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custom furniture design

The lounge chair serves two purposes: function and utility. It is sculptural; incorporating space for storage as well as a comfortable spot to relax or read, making it the perfect piece for small spaces such as apartments. The shape was inspired by the rounded rectangle so prevalent in technology today - a familiar and aesthetically pleasing shape. Sectional furniture and architecture also influenced the design, leading to the functional storage element. Mid century modern furniture designers such as Eames, Jacobsen, Saarinen and Nelson conveyed a style that was inspirational when creating the lounge chair. The idea of a classic that never goes out of style is very appealing.

mood & concept


The chair is designed to accommodate 50th percentile woman. As it is intended to be both a functional and sculptural piece, bolster pillows can be used for back support and decor.

Chair frame is constructed of birch plywood and upholstered with felted wool in jewel tones. Bottom right: color inspiration from Kravet Coutre.

High density foam provides a layer of cushion and support beneath the upholstery.

technical drawings & materials

Threaded metal inserts hold the two chair pieces together and allow for easy tear down and transport.

Model constructed of corrugated cardboard, high density foam, felted wool and balsa wood.

Corrugated cardboard was used to create the curved rectangles due to it’s flexibility.

Preparing to attach the balsa wood legs. Balsa is a soft wood, a good choice for carving the feet.

model & rendering

Completed Model

Custom Furniture Design  

Custom Furniture Design

Custom Furniture Design  

Custom Furniture Design