4

RLB Continued The Jalousie Enclave will further St. Lucia’s commitment to ecological preservation and RLB will manage the construction of a development that will complement the natural beauty of the natural environment. The island’s topography, ecology and culture are unique in the world and the mountainous nation is unspoiled by development. The area where The Jalousie Enclave is located, between the Pitons, is a designated World Heritage Site determined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2004 and gives an extraordinary opportunity for buyers to purchase a home in a World Heritage Site.

M Group Resorts Will Serve as Primary Contractor for THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE The M. Group Resorts is the principal contractor for The Jalousie Enclave and will oversee all aspects of the development project using RLB as its CPM agent. M Group Resorts has experience managing prestigious projects across the globe. The group’s portfolio of work includes the Mission Plaza Association’s 350 Unit Apartment development, in San Diego California, Airport Commerce Park, in Missouri, Plaza Hotel, in London; Onslow Hotel, in London; and the Jalousie Plantation Resort in St. Lucia. Recently, Rider Levett Bucknall, the international construction cost and project management firm, was selected as the project manager for all construction aspects of The Jalousie Enclave. RLB creates a bespoke project execution plan for every project, taking into consideration site constraints, client needs and end user requirements. RLB will manage the pre and post contract phases on this prestigious development. Residents will have the opportunity to select a custom home design from their chosen architect. Buyers will submit their Custom Home design plans for approval by M Group Resorts and the DCA.

THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE attends the Exhibition in Trinidad hosted by ….. And Belle Vue Properties and Mr. Brian Lara Come visit us at:

MAY RACING CARNIVAL ARIMA RACE CLUB Saturday, May 2 There will be emphasis placed on sartorial elegance, entertainment and the overall enjoyment factor. With a standard dress code in place, there will be significant prizes awarded to best dressed ladies, gents and also couples. Entertainment is an integral part to the success of this event and local artistes and bands would be included in making sure our attendees experience an event never before seen in Trinidad and Tobago. The recreation of Ariapita Avenue will bring a great local feel to the venue. This area situated just on the outskirts of Port of Spain is the main social hub for locals and people visiting the shores of Trinidad. This will be a priceless attraction to the event with its restaurants and bars providing a unique service, which adds to the ambience and experience of “May Racing Carnival”. This Horse Racing Show is under the Chairmanship of Mr. Brian Lara.

THE JALOUSIE ENCALVE featured in Excellence International Magazine

Excellence International Publishes Article On The Jalousie Enclave Excellence International, an upscale lifestyle magazine dedicated to a selective audience inspired by an exclusive art of living, published a major article about The Jalousie Enclave and its developer Pascal Mahvi’s involvement with the island. The article highlights Pascal’s first endeavor on St. Lucia, The Jalousie Plantation, and his dedication to improving the island’s natural splendor and the lives of its residents. Excellence International takes an in-depth look at the new plans for The Jalousie Enclave, including details of the developments ‘green’ initiatives. The article was published in the February 2009 issue of Excellence International and can be viewed on The Jalousie Enclaves website: or Excellence Internationals website:

Monty Zullo Discusses His Career in Hospitality Relaxing at Jalousie

Interviewed by Jessica Saller of Richard Rubinstein Public Relations Why did you decide to build a career in hospitality? In college I met a dear friend and we opened a restaurant in Brooklyn. I started out as a waiter and eventually became an investor. How did you feel on the opening day of your very first restaurant in Brooklyn? It was a very exciting day since I had been working in the food industry all my life. I started young; I worked in my uncle’s Salumeria slicing salami at the age of five. When I was 13, I worked at the fish counter in a supermarket, I was underage so it was illegal, but well worth it. Throughout college I worked at Food Fair to pay for my education. What do you love most about working in the hospitality business? For me this business is all about people. I love to make them happy and see their smiles. How did you meet one of your first partners, the legendary Lloyd Price? I first met Lloyd in my Italian restaurant, Via Appia. He came in for dinner one night and we hit it off. Lloyd kept coming back into the restaurant and we would always catch up. One time he mentioned that he wanted to open a nightclub in New York and asked if I wanted to join him. Of course, I said yes, so we opened a nightclub- The Turntable.

