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Running your own business

           Jales Hotel

Your relaxing is  the most  important think  in our Hotel

Alejandro Arredondo                                                    Class: 4º E..S.O.                                                    Enterpising Initiative                                                                     Projecto 3ª Evaluation


My business is about of the a rural hotel in the Armentia town.   The stay in this please of easing My thing is the following one: I want to create an  establishment in which the enjoyment of the nature and the relaxation esten joined. I  want that the people could have the opportunity to it be proved because of it habra by   rooms and services of different prices. This establishment was consisting of fifteen  rooms of (low Cost) and other fifteen rooms type suite with mas presentations and  comforts and certainly sevicio of any type with telephone to ask for the necessary  thing (there enters the price of the room) To gastronomic level sera of the eleción of the   consumer, the letters iran from the typical Basque plates up to new advances that  have been obtained in the high kitchen. This establishment,  I specify with terrace where  a calm stay has to the being a zone  pribate of the hotel where alone there could it the residents to accede.


     2. My product is the Following:          My work this one based on a hotel with all the elegant ones and services that has  a luxury hotel the only presentations that it offers the Jales Hotel:


1. If you look forward a romantic night whit your boy/girlfriend, you will go on  monday and you recive a free luxury breakfast. 2. In ``semana santa´´ if you came more than one night, your children  will came  free.

Our restaurant: in our restaurant we had won a prize for our luxury products and we have  ``five fork´´. And we are a specialistic in Vitoria­Gasteiz´s traditional food.

Our rooms: our rooms have: a comfortable bed, a big ultimate generation TV, a big bathtud  whit hidromassage and an enough space for stay there.

Potencial  of the  marke: 

The reason for our succes is the high quality for our products. Our suppliers are  from a lot of contrys, for exemple: the wine from Francia, the extra virgin olive  oil from Andalucia, the ``jamón pata negra´´ from Guijuelo (a village from  Salamanca)... Our clients are from a lot of place both of Spain and of the rest of Europe. The  comments for they are excelent and we dont not have a negative criticism. Our clients are very rich and demandings for this reason our workers are very  pacient and they comport in a very correct way. 


It is very dificult to find another hotel whit our characteristic, but the

Park Hyatt Jeddah, situate in Arabia Saudi, wins us. Our advantages are the following: 1. The Jale´s Hotel is situate in a beutifule place in the center of vitoria-Gasteiz. 2.

Our workers are very likeable and pacient.


There is a kitchen service the 24 hours for day.

Our disadvantages are the following: 1. You need a car. 2. Although our kitchen is very good, you have to wait a few minits.

My Logo

• This is my slogan: Your relaxing is the must important  think in our Hotel.


1. Variety a wide range

1. I start whit bnothing.

2. Ambition to work. 2.Creat a innovation drawing to put leate in the hotel.

1. This is my live and I like work in this business.

1. There are more competitions. 2. where create.

2. I am got a good work, I succeed a important and luxurius hotel.

My Equipment

1. In the kitchen I got some cookers, but the most important persons in this place are the chefs. This persons asked the principal thing in the restaurant kitchen. 2.The oder people in the hotel there are ask of the sleping rom of the resident. There are aske to clear all the roms and change the over slept.

Funds for my Business

The funds for my business are taken for a credit of a one bank. This credit I have got because, there aren´t take my business is more difficult to go forwad. The place is start the jales hotel is my grandmother and grandfather house.

My bussines  

Jales Hotel