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Jalen Price design portfolio

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Introduction Design Philosophy


Architectural Projects Up From Under




Disaster Response Unit


CAB Tower


2d Design And Digital Fabrication Two-Dimensional Design


LN Bench


Design for Use


DEsign Philosophy 5

As an aspiring architect, I seek to use my design skills to help those who are often neglected. Growing up in St. Louis, MO, I have been able to see firsthand and learn secondhand about the important role architecture and architects play into the development of a place. Architecture is a medium that has the capacity and ultimately, the responsibility to benefit the people who will occupy it. Throughout my studies, I have sought to use context as a driving framework for my design work. Using context is an architect’s best tool in developing a meaningful and purposeful design intervention. A location’s history, people, culture, and existing buildings should all impact the design process.

Contact Information

314.541.9056 5316 Savoy Ct. St. Louis, MO 63112

“The people who can benefit the most from good design, often have the least access to it.” – John Cary

Up From Under Location: Seattle, WA Program: Housing; Community Center Located underneath a section of the I-5 highway in Seattle, Up from Under serves as a space for use by the city’s homeless and couch surfing youth becoming a tool for stimulating upward mobility for permanent and visiting occupants. Space is split between living and services ranging from cafeteria and laundry rooms to counseling and job advising. The living spaces are elevated above the ground level to create a literal and implied sense of security within the respective homes. In addition to the elevated homes, exterior hallways are placed between the main building and the studios to establish areas for interaction and creating community.

Entry Level Floor Plan

Up From Under Fall ‘18 9

Level 2 Floor Plan




Exterior Hallways

Up From Under Fall ‘18

Studio Apartment Floor Plan


2-Person Apartment Floor Plan


L i v i n G

Exterior Hallways


Community Spaces Diagrammatic Section

C i r c.

Up From Under Fall ‘18 13

SW Render

SW Elevation

Cowchella Location: Springfield, MO Program: Arena, Museum, Restaurant Cowchella serves as my first comprehensive studio project. The goal of Cowchella is to develop a project that has a clear, yet malleable procession throughout the complex. The monoslope barn was a highly influential precedent for this project. Because of the complex’s size, an emphasis was put on creating a unified aesthetic throughout each building.

Entry Level Floor and Site Plan

Cowchella Spring ‘18 17

Exploded Axonometric

Control Point

Observation Tower


Cowchella Spring ‘18

Arena and Warm Up


Moo-seum and Restaurant

Cross Section through Restaurant and Arena

Disaster Response Unit Location: Various Program: Computer Lab, Kitchen space, Bedding Limited to the size of a metal shipping container, the Disaster Response Command Unit would be transportable (via helicopter or truck) to various disaster zones and be completely self-sufficient. In my design of the DRCU, I sought to maintain a simple form, embracing the natural framework of a shipping container. The unit’s design was influenced by research on energy and spatial efficiency.

Building Model

Disaster Response Uniit Spring ‘16

Floor Plan

Components of the unit expand or lift open to increase interior space and ease of access to workers who will use it. The interior space includes a bedroom, three computers, and areas for tool storage. In addition, spaces are included for storing a generator and septic tank.

Section A

Section B


CAB TOwer Location: Chicago, IL Program: Gallery, Auditorium, Cafe The task of this project was to create a space that would house the Chicago Architecture Biennial. A special interest of the protect was understanding the tectonic qualities of building and design. My design is inspired by the John Hancock building, a quintessential part of the Chicago Skyline, and the verticality of buildings in Downtown Chicago.

Building Model

CAB TOWER Fall ‘16 27

Section A

CAB TOWER Fall ‘16

Structural system

Axonometric of full building

The exterior structural system of the building is inspired by the exposed structural system of the John Hancock building. Biennials have a large focus on galleries and exhibition spaces. Because of this, the gallery areas are concentrated in the center, and floor to ceiling heights are doubled to accommodate the varying heights and sizes of the pieces that will be on display.



two-Dimensional ARt The following is a collection of sketches and two-dimensional media projects I have completed. The sketches are from my travels around Greece. The graphic media are projects from my Digital Foundations class.

Sketches and Graphic Design Fall ‘15- Present

Ancient Storefront_ Corinth, Greece

Monastery Window_Cyprus

Empty Cigarette Pack_Greece


Photoshop Assignment

Illustrator Drawing


LN Bench Location: Drury University Program: Seating A 1:1 two-person parametric bench. The project was a culmination of the fabrication processes taught throughout the MARC 535 course. The form, spacers for the bench, and the sectioning were done in Rhino along with the Grasshopper plug-in. A CNC router was used to cut out the necessary components.

LN Bench with accent lighting

Design for USe spring ‘17

Two people sitting comfortably on the Ln Bench

LN Bench in its natural state


Design for use Location: Drury University Program: Planters Design for Use tasked students with using their design skills to develop products or furniture for functional use. Throughout my time in the course, I explored the potential of using concrete in nontraditional uses. My first exploration began with juxtaposing the natural wood and manufactured concrete through planters for smaller plants.

Planter with Cherry Stained Wood

Design for USe Fall ‘18

Digital elevation of the planter


The gap between the concrete and wood pieces allow for water and airflow through the planter. The wood was treated with a water resistant coating.

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Jalen Price Design Portfolio 2019  

Jalen Price Design Portfolio 2019