When you teamed up with Lloyd Price to open Turntable in 1969 it quickly became a hotspot for the music industry, what was one of your favorite performances at the club? After a long construction process opening night was one of the culminating moments of my entire life - James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Lloyd Price, and JoJo Smith were all there. We debuted with dancers that showcased the first sliding glass dance floor that slid out from below a super stage. We also worked out a deal with Ed Sullivan who was across the street in the CBS Theater so many of his acts, including Diana Ross rehearsed at the Turntable. I saw some amazing performances that way. We essentially had private shows from all of that era’s top musicians. Why do you think Turntable was such a success? No one else in the business was bringing those kinds of acts into the city in the late 1960’s. We were located at the center of Broadway and Broadway was the center of the world at that time. In 1969 we were so far ahead of the urban music scene, and we were the first to bring an Africa American club to downtown Manhattan. Where did your career lead you after the Turntable? After the Turntable I got my MBA and went deeper into the restaurant management business. As the market changed I went to work for Greyhound and eventually ran foodservice for Stonybrook University. It was a change from Broadway to foodservice- I was serving 15,000 meals a day to college kids. After Stonybrook, I went back to Restaurant Association and managed LaGuardia Airport. I met friends who brought me in to run food service for hospitals around the metropolitan area. I had huge successes with this job and built up a good division. I also inherited the textile division for all hotels. How did you end up at Doubles and then Maxims? I received a call from Wendy Norman at Doubles telling me they were having difficulty putting the club together, so I came in and helped them open Doubles at 59th Street and 5th Avenue. I started there as a consultant and eventually consulted myself into the General Manager position. I stayed with Doubles for 10 years arranging some of the greatest parties and social events New York City has ever seen. Prior to resigning at Doubles, I made arrangements to consult for Pierre Cardin. Once again I consulted my way into a position to open Maxims in New York. I was also there for 10 years. It was during this time that I met Pascal. Over the years Pascal and I remained friends. One summer, after I left Maxims, Pascal called over the 4th of July weekend and asked me to come to St Lucia the next morning. I didn’t come the next morning, but I did come within two weeks. After I saw the land, I knew we could build an amazing resort; so we started work on The Jalousie Plantation almost immediately after my trip. The resort had been opened about 7 months and again I consulted my way not only into the business, but also into a lasting friendship and partnership with Pascal. Doubles set a new standard for nightlife by launching the exclusive private club era. How have you seen the industry change since you first started Doubles? Today clubs are big, not like in they were in the 1950s when they were small and intimate. The world changed and clubs became a huge business. At the time we ran it, the Turntable held 250 people and Maxims held 220 people; those clubs are small by today’s standards. We hosted private parties or charity events almost every night. Doubles was considered a social Mecca. Maxims was the party place with a live orchestra. These clubs were a place for all kinds of people to gather and socialize, from high society. Are their any designers or artists that influence your own work? Valerian Rybar the designer of Doubles. He had a taste level that was impeccable. Valerian designed many projects in Paris and in America. The colors he used always made his spaces seem exciting and significant. Tom Britt is another interior design I admire, as well as Pierre Cardin for his fashion and furniture styles. Of course, I will always admire Charlie Marder’s work; he built my first home in East Hampton.

