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CATALOG 2012-2013

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Letter from the Chairman It’s been nearly 15 years since I first thought using a Cajon as an alternative to drumsets. Specially for those situations where the use of the drumset is problematic in order to local access, stage size or the loud sound level that requires a drumset: Duende is the solution. Duende has been working this “Cajon For Drummer”concept since its founding in 2001. Our line of Cajon is based on every musician’s profile and the type of music he/she plays with. The market is overcrowded with countless brands offering cajon, colors and different finishes, but they are all based on a single sound pattern. If a rock drummer needs a drumset with different features than jazz drummer, why must they both play with the same cajon pattern? It has been an obsession for us to offer the possibilitiy to every musician to find the instrument that best suits his/her playing and music style. While cajon is just another reference between hundreds of it for most of percussion brands, for us Cajon is everything. Duende Percussion is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and development of Cajon, 100% handmade in Spain, by musicians, giving to our instruments an unique personality and character. This is what makes our cajons different from any other found in the market. I would like to thank the trust of thousands of percussionists and drummers in our brand. Because of them our commitment is to continue working hard to be able to offer new products to answer drummers and percussionist needs. We are decided to develop and enjoy something we all share, “the love of music“ José Antonio González (Chairman of Duende Percusion)

NEW FEATURES TENSION SYSTEM...............................6 - 7 INTERCHANGEABLE FRONT PLATE....8 - 9 NEW FEATURES. WHY?..........................11

PRESENTATION MODELS 4 FUN......................................................13 STANDARD..............................................14 MIDRANGE PRO.....................................16 SPECIAL PRO..........................................17

MODELS AND STYLES DIAGRAM................................................20

Hand made in Spain

TENSION SYSTEM Duende manufacture two types of Cajon:



Standard: Range of cajon suitable for all uses and styles. Cajons very versatile answering to any style of music. They are used by percussionists in any kind of music. We can recognize them by their screwed front plate, attached by screws allowing millimetric oscillation of the plate which gives a characteristic brilliance.





Hand made in Spain

New New Features Features

COMPRESSION SYSTEM Compression: Their sound is more compressed than conventional cajon (standard). The front plate is hermetically attached to the chassis, thereby preventing air leakage between the screws. The result is a more aggressive sound, and a louder volume. Those cajons are mostly used for music styles within powerful and repetitive rhythmic base: Rock, Pop, Funk, Shuffle ... Drummers coming from hand percussion with a powerful hit are the best equipped to get the best performance in these cajons. The Duende original tension system, is designed specifically for easy manual changing of their strings: in case you prefer other kind of string sound or if they break during tuning. Elite, Swing&Brushes and Confusion include this compression system.




Hand made in Spain



Hand made in Spain

New Features


Calabo: Thin and resistant front plate, offering a fantastic frequency response with a characteristic brilliance. It comes from Equatorial Guinea and it is suitable for any style. Pine: It is widely used mainly because of its versatility. Pine offers a flat response: balanced treble and bass. Suitable for any musical style. Root:

Harder than calabo and pine. The root plate adds more volume to the instrument and an unique strength ideal for running rhythms ranging from funk to flamenco.

Natural Birch: It has the best bass and treble response, well

balanced, with a perfect punch for fusion, jazz and Latin rhythms.

Birch Brushes: A Natural birch front plates that has been treated by us with special materials giving it a rough finish. Perfect for playing with brushes, also featuring with your hands. Swing music can not be understood without it. Ebony: It is a thick

front plate. Good frequency response and excellent bass response. Music such as Pop or Rock are their allies.

Zebrano: We could say that it

is a variation of ebony but with a different aesthetic finish that makes it very appealing. Like her sister it is ideal for Pop or Rock.


Hand made in Spain

Hand made in Spain


Hand made in Spain

Mini and Cadete are two new Cajons in pine with new design. We wanted to design a new cajon with better qualities than already offered. The new design is targeting the first steps of those little beginners into the music world.

MINI: Beach and Jungle

CADETE: Monkey


Hand made in Spain

New Features



Hand made in Spain


MINI: Children growing up in contact with music improve their skills to live together with other children, establishing a more harmonious communication. duende has created an instrument with special design and features to help children develop their psychomotor skills while learning the musical environment. chassis and front plate in pine. designed for children between 2 and 4 years old.


CADETE: Designed for ages between 4 and 10 years old. Perfect to develop the path of the little musician. Chassis and front plate in pine.

FIRST: We offer a model with a performance that will make of your fist cajon an instrument that you will never desire to give up. Featuring a ST 1, Chassis built in MDF and front plate in Calabo, the First cajon will surprise everybody.

Hand made in Spain



BASIC: Cajon with very good response in both treble and bass. Medium sounds is its avantage. Ideal instrument for beginners in the world of cajon.

CLASSIC: It includes a double tensioning system, giving the musician a brighter sound and more volume than the basic model special treatment front plates.

CONFUSION: It is a model with two different sound settings: on one side it presents the features of the Basic (Standard) and the other side incorporates a CL system (compression). TWO CAJONS IN ONE.


Hand made in Spain


Hand made in Spain


MIDRANGE PRO Here we include the Pro and Elite models.

PRO: The birch wood used on its construction gives it a warmer and sharper sound than previous models. Everything on its range means magnified response and volume. Although well suited for all styles of music, it is a cajon designed for professional use in flamenco.

ELITE: Made of birch, Elite has a very rich nuanced response. Being a compression model, its volume is spectacular. The rock is its “habitat” and the drummer its “musician”.


Hand made in Spain

SPECIAL PRO Those are our most specific models, considered by most of the percussionists and drummers as the perfect instrument for both: studio and concert. It is the perfect instrument for the most exigents.


DUO: Designed for both concert and recording studios, and whatever the musical style is developped. This cajon has independent bass and treble box, which allows us to do separate equalization, separate volumes or even to apply different sound effects. It is the best cajon in definition and precision of all the Duende market.

Hand made in Spain



presents special dimensions that provide the instrument with the most powerful and elegant deep sound never achieved in a cajon. That is the reason why musicians coming from hard rock and metal love this model. Latino also responds to infinite nuances not found in a cajon with standard measures. Latino is an unique and perfect tool for use in musical styles as jazz, fusion and Latin rhythms.

SPECIAL PRO Those are our most specific models, considered by most of the percussionists as the perfect instrument for both: studio and concert. It is the perfect instrument for the most exigents.

S & B: Swing&Brushes. This is the first cajon in the market to include a rough front plate. It has a fantastic response playing both brushes and fingertips. This is the indispensable companion for Jazz and Swing percussionists. We have reached to add a very metallic sound like the classic Jazz drumsets. Suitable for playing with hands, brushes or even making interesting combinations of both techniques.




Birch Brushes: A Natural birch veneer that has been treated by us with special materials giving it a rough finish. Perfect for playing with brushes, also featuring with your hands. Swing music can not be understand without it.


Hand made in Spain

Hand made in Spain

















Hand made in Spain

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Duende Percusión Catalog 2012  

Catalog of music instrument

Duende Percusión Catalog 2012  

Catalog of music instrument