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jxÄvÉÅxA The Jalousie Enclave is located at the heart of St. Lucia's World Her itage Site, and is designed to be a Luxury Caribbean gated community, offering 5 star amenities to its residents and their guests. The full time, live-in community is located between the world's famous Pitons. The resident owners of the 3,000 to 10,000 square foot, villas and custom homes shall enjoy full privileges of all amenities, priority rental access to the Villas which are located near the Clubhouse and around the twin, fresh water lakes for their visiting family and guests, and a membership at one of the PGA golf courses. Residents/Owners can, if they so choose, place their residence in the Jalousie Enclave's managed rental pool at a favorable net split.

ft|Çà _âv|tA Lush. Unspoiled. The most gorgeous location in the West Indies on the Caribbean Sea. With a mix of English and French cultures and style, its people have a heart for exemplary service There are so many beautiful places in St. Lucia and the most extraordinarily beautiful of them all is the basin between the Pitons known as the Val des Pitons;The Jewel of the Caribbean in the region that has been known for centuries as Jalousie. Jalousie. It was named for the exclusive feeling it inspires. And perhaps it came through the shutters like a breeze, to this very private and enchanting place that is a privilege given to a few by Nature.Where you can see without being seen, or shut out the rest of the world at will. Welcome to the Jalousie Enclave… By invitation only from the founder and builder of the Jalousie Plantation Resort (now The Tides on Sugar Beach).

jÉÜÄw [xÜ|àtzx Ä|ä|ÇzA World Heritage living. The Jalousie Enclave enjoys pride of place in an unprecedented location - a splendid landscape of two hundred acres within one of the most talked about and meticulously preserved natural environments in the world. The Enclave is exclusive in the truest sense of the word. It is really an unhurried expanse of green that begins at the edge of the pristine tropical forest, where miles of trails wind through a landscape rich with rare and endangered birds, giant ferns, wild orchids and orchards lush with fruit trees. It stretches out all the way to an unspoiled seacoast, where the majestic cones of the Pitons stand watch over your deeded access to the resort's Sugar Beach, also known as the Forbidden Beach, as its access is blocked by the twin Pitons. One can only get to the beach either by sea or through the resort. Now you can live the life you've imagined, with the unimaginable privilege of World Heritage Living…

fâáàt|ÇtuÄx ÄâåâÜçA Your home is one of only 72 villas and estates homes in the 'green' Jalousie Enclave community. As do all buildings here, it upholds the highest standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) . Green, sustainable living is not just a nice thought, but a way of life. Superior craftsmanship in building materials such as the local stones. All furnishing, fixtures and equipment are imported, save one special piece from St. Lucia. The Enclave has been planned as a model of sustainable elegance and luxury living, designed to respect and conserve the natural resources of your protected surroundings.Your property can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. And as a freehold property owner, you can rent or resell it as you wish. And as this is the last of the best West Indies properties, a property value appreciation is expected, despite the economy. To assist with your housekeeping, the Enclave provides turnkey maintenance and a staff of excellent butlers, maids and cooks. Office services are yours for the asking. Smooth service, energy efficiency, natural splendor, ethical elegance… At Jalousie Enclave,these are just a few of the comforts of home away from home…

g{|á |á çÉâÜ ~|Çw Éy Ä|yxA You belong to the exclusive Jalousie Enclave. Relax, work out at the worldclass spa. Or read a good book while swinging on a hammock in the shade of your gazebo.Walk through the trails seeking the hummingbirds. Swim at the private Clubhouse pool or the Caribbean Sea. Go sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or deep sea fishing and bring your catch of the day to be cooked by your chef to perfection. Meet friends at your fabulous Clubhouse. And dine beautifully at one of the restaurants, or one of the venues at The Tides on Sugar Beach just next door, or at the very exclusive Le Syracuse hotel dining room, or at Ladera Hotel at which Oprah fell in love. Golf? Excellent! Your residence comes with membership to one of St. Lucia's new PGA golf clubs. Seven are planned and a helicopter can whisk you away at dawn and get you back by dinner. You have deeded access to use the private Sugar Beach, where, just off the white sands, the natural protected underwater reserve, a wonder of the living coral reef is just a swim away. Such access is by shuttle service or by foot and takes only minutes. As befits a World Heritage Site, some things at the Jalousie Enclave are simply unavailable anywhere else, at any price. Your life at the Jalousie Enclave is a very civilized escape (for your family) from civilization. Enjoy the beauty of living in an Exclusive world. But it is by invitation only.

Passport to Heaven  

The Jalousie Enclave Introduction

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