Monty Zullo Discusses His Career in Hospitality What inspires you to build world renowned resorts and restaurants? I guess it was a natural progression, many of the restaurants I worked in were in hotels and all of my friends were hotel managers. Both restaurants and hotels are all about the experience and the impeccable quality and service provided to clients. Early in life I met a maitre d at Doubles who told me that our clients have everything- cars, servants, beautiful apartments. If you understand that, than you understand the demands that are on an hotelier or restaurateur, and you must give the clients the service and quality they have at home. The most important thing in hospitality is making that client feel like they are at home. I have told that to every person that has ever worked for me. What is your vision for The Jalousie Enclave Clubhouse? My vision is to make it a very exclusive enclave — yes enclave is a good word for what I envision. My goal is to treat the guest every day of the week as if he is at home with the best of the best surrounding him. We will make sure that every whim is satisfied and that every service is the best that money will provide. Describe the ideal atmosphere of The Jalousie Enclave restaurant? The restaurant will be casual Caribbean, to make it more than that would take away from the atmosphere that surrounds our location. The Jalousie Enclave is in a World Heritage Site, nominated as such because of its beauty, lushness, and colorations. That is what we have to bring to the clientele. They chose to live at Jalousie because they want to live in that stunning natural environment. The restaurant will be indoors with outdoor capability. For instance, a party could be outside on the big terrace for cocktail hour, and then could come inside to dinner for the main event. The inside of the restaurant will bring the best of the island’s natural atmosphere indoors, ultimately bringing the outside in. What do you envision for the menu at The Jalousie Enclave restaurant? The atmosphere is one thing, but the food must be a combination of heritages. A menu easily becomes boring so it must change just as the world is constantly changing. The menu will be a mixture of French, Italian, English, American, and Caribbean dishes. It can’t always be Caribbean. We will offer an extraordinary wine list, bringing both affordable and exclusive wines to our guests. We need a diverse team to bring this cuisine to the Enclave. The task for the restaurant team will be to produce variety and great quality and only then will we have a happy audience. Do you have your team lined up for the restaurant? We’re interviewing our team now. It will be lead by someone of quality from New York or England, someone with a world class pedigree. I would love to bring visiting chefs to Jalousie for a week or a month at a time, chefs Jean George and Daniel. Or I would love to pull someone out of retirement. I’m affiliated with James Beard so I have inroads into the chef world. There is nothing like this on the island, but I did bring major chefs to The Jalousie Plantation, so I know we can entice chefs for The Jalousie Enclave. Do you have a favorite chef? I don’t have one favorite chef, but I have a few chefs I really admire. I like Daniel Boulud, David Pasternak, Jean George, and David Ruggerio when he cooked for me at Maxims. Tell us about the most extravagant event you were involved in. Every day was a special day in the restaurant whether it was one person or 500 people. It’s that personal touch that makes people feel that they are welcome and making sure that service they receive is above and beyond. Some of the events we created at Maxims included “Singular Sensations”, a party we created that brought in every young socialite in Manhattan. Another highlight was when we hosted Beaujlais Neauveau to do a tasting for 2000 people. And then there were always very chic, intimate dinners for the global crème de la crème. The most important thing about service is to know where to be whimsical and where to be real. A dinner party can be whimsical even in a restaurant -- in the service and in what you prepare. When you are at home you want to create the atmosphere of fun and you want to do something that guests will always remember. Make them feel better than they feel at home by preparing a wonderful breakfast or making the bed with exquisite sheets. That’s what’s lacking in the world of service today, personal detail. Everyone wants to make a fortune but no one wants to put the effort into making sure the customer wants to come back. What is your favorite dish to prepare at home? I absolutely love to make leg of lamb with rosemary garlic, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, and white wine reduction. It is simple, but amazing. It smells amazing as it cooks and tasting is smelling! Once when I was entertaining at my home in East Hampton, we went absolutely over the top and used an 82 Lafitte Rothschild in the lamb! It was quite a show. What is your favorite New York City restaurant? At the moment I like Del Posto. I like the grandness and the fun, yet I like the casualness of all of the Be Our Guest restaurants. And yet I also love Daniel. I like Le Relais in Paris for its chicness. When I visit Miami I like to go to Scarpetta. It all depends on what you are doing, what you are in the mood for.

Monty Zullo and Stephenson King, Prime Minister

Monty Zullo Discusses His Career in Hospitality When you travel, what do you look for in a hotel? Are there certain amenities you cannot live without? When I travel I look for the same thing I’ve been talking about- simple, great service, clean but with a touch of elegance. I’ve stayed in places that range from the Plaza Athenee to the Pullman around the corner. In Italy I’ve stayed in the top hotel and little pensiones. If you happen to have a day off, how do you spend it? I love to read on my days off anything from new recipes and cookbooks, to history, and jazz. I listen to Lloyd Price. When I’m at the beach I love to cook. The one thing you won’t catch me doing is making a bed. Is there anything you can share with restaurateurs and hospitality professionals to guide them to a successful career in the industry? I cannot stress the importance of quality and service enough. You have to know what being in the hospitality industry is all about. Most of our clients have the most luxurious lifestyles from living in exquisite homes to traveling first class and experiencing world class hotels. It’s all one concept. Quality and service cover every aspect of the industry and a great resort like The Jalousie Enclave will have the best of both.

THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE Launches the Homeowners Association, Limited The Jalousie Enclave recently announced that all Villa and Custom Home owners become automatic “Members” of the Jalousie Enclave Homeowners Association. Each Member will have partial ownership of Jalousie’s Clubhouse and shared spaces on the community’s grounds. The Clubhouse will offer a 5 star restaurant and will be for the exclusive enjoyment of the Members and their guest. Renters of any Villa or Custom Home will not have access to the Clubhouse but will enjoy all other amenities.

