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fremont public library

The Seattle community of Fremont’s neighborhood plan focuses on green spaces, community art, diversity, accessible goods and services, pedestrian culture and public transportation; all in a safe, friendly and clean environment. The Fremont Public Library and Community Center should serve as a hub where locals can gather and benefit from its many offerings. Since Fremont has a rich history of local artists and public art, a logical use for the space is a community art center. By capitalizing on the numerous and diverse local artists in the Seattle community and centralizing them in the new Fremont Public Art Center, the community will benefit both culturally and economically. The citizens of Fremont will have a community center rich with artistic heritage while at the same time generating revenue for recently cut library programs such as children’s story time and a full time librarian.

concept & client profile

Initial plans called for doubling the square footage on the lower level to include an outdoor area and community garden.

The new Fremont Public Art Center will consist of artist studios, a gallery space, and a classroom for both school field trips and community meetings.


Artist studios will generate revenue for the library, while also providing a location for patrons to view and purchase art.

A large solstice installation on the ceiling of the new art center is an homage to the annual Fremont Solstice Festival.

studios & ceiling treatment

The new classroom is a place for children to work with local artists and can also be used for community groups and meetings.


Fremont Public Library  

Fremont Public Library

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