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Multiple intelligences

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project E.I 11/06/2013

This is the results for my project

A Personal Look at Multiple Intelligences

1. In which of Gardner’s intelligences do you believe that you excel? What evidence can you show? •

I believe that the most appropriate is the naturalist intelligence.

2.How does this affect the way you currently approach learning and school assignments? •

No affected nothing in my life but in the school is good for studying.

3. How might the theory of multiple intelligences affect your thinking about your future? •

If you get to have all the intelligences you can did many daily activities

Many questions

1. Which of these intelligences you think are most valued by schools and society. Is it possible for an individual to have more than one intelligence? -In my opinion the most importat things: Linguistic intelligence, Linguistic intelligence, and Linguistic intelligence. - I think what all the people can take all the intelligences.

2. Read through the biographies and determine the types of intelligences manifested by each person. If you have trouble, consider what value the intelligences of these people have in society. You might also consider how these intelligences match traditional ideas about intelligence. -Michael jordan: Bodily kinesthetic intelligence. -Mohandas Ghandi: Interpersonal Intelligence. -Charles Darwin: Naturalist Intelligence. -Oprah Winfrey: Linguistic intelligence.

3. Read through the biographies and determine the types of intelligences manifested by each person. If you have trouble, consider what value the intelligences of these

people have in society. You might also consider how these intelligences match traditional ideas about intelligence. - I thing this persons If you define the words of intelligence by their actions.

4. Do these people fit the traditional definition of intelligence? Point out that Gardner's multiple intelligences do not necessarily fit those traditional definitions.Think about of any other people that you consider intelligent who do not fit the traditional definition. Finally think if you have changed your ideas about intelligence. If so, how? - People who have made important acts that others might not make (doctors, architects...) and does not recognize their actions as to famous people named above.

5. How might the following activities be revised? a. activities in the classroom: - whit a text, exams, exercises... b. classroom assignments: -in this situation if the exercises would be well or poorly made but the role that looks better is the responsibility and the homework must be made to the day which corresponds. c. graduation requirements: -Comply with all projects and knowledge of the course.

6.Compare the traditional idea about intelligence with Gardner's. How have his ideas changed the way we assess the strengths and weaknesses of people? -I think that the intelligences if they can complement and I am in agreement that a

person can have seven of the eight intelligences.

7. Why are linguistic intelligence, emphasizing sensitivity to the meaning and order of words, and logical-mathematical intelligence, stressing ability in mathematics and other complex logical systems, more valued than other intelligences? Are they really more important forms of intelligence? - In my opinion the linguistic intelligence is the most important thing becauseis used to express anything. - Yes because they are important intelligence to everyday life.

8. One criticism of Gardner's theory is that he classifies talents as a type of intelligence. Critics might say that a talented dancer or chess player is not necessarily smart. How would you reply to this criticism? - No is necesary to be intelligent to be good in any kind of activity that would be a quality.

9. Does it matter if we call special abilities "talents" or "intelligences"?

-It doesn't matter because to exercise the intelligence you have to have talent.

10. Gardner suggests that schools must develop assessments that better represent what people will have to do to survive in society. For example, rather than writing an essay about urban development, students studying structures might be assessed in their group work determining what kind of building is most appropriate for an urban, residential area. Give an example of an assessment that could be used to evaluate what students learn about the civil rights movement or the deforestation of rain forests. -It would build a civic center that would be talks on deforestation and the bad care of forests.

11.How does an understanding of multiple intelligences change how you view your own abilities? -I think that if I have many of these intelligences although a more developed than others.

Extensions The Origin of Multiple Intelligences Theory

1. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences has been evolving since 1983, when he proposed it. Have you research how his theory has evolved since then. For example, have the number of intelligences changed? Have Gardner's ideas about how to implement his ideas in educational settings evolved?


To the principia had seven intelligences, but other so-called natural intelligence is created in 1983.These theories were put into practice in schools in the United States in 1980, but they were not approved by the Academic psychology


.This kind of test is used currently in American schools.

Design a New School 1. Based on what you have learned about the theory of multiple intelligences, have them design a school that makes use of these theories. Have you consider the layout of the school, how students are grouped, how the main subjects are taught and assessed, and the strengths the teaching staff should have. Sketch the school and write a paragraph describing it.


The College adopt all intelligences to carry them out.In the is measured intelligences of each student and is tells in which this more qualified.Also to see his intelligence is sabra through tests and activities.Works were carried out in groups to enhance group work.



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Multiple intelligences

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