Master Plan Update The master plan for the Jalousie Enclave is complete as of March 26, 2009. The detailed plan includes property layouts including lot sizes and surveyed markers. Placement of the Water Wells are now established. There are so many beautiful places in St. Lucia, it’s extraordinary. And the most extraordinarily beautiful of them all may be the Val des Pitons, the jewel in the region that has been known for centuries as Jalousie. Jalousie. It may have been named for the exclusive feeling it inspires. Or perhaps it came through the shutters like a breeze, to this private place that is privileged by nature. Where you can see without being seen, and shut out the rest of the world at will. Welcome to the Jalousie Enclave…

THE JALOUSIE ENCLAVE receives DCA Approval On March 25 we received our Final DCA Approval signed and sealed, enabling us to move forward with this exciting project. Since then we have been making small changes on our Master Plan in the way of minor street adjustments, drainage, sewer locations, and more. Jalousie Enclave will build 21 3,000 sq ft. Villas and 51 Custom Homes up to 10,000 sq ft. Once a Villa lot is sold, construction begins. For Custom Homes, the buyers will work with their own or our selection of architects to design their dream home. M Group will build the home of their dreams from start to finish with the finest craftsman available.

THE JALOUSIE ENCALVE Announces Alternate Clubhouse Plan A The Jalousie Enclave plans to construct a $7 million, 15,000 square-foot Clubhouse. The stunning, signature facility will include a world-class fine dining restaurant as well as a private pool and two lakes. Each of the surrounding 72 Enclave residences, will be offered a membership to one of the planned seven new PGA Golf Clubs and Courses. This rendering below is one of two designs The Jalousie Enclave is considering. Consideration is being given to blending two designs.

Design submitted by Edge Architects, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

THE JALOUSIE ENCALVE Announces Alternate Clubhouse Plan B

Design submitted by International Design Consultants of Florida


Front Elevation

Floor Plan

THE JALOUSIE ENCALVE Announces Alternate Clubhouse Plan B

Rear Elevation

Left Elevation

Right Elevation

M Group Resorts starts drilling for two water wells On March 31, drilling began to provide Jalousie Enclave with two water wells. Two wells will insure an uninterrupted supply of water for The Jalousie Enclave home owners, and will supplement the WASA sources.

Facts to Remember About St Lucia and Jalousie Enclave History: Throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries St. Lucia was both a French and British province. St Lucia became self governing on March 1, 1967 and gained independence from England on February 22, 1979. The island celebrates their independence and entry into the Commonwealth of Nations every year with a public holiday. * Location: St. Lucia is part of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. Neighbors include Martinique to the north and St. Vincent to the South. * Geography: The Piton Mountains are St. Lucia’s most famous landmark. Located on the western side of the island between Soufriere and Choiseul, the Pitons 2,600 foot twin coastal peaks are a striking visual for one of the most carefully preserved natural environments in the world. In the mountainous interior lies St. Lucia’s 19,000-acre National Rain Forest, where wild orchids, giant ferns, and birds of paradise flourish. The rainforest is also home to endangered tropical birds including species such as the indigenous St. Lucia parrot. Twenty-nine miles of trails wind through the forest and surrounding orchards of banana, coconut, mango, and papaya trees. The volcanic of Saint Lucia is also one of the few islands in the world that boasts a drive-in volcano.

* Population: 151,000 - Size: 238 Sq. Miles - Official Languages: English, French Patois * A Full Residency planned gated development in the heart of St Lucia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. * The ONLY Full Residency gated community next to KOR’s newest branded resort. * The ONLY Full Residency gated community at the base of the Petit Piton, St. Lucia’s national symbol. * Height of Petit Piton 2618 ft, Gross Piton 2438 ft on the Caribbean Sea. * Each home owner will have deeded access to the Sugar Beach (at the resort below). * M. Group’s site is 190 acres, of which they are developing 100 acres, leaving the balance as a green barrier. * The Tides, Sugar Beach (the old Jalousie Plantation Resort ) is on 129 acres (originally built by M Group). * Traveling to St. Lucia: New York and Atlanta - 4 hours - Miami - 3.5 hours - Toronto & Montréal - 5 hours London - 8 hours The island is served by: Virgin Air, British Air, American Air, Delta Air, Air Canada, US Air & Liate Air, Condor will soon start service from Germany. * Roebuck International is building the 250 room Ritz Carlton hotel, located approximately 30 min from Jalousie. * The fishing village of Soufriere, is located within the World Heritage Site, the center of all St. Lucian tourist activities.

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